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Paloma Beck writing as Becca Layne in her new FREE New Adult serial.

Meet Becca Layne.
You might already know me as Paloma Beck. I've been writing erotic romance since 2012. But now I'm publishing new adult romance under a new pen name... Becca Layne. Actually, this is closer to my “real” name, Rebecca.

I’m excited to introduce some younger characters to readers. With a masters degree in higher education administration, I get to use my in-depth study of college-aged students in my writing. Life between ages 18-24 are the next biggest time of growth aside from the preschool years, and I can't wait to explore some characters as they discover who they are while finding love for the first time.

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The first book -Ivy Intertwined- in my Island Refuge series is scheduled to be released in February 2016. In the meantime, I’m writing a weekly FREE web serial -Ring Around Rosie- that will appear on my tumblr blog, on Wattpad and JukePop. The fun part of writing a web serial is that reader comments help shape each new episode (chapter). It's more interactive than writing a traditional book in the isolation of my office. Rather than waiting until its complete, I share the story weekly.

Ring Around Rosie will introduce some of the characters in the Island Refuge series.

Born and bred to become the perfect princess in the Chicago socialite scene, Rosemary’s dream of becoming an artist was cast aside by her demanding family. Until the day when Rosemary had enough. With her trust fund and a car full of belongings, she left her family behind and drove east -as far east as possible- until she found the perfect island to open her jewelry shop. It was also the perfect place to find her own path.

Everything was going along smoothly… and, just maybe, a little lonely… until she meets Erik Thorne.

Raised in his father’s brewery -and always knowing he would inherit the business someday- Erik had it all too easy. Then his reputation as the party boy who refused to grow up eventually caught up with him. Now he owes everything to his brother who was willing to move away and start over somewhere new.

Everything was going along smoothly… and, just maybe, a little boring… until he meets Rosie.

Read the Prologue to Ring Around Rosie.

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Awkward In Love by Lily Adile Lamb

I wanted to share an excerpt today from Lily Adile Lamb's second book, Awkward in Love. This is a MM romance written with so much affection and tenderness that I immediately feel myself a part of Ilhan and John's lives. Even knowing that an HEA awaits, I just want them to get together so badly while cultural differences and misunderstandings keep getting in the way. I just love Lily's stories. You can feel all the love and affection that went into the writing of them. Below is the blurb and an excerpt.

Ilhan started off on the wrong foot with John, and somehow he always seemed to stay there. When the college student hastily looked away from the apartment building’s hunky maintenance man, John thought he was stuck up. When he tried to get John to knock on his door by leaving his trash out for pickup, John though he was a messy tenant. All he wants to do is get John’s attention, but he always seems to do it wrong… 
John’s always seeing the little Turkish twink strutting around like a little peacock, in his too-tight clothes, but it’s hard to ignore that perfect little ass, no matter how bad his manners are. He’s nice to the other tenants, John knows, so he must be cold to John because of his job as a “mere maintenance man.” Too bad, because John would love to see what’s under those clothes. 
Yet when one of Ilhan’s more embarrassing moments brings them together, each realizes they’ve been mistaken about the other, and also, so right. And all the awkwardness between them is washed away… 

But when Ilhan’s conservative Turkish parents come to Perth to visit, and find their son locked in an embrace with another man, the stress of their demands could tear the two lovers apart...


Everything went wrong from the moment Ilhan first saw John last year. His dad drove to Perth, with the rental truck following to deliver his furniture. He sat in the back of the car and dreamed about his freedom. Ilhan couldn’t wait to live alone, and had felt drunk from the heady feeling. When they’d parked the car in front of the block of flats, his giddiness only increased. He wanted to belly dance all the way to his new home, to the sound of an orchestra playing Fatih Ürek’s “Hadi.” 
That day, he’d almost heard the drums and violin playing in the familiar Turkish belly dancing music style…starting slowly, playing at the beginning as if the world was welcoming him… Then the haunting sound of the clarinet slowly entering the song. 
Oh, my Lord. I still remember my body almost felt like it had a mind of its own. My shoulders were ready to sway as my arms opened, moving like a swan about to spread its wings to fly. And my hips nearly joined the swaying. That moment, it was like…I was playing the Turkish version of Swan Lake. 
It was a wonder he didn’t start singing along with the vocalist Fatif, “Hoşgeldin yar—welcome beloved…” as he opened the gate. Far-out. He’d almost smelt his freedom on the way to the flat. Its fresh scent was intoxicating. But of course, he couldn’t dance, let alone trot like a satisfied filly or swan. Instead, he’d walked like a Turkish soldier on a night roster. He knew his dad was still dying to send him to the Turkish Army for his final step into manhood, but there was no way he was going there. 
The minute the Turkish Army found out Ilhan was gay, they’d send him back faster than he’d arrived. No gay men were allowed in the military, but then, his dad didn’t know he was gay. Fuck. What a mess. He was pretty sure his hips had still jiggled a bit along with the song in his head, but his dad hadn’t noticed. Then he’d spotted John.
He’d tried to walk like a man instead of a belly dancing twink, but his gaze had strayed to John. There he was, working in the garden, looking sweaty and busy. He was whistling “My Funny Valentine.” The tune and his voice were still stored in Ilhan’s memory. He imagined John had a sexy, musky, masculine scent from all the hard work, and his imaginings gave him a massive erection. Ilhan had stood still like a pelican trying to dry itself on a rock after diving into the sea. 
The poor man didn’t notice him at first, he just kept humming and whistling. Once he’d seen the new tenant looking at him, he’d stood up to greet him properly. In response to his friendly face, Ilhan became all shy and was mortified to have a hard-on to hide… He’d then walked off without responding to John. 

He was sure John had never forgotten that, because after their first meeting he’d never approached Ilhan directly, or smiled at him. I’m so sorry, John, for hurting you, but I didn’t mean it, Ilhan apologized silently.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

DEVIANT on Audio and an Interview with the Narrator

Deviant has just been released on audio and to celebrate, I interviewed the narrator, Philip Alces! Philip has narrated most of my audiobooks and he’s just amazing to work with, so totally professional, does great work and has this super duper sexy voice that just makes me go all soft… If you don’t believe me or don’t know what I’m talking about, after this interview, go check out Deviant, or any other book he’s narrated and you’ll know! 

Natasha: How did you get into narrating audio books? You’ve got quite a few under your belt. 

Philip: I’ve always been an actor, and also a singer. I’ve always felt much more versatile with the vocal part of my acting instrument (my body) than with my movement. I used to do musicals because I was a terrific actor/singer, but was limited because I was certainly no dancer! I always wanted to do voices for film & TV but never had a Voiceover agent. It was hard enough booking stage or TV/Film work through my legit agents, and getting voice work is an even tougher game, so I really didn’t know how to break in.

Eventually, I heard of ACX through a SAG Webinar featuring Scott Brick (he’s one of the most prominent narrators in the biz). I set up a profile, auditioned a lot, and quickly got hired for a lot of audiobooks for decent pay, sometimes combined with a part of the royalties. It’s been burgeoning ever since. 

Of course I have even more audiobooks under another name, since Philip Alces is one of my pseudonyms. 

Natasha: Is the audio book market growing, in your opinion, since you started doing this?

Philip: I think I came in at just about the time it was really expanding. Audible is really taking over the audiobook industry, for better or worse. I think largely it’s for the better. But the Internet and digital audio have made the purchasing and listening of audiobooks SO much easier than in the past. I used to listen to audiobooks before they were online, and usually they were in a massive case of CDs or even cassettes, sometimes 10 or 12 per book! Putting everything on digital media has made the overhead costs lower and the delivery system simpler. So I think the audiobook industry is in a kind of Renaissance as we speak.

Natasha: Do you have a favorite genre you like to read? 

Philip: Well, as Mr. Alces, I read only erotic romance and M/M romance. It’s interesting that I’ve actually only done what I consider “classier” erotica, since I consider yours very well written with great characters and plot, and usually a HEA despite all the very naughty stuff the characters get up to. ;) It’s been the same for my other erotic work by other authors. And now I feel like I must keep up that higher standard because Philip Alces is just that kind of narrator.

I’ve never done, say, the crudely written “pulp porn” that’s out there, often poorly written and edited, no character development, etc.– where it’s just a quick shag and the story ends. And that stuff is out there, I’ve just never done it. I’ve almost come to feel like the “refined” erotica narrator as Philip Alces. Even on my Facebook Fan page, my images are usually classical artwork of a sensual nature.

Outside Mr. Alces, in the mainstream book world, I do a lot of romance, and enjoy it a lot. I do a ton of English and Scottish books, because despite living in America for the bulk of my life, I spent part of my childhood in England and that Cambridge dialect never quite left my brain. I had a bit of an English accent as a kid, which I lost when we moved back to the USA, but I can always call it back up again. I’ve also rigorously studied dialects throughout my life, so I can do many of them fairly well, but nothing comes as easily as the Southern English one, which is just permanently always somewhere in the speech center of my cranium.

I also enjoy reading fantasy and thrillers, and classics. Under my other name, I’ve done all of those. And I would enjoy doing more complex fiction, NY Times Bestseller kind of stuff. But of course those are reserved for the big boys, and I’m still knocking on those doors to narrate for the major publishers.

Natasha: As far as romance and erotic romance, how does the market compare to other fiction? 

Philip: Actually, the romance and erotica titles I’ve done far outsell ANY other genre I’ve narrated. For the ones in which I share royalties, that has proven to be a wise business decision. :) 

Natasha: I know when I listen to the recordings of my books (to approve them), the sexy bits make me a little uncomfortable to hear out loud. Writing them is not a problem though. Is it strange for you to read erotic romance or do you just look at it as work?

Philip: I really don’t have an issue with it. Actually, Natasha, I always find it funny and kind of charming that you can write this steamy stuff, but get embarrassed to hear it back! :D 

Without going into too much personal detail, I’ll just say that I’ve always been very comfortable with sexuality, in life and in art. I think sex is one of the greatest experiences we have as human beings on this Earth, and if engaged in responsibly, it can be enjoyable in all forms. I think your books are a great expression of a particular type of sexual relationship– the dominant/submissive pair. That may not be for everyone, but it’s a valid and real form of pleasure, and your stories provide almost a feel-good version of that. I mean, there’s spankings and power play, but in the end, there’s love and affection too. Usually your characters are making that discovery about themselves during the story, that they enjoy this kind of BDSM stuff, and that’s fun to play during the reading. They’re discovering hidden sides of themselves, which is a great angle to play as an actor.

I don’t see it as “just work”, as I truly enjoy narrating the sex stuff as much as any other parts of the stories. BDSM in particular isn’t really my thing in real life, but I can easily get into the characters’ heads and do a good acting job with it because I can substitute my own particular experiences, my own thrilling adventures or impulses, shall we say. ;) 

Anyone who’s looked at my other titles under Philip Alces will see that I have a lot of male/male romances, for example. I’m not gay, but I can narrate those because it’s not hard for me to substitute, say, the kind of attraction I feel toward women into the feelings a gay man might have for another man. It’s still physical and emotional attraction; the object of that attraction may be different, but the feelings are the same. I think most talented actors pull this off the same way.

Natasha: What is your process when you narrate a book? Do you read a story through before recording? Do you record at home or at a studio? I realize I don’t know the first thing about what you do, I only know you make an awesome end product.

Philip: Well, thank you! I should read the book all the way through every time; I will admit that on some occasions I only skim for key things like character traits, accents, nationalities, or any surprise reveals of hidden identities. If a book is well written (like yours), then the book itself is laying everything out for the reader in the correct order anyway, and there are no cheap surprises. If a key character trait isn’t shown in the first page of a new character, for example– like Gary has a Maine accent and speaks slowly– if that isn’t revealed until 50 pages later, then the reader has been cheated a bit because he/she can’t envision the character properly early on.

Anyway, my process. I do read or at least check through the book for such things. I have a home studio, which is surprisingly quiet for being in New York City, fortunately. I’ve done some soundproofing, but I’m also on a first-floor, interior apartment so there isn’t a lot of sound bleeding through. It is an incredibly tight space, though, and gets brutal in the summertime since I can’t pump cool air inside without creating fan noise.

I’ll record several hours at a time, doing a punch-in recording, which means that if I make a mistake, I go back, delete the mistake, and punch in recording again, so that when we get to the editing process, there should be no bad takes in the editing version of the file. Invariably, there are still a few errors, though, which means I then have to go back into the booth and record pick-ups for the mistakes I didn’t catch in the recording.

Recording an audiobook this way– and I’m pretty fast– still takes 4-6 hours of work per 1 finished hour of audio. About 2:1 ratio for the recording, as I must stop for errors, reset, etc. About 2-3:1 for editing the audio, and another 1:1 for mastering the audio specs and file conversion and uploading to the servers. Some folks think we narrators just dictate into a microphone and send off the audio, but it’s a lot more involved than that! 

I’m currently doing all my own editing and mastering, but have gotten busier of late and might have to begin outsourcing some of the technical side so I can focus purely on the artistry of it. It helped that as a former musician, I had a lot of knowledge of the technical side of audio recording already.

I am still looking to narrate for larger publishers and am on the rosters of some studios, but have yet to record outside my home space. Actually, even the top narrators now are narrating 90% of their books from their home studios instead of coming in to the recording studios. It's just easier and cheaper for everyone.

Natasha: How would readers find the books you’d narrated? 

Philip: I’m easily findable on Audible (shortcut to Philip Alces: If folks don’t want to click the link, they can just search for Philip Alces on Audible and a bunch of titles will come up.

I have a Facebook Fan Page at which they are welcome to follow. I post updates on my new releases there all the time. I may start a Philip Alces Twitter account shortly as well.

Of course, those who want to hear my work done other my other names will have to do some research. I’ve done quite a few romances and steamy stuff outside the Alces name as well. ;) May I direct folks to an outside book? If they look for the narrator of A Bridge Through Time, they may hear a fellow that sounds remarkably like me. They can cross-reference his name and search for more of his works if they like his style. And he’s done even more work than Mr. Alces! 

Natasha: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, Philip! I’ve always been curious and I’m sure I’m not alone. Below is the link to Deviant on Audible (just click the cover). It will appear on Amazon right alongside the ebook in a couple of days!

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Claiming Her: ALPHA #paranormal #BDSM

I wanted to share a scene from Alpha, my newly released dark shapeshifter romance. This is the first time Zane claims Aria, but he doesn't know one thing about her. The scene is told from Zane's POV.  

I tore her panties from her. “Open your legs. I want to see your pussy before I bury my face in it.”
“Zane, I —” She reached for me, but I flipped her over onto her side and slapped her ass hard three times.
“I said open your fucking legs and show me that pussy.” I’d gotten her attention but still helped her this time, climbing between her knees and pushing them wide to gaze at that shaved little cunt, all pink and moist, the lips gaping, dripping for me. I smiled at her. “Are you wet for me? Is that cunt wet for me? For my tongue?”
She could only nod, licking her lips.
“Say it. Tell me what you want,” I said, kneeling on the floor and tugging her to the edge of the bed. “I want to hear you beg for it, Aria, and I want to hear it dirty.”
“Zane, please, I don’t think…”
“Say it. Tell me to lick your cunt. Say it, Aria.” I dug my fingers into her thighs, holding her spread, giving her pussy one long lick that made her shudder as she met my gaze.
“Lick me, Zane. Please. Lick me.”
That was all I needed. It was like saying bon appetit before digging into the meal, and I did just that, tasting her as she trembled, moaning, trying to press herself into my face, my mouth. She tasted like she had back then. Sweet. So fucking sweet. And so wet for me. I pulled her pussy lips apart to expose the hard nub of her clit and blew on it, making her gasp. Sliding two fingers inside her, I sucked her clit, the sounds she made fucking music to my ears, her cunt tight around my fingers, her heat irresistible.
But when I reached a barrier, I stopped, surprised, and pulled back, sitting on my heels.
“Don’t stop,” she began, reaching for me. “Please, Zane.”
Fuck. She was twenty-two. I’d expected she would have been with someone by now.
“Are you a virgin, Aria?”



Six years ago, I did something I shouldn’t have done. I took something that didn’t belong to me. It had felt good, so damn good. It was a night I’d never forget. One that would ruin her for other men. 

But there’s always a price to pay when you break the rules. I just didn’t realize she’d be the one to pay it. I didn’t know that my weakness would destroy her life, take away everyone she loved.

I was son of Alpha. A hunter. I was a cocky SOB. I’d been sent to find Aria Hale and her family. They’d said it was to bring them home. But that was a lie.  

That night six years ago was when I learned what betrayal was. When those I trusted destroyed what I’d come to love.

I ran that night, leaving everything behind, leaving her behind. But when your Alpha’s son, when you have Alpha blood in your veins, no matter how fast or how far you run, you’re never really out. I was a fool to ever think I was. 

I never expected to see Aria again, but here she was, six years later, standing on my doorstep, looking for answers, trying to understand something that couldn’t be understood.

She had every right to know the truth about the night her family was murdered, but I couldn’t give it to her. She didn’t belong in our world, we were monsters. And as powerful as the urge to claim her was, she couldn’t belong to me. I’d do whatever it took to keep her from ever finding out what I really was, what really happened that night, because if she did, she’d hate me.

I could live with blood on my hands. I could exist without her if it meant keeping her safe. I just couldn’t live knowing she hated me.


I guess he thought I’d leave the past alone. Forget it and walk away, like he had. Like it meant nothing. Like I meant nothing.

Six years has passed since the night my life changed forever. The night I lost everything. It was supposed to be the happiest of my life, but it had turned into a nightmare that ripped everything and everyone I loved from me, leaving me alone and lost, stumbling in the dark for answers.

Zane Von knew more about that night than he let on. He was the key to understanding what had happened when my family was killed. To learning why they died and I didn’t. Whether he liked it or not, our lives were bound together irrevocably and if he thought I’d turn my back on the past, well, then he didn’t know me as well as he thought.

Note: Alpha is a standalone paranormal (shapeshifter) romance. The story is dark and gritty with strong language and dirty, kinky sex.  No cliffhanger.

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First Impressions: Guest Post by Ashe Barker

I have Ashe Barker here with her hot new release, First Impressions!

Hi Natasha, and thank you so much for inviting me over today to chat a bit about First Impressions. This will be my second release with Baronet Press, and I’m loving working with them again. Here’s the super-sexy cover they made for me.

First Impressions is a story about jumping to the wrong conclusions, about making hasty assumptions and being proved wrong. With the benefit of hindsight – always a wonderful thing – I thought it might be interesting to find out what George makes of Aidan now. I tracked her down and fired a few questions at her. Here goes:
Me: Hi George, and thank you for agreeing to chat to me today. How’s the business going?
George: Great, I’m really busy, but loving every minute. I’m working on a loft conversion right now, and I’ll need to get back to work soon.
Me: Right, let’s crack on then. Tell me, when you first met Aidan, what did you think of him?
George: I thought he was early! I hadn’t expected him back for ages, so I was a bit floored when he marched in that first day and caught me breastfeeding Lily in his kitchen. He took it well though, he was very kind in fact, even made me a cup of coffee. I also thought he was sexy, rich, and way out of my league.
Me: What was the most surprising thing you found out about Aidan, when you got to know him better?
George: Well, it turns out I was right about the sexy and rich bit, but the playroom in the attic came as something of a shock. I’d never seen so many whips and canes in one place. And the St. Andrews cross…
Me: Quite. You were surprised, but not especially shocked I think. Would that be right?
George: Yes, I suppose so. It was a pleasant surprise really. Once I got over my nerves and decided to trust Aidan to know what he was doing we’ve had a lot of fun in his attic.
Me: The readers can find out all about that in the book. So tell us, were there any other pleasant surprises?
George: Yes, I loved the way Aidan took to Lily, my baby. She was only a few months old back then and he was always so good with her, playing with her, looking after her to give me a break when he really didn’t need to. It was as though he wanted to get to know her too. We were both special to him and I loved it when he made me feel that way. He’s such a softie at heart.
Me: Even in the attic?
George: Especially then. He’s a hard Dom with a soft centre.
Me: My favourite sort. So, what’s next for you and Aidan?
George: I don’t know what’s around the corner for us, but we’re both enjoying our happy ever after. I guess I have you to thank for that.
Me: You’re welcome. Thanks for chatting to me. I’ll let you get back to that loft conversion now.

Here’s the blurb for First Impressions
First Impressions can be deceptive.

Aidan Blake needs a plumber. Fast. His boiler is dead, his creaky old house crumbling around him. When his elderly neighbour recommends a local trader, George Mahon, Aidan jumps at the prospect of hot water and warm radiators.

But George, short for Georgina, is not exactly what he had in mind. He was expecting
something else entirely. A man for one thing, not the gorgeous single mother he finds in his house at the end of a long day of work.

Aidan turns out to be full of surprises too. Who would have imagined the smartly dressed businessman would have a BDSM playroom in his attic and a collection of whips and canes that makes George’s head spin. And her bottom clench, though that’s another matter entirely. What does a girl have to do to get to play with those toys?

Just ask, it would seem. As they enter into a professional and personal agreement which soon blossoms into a sultry, kinky relationship, George continues to be surprised by Aidan's kindness and generosity, not to mention his skill with a spanking paddle.

First impressions aside, the two begin to build something together. And while they peel back the layers to discover their hidden depths, the old house yields up the mysteries of its own secret past. They soon realise that at first glance, nothing is ever quite as it seems.  

Buy Links 
 Amazon US         Amazon UK

And an excerpt…
It was late morning the following day when a firm knocking at his back door brought Aidan downstairs from his office. He was not surprised to find George on his doorstep, Lily balanced on her hip and her bulky holdall in her other hand. Instinctively Aidan reached for the bag and carried it inside. 

George followed him in.

“I can manage. Really.”

“I expect you can. Even so… Do you have some figures for me?” He put the bag on the table then headed over to the worktop and flicked the switch on his kettle. He’d been working since before eight o’clock so was due a break about now.

“I do.” George leaned over to unzip her bag, managing to hang on to the baby as she did so.

“Here, let me.” Aidan crossed the room to take Lily from her, then cradled the baby in one arm and hitched his hip on the edge of the table to watch George fumbling in the bag for her calculations. He noted that she appeared much more nervous this morning than she had yesterday.

This was a good sign. He suspected she had been giving the finer points of his premises a great deal of thought, and not just from a professional perspective. Which was fair enough because he had certainly been thinking about her.

“My mum’s working this morning, at the library in Alnwick. So I had to bring Lily with me. I’m sorry.” She straightened to lay her papers out on the table. “I’ll get a proper arrangement made for when I actually start the job.”

“No problem.” He smiled down at the angelic little face peering up at him with undisguised curiosity. “It’s nice to see Lily again and I appreciate that you need to keep her fairly near. I thought Mrs Mathers was going to babysit.”

“She will. I spoke to her on the phone last night and she’s just waiting for me to say when I need her. She’s been so kind.” She hesitated, then went on. “I won’t be doing … that… again. And I’m sorry about before.”


“Feeding Lily when I’m supposed to be working.”

“Poor Lily.”

“No, it’s all right really. She’s on solids now. And bottles. So…”

“Ah.” Aidan wondered if Lily’s change of diet was a disappointment rather than a benefit, but felt on balance it was the latter. Apart from anything else, it meant that the next time George unbuttoned her clothing in his house it would be for a different reason entirely. He was distracted from that delightful fantasy by the baby suddenly starting to cry.

“Shall I take her?” George held out her arms.

“No, it’s okay. You sort out your papers and tell me what the final tally is.” He sat on a chair and turned Lily to lie lengthways along his knees, then proceeded to squeeze and tug at the tiny toes encased in her fluffy white socks. The baby stopped crying instantly and instead bestowed on him a gummy smile. Aidan grinned back at her, then turned to a rather bemused George. “So, how much is it all going to cost me?”

More about me…
I’ve been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres. I still love reading, the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse for my guilty pleasure – research. 
I tend to draw on my own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to my plots and characters. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea. 
When not writing – which is not very often these days - my time is divided between my role as resident taxi driver for my teenage daughter, and caring for a couple of dogs, two tortoises.  And a very grumpy cockatiel.  
I have twenty seven (at the last count) titles on general release with publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and I have several more in the pipeline. All my books feature BDSM. I write explicit stories, always hot, but they offer far more than just sizzling sex. I like to read about complex characters, and compelling plots, so that’s what I write too. Strong, demanding Doms are a given, often paired with new submissives who have a lot to learn. 
I have a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keep thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from me.

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A Scene from ALPHA #satspanks

Good Morning Saturday Spankers. Welcome back to the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop hosted by Kathryn Blake. Today I'm sharing a piece from Alpha, my brand new Paranormal (shapeshifter) Romance. This scene is between Aria and Zane and is told from Aria's POV... 

“I told you to stay inside, didn’t I?” Zane asked. 

I didn’t answer, unable to speak as he walked us backward, my back suddenly against the wall, my arms pressed to it.

“You don’t listen very well though, do you?”

I shook my head no, not quite sure what was happening, not sure I wanted it to stop.

“Never did, not then, not now,” he said, referring to that night six years ago when he’d tried to stop me, to stop himself, when in the end, he’d given in. I’d been sixteen to his eighteen.

His face to mine, he inhaled deeply.


“Shh, be quiet.” With his eyes open, he closed his mouth over mine, surprising me with the kiss. It started out slow, both of us tentative, the moment too fragile, and when he stopped, I thought it was over. But he leaned his forehead against the wall, his mouth near my ear, his breathing quiet. “I’m trying really hard not to want this, Aria.”



I knew one day she’d come looking for answers, I just didn’t expect that day to be today. Hell, I wasn’t any more ready now than I had been six years ago. But here she was asking questions about something she knew nothing about. About people she knew nothing about. 


I used that term loosely. We were monsters, all of us. Killers. And she sought out the most heinous of all: me. 

Aria Hale came with questions, questions to which only I had the answers, and she had every right to know the truth. But that didn’t mean I’d give it to her. In fact, I’d do whatever it took to keep her from ever finding out what really happened that night. 

I could live with blood on my hands, but I couldn’t live knowing she hated me. 

And if she ever did find out, she would hate me. 


I guess he thought I’d leave the past alone. Let it die its miserable death. He didn’t know me very well though. 

Six years had passed since the night my life changed forever. The night I lost everything. Six long years since the only man who had any answers at all disappeared. Zane Von was the key to avenging what had happened that night. To understanding why they died and I didn’t. 

Neither of us knew it then, but that night, our lives were bound together irrevocably, whether he liked it or not. If he thought I’d walk away, turn my back on my past, well, then he didn't know me. 

Please note: Alpha is a dark paranormal (shapeshifter) romance intended for mature readers. It is a complete story. No cliffhanger.

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