Monday, January 23, 2017

Sasha's Destiny #FREE on #KindleUnlimited

WOW! What a cover!!! Check out my friend Shelly Douglas' newest treat! It's VERY naughty...fair warning! 


“So how do you want it tonight, Sasha? You might be mine, but the pleasure will be yours. Do you want it here?” he asked while tenderly bending my knees to kiss the inside of my thighs.

Of course, I reacted quickly to cover my clipped pussy. The light was way too bright.

“Oh no,” he said, shaking his head from side to side. “I want to see all of you tonight, beautiful.” 

Moving my hand away, he circled my cunny with his fingers. I watched as he bent his head down to taste me, gently separating my folds with his velvety, wet tongue. Around and around, with tenderness, he kissed me over and over, flicking my enlivened, hard bud. My eyes closed as he replaced his tongue by slowly sliding his finger inside me, feeling my tightness as I contracted to receive him, in and out until my hips arched up to meet him.

“Tell me how you are feeling, my sweet…” 

“Tony, I think I’m going to come—” 

“No, not yet. I’m not done tasting all of you, and I still haven’t heard what you want tonight.” Flipping me over on my belly, he expertly used his tongue and took his sweet time to slowly lick that sensitive area up and down the seam of my quivering behind. As if I could take much more, he motioned for me to get up on all fours, removed the pillow, and guided my head and shoulders down on the bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him take his pants off and felt the tip of his cock tickle the entrance of my pussy. Without warning, a sharp slap on my behind came out of nowhere. 

Carefully, he shifted lower and entered me. With each thrust came a quick swat to my fluttering buttocks until he was deep inside me. I’m sure he wanted to fuck me senseless at that point, and as I heard myself moan into the mattress, it became apparent that we were on the same page, until he pulled his surging shaft out.

“Tony… no… Don’t… stop,” I muttered through short inhaled breaths, only to have him shift and plunge into me again as I groaned and closed my eyes.

“I’m still waiting to hear what you want, sweet pea,” he said in a guttural growl, exiting my pussy right before the distinct sound of lubricant spurting from a tube could be heard. The cool lube was a welcome feeling, followed by his finger pressing into my taut, smooth rosebud.

“Oh God. Please…” But there was no response, only the feeling of his finger slowly entering and exiting in between my soft mounds. 

“Tell me what you want, Sasha. I want to hear you say it.” 

“I can’t say it, you know I can’t say it.” 

“Yes, you can, baby. You want me to fuck you while my finger is in your ass, don’t you?”

“Yes, please, Tony… I can’t take any more.” 

With that, he teased me once again with the tip of his cock and positioned himself at my soaking wet entrance.

“Ask me. Ask me to fuck you hard and I will,” he growled in a low pitched, commanding voice as he started once again to slide himself into my slick pussy.

“I won’t wait much longer,” he whispered.

“Please don’t stop, please fuck me and don’t stop!”  As he drove deeper and deeper inside me, my groans became louder, and it became apparent that I wouldn’t be able to communicate verbally any longer. But when he slid his finger out of my tushie, I almost lost my mind.

“Nooo—don’t do that!” 

“Then say it, Sasha. I won’t do it without your permission. You need to say it out loud, baby.” 

“Please fuck me while your finger is in my ass… please, Tony… please!” I begged, arching my back, my pussy pulsing with need, my clit trembling in anticipation.

Satisfied, he pumped his finger slowly and deliberately in and out of my tight crinkled hole and at the same time he drove deep and hard into my wanton cunt, my heinie coming up to meet each thrust.


One night, when she is the only staff member in the upscale boutique Ciao Bella, ex-Marine Tony Colucci moves his relationship with widow Sasha Saperstein into new territory - by turning her over his knee. 

Sasha is cautious but curious and willing, even when Tony introduces her to the domestic discipline lifestyle. In exchange for her submission to Tony's rules, Sasha finally finds the love and acceptance she has craved her entire life.

But can she change who she is after fifty years? She's a smart ass who likes to get her own way, and that goes in direct contrast to Tony's innate sense of discipline and order. He proves again and again that she is his highest priority, but that proof usually comes when she is pulled over his knee for a good, old-fashioned spanking.

True to her sassy personality, Sasha continues to push the boundaries of right and wrong, which usually results in a bizarre mixture of self-doubt and extreme pleasure. She loves being taken care of, and is more open to new experiences than ever before. However, she quickly finds out that Tony is the master of role-play, and the Colucci clan indulges in a couple of different lifestyles.

They say you not only marry your husband, but his entire family as well. Is Tony a good fit for Sasha, or is she in over her head?

Publisher's Note: This story contains explicit sexual scenes, as well as spanking, mild age-play, anal, and medical play. Sasha's Destiny was previously published as two separate books: Possessing Sasha, and Her Caretaker. This is a combined, newly edited and revised version.

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Shelly Douglas is not one person, but two! Shelly and Doug are longtime friends and over the years have shared a love of reading spy and murder mystery novels. One night after sharing a bottle of wine, they decided to write a spanking romance novella laced with erotica. Now the stories are flowing out of their heads! Having a man and woman's perspective made for interesting collaborative writing experiences that resulted in books they hope their readers will enjoy.


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Ooh,wow, this sounds super hot! Loved the steamy excerpt :)


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Thanks so much for the invite, Natasha! It's always fun visiting with you! :)