Lara’s Spanking F/f

Lara's First Spanking
Chapter One

I was eighteen when I saw my cousin, Sophie, after nearly eight years of absence. She'd been adopted by my aunt when she was just over a year old and was six years older than me. Our mothers had fallen out when I was ten. Only when Sophie was living on her own did she contact us, wanting to reconnect.

Let me settle one thing first for my own peace of mind: I'm straight, actually, there's nothing I love more than cock. But at eighteen, I wasn't so sure and I was definitely curious. I had discovered the world of anonymous erotica and was masturbating nightly in my bed, even though I was still a virgin.

We ended up sharing my room while she stayed with us because my mom thought it would be good for us to get to know each other. The only thing I'd worried about when I found out was how I was going to get off without her hearing me or knowing what I was doing beneath the sheets of my bed.

Well, that first night I figured I'd just have to skip my session. It wasn't like I was going to take out my favorite book or something, not with an audience. I remember lying stiff as a board as Sophie's breathing grew soft and quiet in her bed. Meanwhile, I was wide awake and my fingers were already moving toward my clit, my body now conditioned to orgasm before sleep.

I lay on my belly and spread my legs as wide as I could and, with my hand inside my panties, I rubbed and rubbed, visualizing all the spankings I'd read about. When I came that night, maybe it was because I was trying so hard to be quiet, my body began to rock and my hips moved completely out of my control. It was like I was humping the bed and when I finished and lay still, I realized Sophie's breathing had changed. I knew she was awake. I just hoped she hadn't noticed.

Any idea to save face was shattered in another moment when Sophie spoke. "Lara?" she asked.

I flinched. Then I played dumb, pretending I was just waking up. "What? Sophie, is that you, Are you still awake?" I asked, acting like she woke me.

"I've been awake for a while," she answered, turning to lay on her side facing me. "What were you doing?"

I could tell from her tone she had a huge grin on her face. I felt mortified, my face flushed and I dared not move.

"I was asleep until just now. What's the matter, do you need something?" I asked, following with, "I really need to get some sleep."

She pulled the covers off herself and sat up, switching on the light. I used that moment to pull my hand out of my panties. I imagined how obvious I was lying on my belly with blankets up to my throat. "I was just curious what you think about. When you do it, I mean. When you touch yourself."

"I wasn't touching myself," I answered sounding like the thought shocked me.

"You don't have to be shy with me, Lara," she said, standing. She walked over to my bed and, before I realized what she was going to do, she slid the blankets off my body. Beneath, I lay with my nightie up around my middle and my legs spread. I started to turn over so I could sit up.

"No, don't move. Stay just like you were," she said, placing her hand at my low back, lifting my shirt a little higher. "I found a book when I was unpacking," she said.

I lifted my hand to brush the hair from my face, but before I could, Sophie grabbed my wrist and brought it to her nose, then inhaled. I looked at my fingers, the telltale sign of moisture hard to miss. I just lay there as she sniffed then opened her mouth and, with her lush pink tongue, first licked then sucked the juice from my fingers.

"Your parents don't know about those books I'm guessing?" she asked, walking to the dresser and opening the drawer where I'd thought they'd be safe. She chose my favorite, the one about an English boarding school for girls. She opened it and began to read aloud. If I'd ever wished for the earth to open up and swallow me, this was the moment.

"Julia was made to lay across Headmistress' lap and lift her skirts. She tugged her panties down to mid thigh while they all watched. One of the girls came round with the dreaded paddle in her hands…" She closed the book and her gaze drifted over to my vanity table.

I watched her pick up my wooden hairbrush, shocked to realize what she was going to do. Shocked that the thought thrilled me to the core. She had a smile on her face when she turned back to me.

"I don't have a paddle, but I'm sure this will do," she said. She walked to her bed and picked up her pillow. "I want you to lay on your belly like you were when you thought I was asleep. Here, put this underneath your hips. I want your panties down this time, just like Julia's. Then I want you to reach down and rub yourself like you were, only now, I'm going to give you the spanking you were fantasizing about for real. I'm going to give you, um, let me see," she flipped the book open and read to herself, "ah, thirty strokes," she said.

She approached the side of the bed and stood, lifting her eyebrows. "Come on, don't tell me you don't want it," she teased. "I can see you're already turned on by the idea," she said. "Now turn over and bare your bottom for your spanking."

She put the book down and patted her hand lightly with the hairbrush.

"My parents will hear," I said.

"Not if you don't cry out," she answered. "Their room is clear on the other side of the house," she said, and she was right. Their room wasn't even on the same floor and the way my dad snored, they wouldn't hear if a marching band walked by the front door of the house.

I turned over onto my belly and placed the pillow beneath my hips. It gave just enough lift so that my buttocks were raised to better accommodate the hairbrush. I reached back to pull down my panties. Although nervous, I also felt incredibly aroused.

I took the panties half way down my thighs and buried my face in my pillow before stretching my arm down to find the wet spot. My clit was swollen and my pussy was sopping wet and ready.

Sophie pulled my panties farther down and sat on the edge of the bed. She lay her hand on my buttocks and caressed the soft flesh with the palm of her hand.

"You have a lovely bottom, Lara," she said, replacing her hand with the brush and circling it round and round. "I'm looking forward to giving you your first real spanking."

My fingers now worked my clit and I parted my legs just a little farther. I found the idea of Sophie watching turned me on.

"That's beautiful," she said and stood.

The first stroke of the hairbrush hit my bare buttocks. I'm still not sure if it was the surprise of it or the sharp sting but I let out a yelp into the pillow. She struck again on the other cheek and as she did it, I imagined my buttocks flattening out beneath the wooden brush before springing back up for more. I stopped rubbing myself and just gripped my crotch, trying to manage the pain and before I knew it, the pillow was soaked with tears.

Sophie, I imagine trying to comfort me, told me we were about half way through and that I should come before she finished or she'd be forced to keep going above the promised thirty. I couldn't imagine she would but as she continued with the spanking, I rubbed myself to one of the most intense orgasms I'd ever had. As I came, I found myself thrusting my buttocks upward to meet her strokes and she struck harder as I did this. I lifted my face to breathe, my climax more powerful than any I'd had before and, to my surprise, when Sophie stopped, I found myself up on my knees, arching my back, my legs spread, my pussy soaked and exposed, wanting more.

"Your bottom is bright red, Lara. Just like Julia's in the book," she said, putting the hairbrush down. "You almost made me come watching you." She reached between my legs. "Spread them for me so I can see," she said, and I obeyed. Her fingers slipped between the lips of my sex. "You must have come hard." She continued with her exploration and when she found my clit, somehow, although I thought I would simply fall apart, she brought me to orgasm again, within moments of her touching me.

When she let me go, I lay panting and turned over onto my side. "Sophie," I began.

She replaced the hairbrush on my vanity. "Yes?" she asked sweetly.

"I've never done or felt anything like that before."

She smiled and came back to me. "You're a very naughty girl, Lara, and I plan on punishing you every night this week."

I sat up, wincing at the pain of my spanking, and watched her unbutton her nightgown.

"Have you ever kissed any of your girlfriends?" she asked.

I blushed. "No."

"That's a shame," she continued, slipping her gown off and dropping it on the bed. She stood in white cotton panties and let me look at her. She was only about 5 feet tall and thin. Her breasts were full and round with large, very dark nipples that had pebbled into hard points. She reached for her panties and took them down, spreading her legs a little. She was shaved bare so I could easily see her pussy lips and wondered how wet the spanking had made her.

"I guess you've never tasted a girl?" she asked.

"No," I answered, feeling very young and naive next to my beautiful, experienced cousin.

"Come here." She said, as she sat on her bed, her legs spread wide. "Come kneel between my legs and you can taste me."

I rose and walked the few steps between our beds before kneeling between her legs.

She pulled my head into her pussy and I inhaled her scent. She was all hot and wet.

I didn't know what to do at first so I just kissed her pussy. It felt strange, but good, and I was aroused again.

She giggled and opened her legs wider. "Use your tongue, Lara. Just do what you would like me to do to you."

I slipped my tongue over her pussy. I liked the taste of her and when I parted her legs even wider, she lay back and closed her eyes. She moaned while I licked and sucked and then, when I pushed two fingers inside her, she came, her hips bucking as her muscles clamped down.

Chapter Two

The next night, we went to bed early. We read a few pages of my book until we were sure my parents were asleep.

"Stand up, Lara," Sophie said to me.

I did.

"Take off your nightie," she said.

I was already moist between my legs and quickly slipped the nightie over my head so I stood in front of her in a pair of white cotton panties. She reached out and ran a soft hand over one of my breasts. They were small, but pretty and my nipples reacted right away to her touch. After a few more moments, she trailed her fingertips down my belly and tugged at my panties, keeping her eyes on mine the entire time. Slowly, she pulled them down to my knees. She then brought both hands to the small triangle of dark hair there and her thumbs found either side of my pussy lips.

"You're pretty," she said. "Are you a virgin?"

I nodded, barely able to speak.

She turned me around slowly with her hands on my hips until I stood with my back to her. She then caressed my buttocks before sliding my panties to the floor.

"Step out and spread your legs wider," she said.

I did so without speaking, feeling the sticky arousal on my thighs.

"Now bend over and hold your ankles."

Without hesitating, I kept my back arched and took hold of my ankles.

"Very pretty," she said, her fingers coming close to that very intimate part of my body. She cupped my pussy in one hand before inserting one finger inside. When I moaned she circled around slowly then pulled out and that finger, now wet with my juices, trailed up the cleft and toward my bottom hole. I gasped when she began to circle the tight passage. "How about here," she asked. "Are you a virgin here too?"

"Yes," I managed.

She circled and circled until I felt like I was going to explode and when she finally was able to slip the tip of one finger inside, I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Sophie," I said, my muscles tightening around her finger.

"Don't come yet," she said, pressing her finger even farther in.

"I can't…oh…I'm sorry…" I barely managed to get the words out before orgasm came on. She kept pressing in and pulling out and I put one hand over my clit and rubbed, the sensation of her finger inside me there different than anything I had ever even imagined before.

"Oh my," she said, removing her finger.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself," I said, turning to face her.

"I'm going to have to punish you for coming when I told you you weren't allowed," she said, rising to her feet.

"I'm sorry, Sophie."

"Go stand in the corner with your nose to the wall until I come back," she said.

I moved slowly to the corner and touched my nose to it.

"Clasp your hands behind your head."

I did, not daring to turn and look at her. I listened as she opened the bedroom door then closed it again. It was almost fifteen minutes before I heard her footsteps on the creaky stairs and she returned to the bedroom.

"Turn around and come here," she said.

I did.

"Kneel please," she said.

My heart raced as I slid down to my knees. Was she truly disappointed in me?

Just then I saw what she held in her one hand. "What's that?" I asked. She held a piece of ginger root that she'd peeled and carved into what I'd call a bullet shape. It was about two inches long and thick and she'd carved what passed as a handle at the base.

"Did you hold your position the entire time I was gone, Lara?" she asked, ignoring my question.

"Yes, I did," I answered honestly. "I'm sorry, Sophie. Please don't be disappointed."

"I'm not disappointed, dear," she said, sitting on the bed and petting my head. "But I will need to punish you. I found this in the kitchen," she said, holding out the ginger. "Thought it was perfect for tonight."

"What are you going to do with it?" I asked, although I knew the answer.

"I’m going to put it inside your bottom. Can you imagine what that's going to do?

"Burn," I said, swallowing.

"That's right. Hopefully that burn will remind you not to come without permission again. Would you turn around and place your elbows on the floor please?"

"Are you going to spank me?" I asked.

"Given the fact that you kept your position while I was gone, no. I think holding the root in your bottom should be enough punishment for now. Elbows down please."

I eyed the ginger once more before turning and placing my elbows on the floor. While I waited, I found myself aroused once again, and curious. Then I felt the tip of the stiff ginger at my pussy.

"This little hole would do the job too, but not for tonight," she said.

I remained as still as I could and just when I felt the first of the ginger's sting at my pussy, she pulled the root away and brought it to my anus.

"I want you to push, Lara. It will make it easier for you."

I did as she said, pushing, feeling the burn of the ginger at the opening of my anus. She turned it and turned it and the heat began to penetrate my skin. Soon, she gained entry and slowly settled the carved bullet like inches inside me with the base securely outside.

"How does it feel?" she asked.

"It stings," I said, wiggling my bottom a little.

"Then it's working. Settle in, you'll keep it inside for twenty minutes. You may rise onto your hands if the carpet's too scratchy on your elbows," she said.

I repositioned myself while she made herself comfortable on the bed and opened our book. I flexed the muscles of my anus finding myself more aroused than anything else as the burn grew in intensity. I squeezed my cheeks together then quickly unclenched; that was too much. After about ten minutes, I turned to Sophie and she closed her book.

"How does it feel now?" she asked.

"Stingy. Hot." I wiggled my ass.

She pulled her panties down and I watched her touch herself while she watched me. Her fingers rubbed her clit and alternately disappeared between the slick folds of her pussy. She did this while denying me pleasure and I understood it to be a part of my punishment. She closed her eyes when she came, moaning softly through her orgasm. She looked so beautiful when she came.

When she was finished and my time was up, she slowly removed the ginger root.

"Time for bed," she said. "It's late."

I slipped my nightie and panties back on, my bottom still stingy from the ginger, then I climbed into the bed.

"Make sure you don’t touch yourself again tonight or tomorrow you will be caned with the root inside you. Good night, dear," she said.

She switched off the light and I lay thinking about what she said, still wiggling my bottom even though the sensation was much less now. Caned with ginger root inside my anus didn't sound like an awful thing.

Chapter 3

On her last day with us, we decided to go to the mall to do a little shopping. On our way there, I asked her if she'd ever been spanked or done what we were doing with anyone else before.

"My sorority sisters used to spank me," she said matter of factly. "Only when I needed it though. And I have to admit, I sort of liked it."

I don't know why that surprised me, but as she went on, I found myself wholly absorbed by her story.

"Every Friday night before dinner, the sisters would gather for punishments from the week. The offenders would be called out and made to stand at the head of the group. There was a small, old-fashioned school desk set at the front on a make shift stage so everyone would see the punishment that was being administered. The girl could choose whether or not she wanted to face the crowd or have her backside to them. Although sometimes the group called out what they wanted and the girl would have to obey. I admit, facing the group was more humiliating than having my bare bottom to them, and I always enjoyed watching a girls face as she was strapped or caned. Both views were quite pleasing, actually.

"Anyway, we'd all be standing in a row waiting punishment, all of us dressed in a white button down shirt, short skirt, ankle socks and patent leather pumps. When our name was called, we'd stand facing the group. Once our offense was announced, as well as the number of strokes we would receive, we'd bend over the desk, flip our skirt up over our back then lower our panties to our knees. Caning was the worst, but depending on who was wielding the strap or the cane, they all hurt.

"The girl who was being punished would count out the strokes. Once it was over she would kiss the instrument that was used and thank the sister delivering the punishment. She'd then have to stand with her nose against the wall, her skirt held up under her forearm at her back to display her punished buttocks. The hardest part was not masturbating right then and there. Some girls couldn't help themselves though, and it didn't take much to come at that point. But if you were caught, then you'd have to go on the stage and finish the job in front of all the sisters!"

"Did you ever have to do that?"

"No, but I loved watching." 

I was so engrossed in the story that I almost missed our exit to the mall. Once I parked the car, I opened the door but Sophie pulled on my arm and I turned to her.

"I brought something with me," she said, taking out my hairbrush.

"We can't! Not in here!" I answered, panicked someone might hear, or worse, see.

She laughed and told me not to worry. She'd find a quiet spot for us where she could give me my final spanking before she left.

We spent an hour or so shopping, walking in and out of stores like we were just two friends out for a nice day. Then, when we were at one of the larger department stores, Sophie told me she had to use the bathroom. I knew it was time from the look on her face and we walked toward the rest rooms. Once there, Sophie pulled me into the 'family room,' the room designated to be used for parents with small babies. It was large and even had a comfortable couch on one wall I guessed for breastfeeding moms. Sophie took out the hairbrush and looked around.

"Go stand facing the couch, Lara." I did as she said. "Take your panties down and put your hands on the seat of the sofa."

I followed her instructions, taking my panties down to my ankles and bending over, arching my buttocks high and spreading my legs.

"Count." She ordered as she began.

I counted: one, two, grunt, three...having to brace myself against the back of the couch when the brush came down harder on my soft, bruised cheeks. I turned to watch Sophie as I counted. Her expression was concentrated and fierce as she brought the brush down again and again. As the burning intensified, so did the heat between my legs. We were at about forty strokes and I would have collapsed but I knew she liked to see her work when she was finished so I held my position. Sophie knelt behind me and I took my legs wider, facing forward, hoping she would do what I so wanted her to do. Her hands spread my cheeks further and, without a word, she ran her tongue over my sex. I moaned and arched my back.

"Not yet," she said, "stand up, I have a special treat for you."

I stood and she handed the hairbrush over to me.

"You get to spank me now," she said.

I stared at her for a moment, but found I relished the idea.

"How do you want me?" she asked.

I looked from her to the brush and back. My already soaked pussy throbbed.

"Across my knees," I said, and situated myself on the couch. "Bare," I added before she moved into position.

She lowered her jeans and panties and, smiling, lay across my lap. I took in the sight of her beautiful, round bottom and caressed her cheeks.

"Count for me," I said, raising the brush and beginning.

It was the most exhilarating feeling to spank her and her bottom was red before we were at ten strokes. She didn't struggle and kept her cheeks soft for me to hit again and again. We were well past forty when I finally had to stop. The need between my legs was just too strong.

She sat up, straddling my lap. We looked at each other for a minute until I reached down and ran my fingers over her soaked pussy and kissed her beautiful, soft mouth. I don’t know whether it was her or me who moaned but in a few moments, we were kneeling on the floor, kissing. My hand never left her pussy and when hers found mine, I was in ecstasy. I knew this would be out last time for a long time, we both did.


A few hours later, I drove Sophie to the airport and we said our goodbyes. Although I missed her, we made a point of seeing each other once a year and played out fantasies that I never thought I'd be able to tell anyone about.

The End