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Mastering Mariah: Guest Post by Maddie Taylor and Morganna Williams

Hi Natasha! Thank you for having Maddie and I over to talk about Mastering Marian! I've brought you and excerpt from Chef Byron's kitchen, someone's about to ride the naughty stool!


Brittany rolled her eyes. “Yeah, good luck with that.” Then she turned and started back to her side of the kitchen to finish her own dish.
Big mistake. The instant she did, Kelsey let out a cry of rage and jumped on the taller woman’s back. She wrapped an arm around Brittany’s throat and with a twisting of her body forced her to the floor. Riding her all the way down, she flipped her over in an impressive maneuver, and promptly pinned her by sitting on her chest.
“Get off me, you cow!” Brittany yelled.
Kelsey leaned down until she was nose to nose with her nemesis. “You will get up from here when you admit what you did and promise to tell the truth.”
“I’ll do no such thing, you little slut! You deserve to lose! No way should you win just because you spread your legs day one for the chef!”
The bellow of rage that filled the room next made Byron move before his little tigress could do bodily harm. Just as her hand pulled back in a fist, he caught her around the middle and lifted her off Brittany.
She wind-milled in his arms. “Let me go. I’ll kill her. I mean it. She’s dead!”
“Afraid not, kitten. I’ll handle Brittany,” he told her firmly.
His livid little cat didn’t listen, however. “I fight my own battles, you great hulking jerk!”
“Not anymore you don’t!” he shouted right back. “Now I’m going to set you down and you’re going to march your little fanny to that corner and sit on your stool. Give me any lip and I’ll turn it on.”
“I don’t have to do what you say anymore! The contest is over! I know I lost!” she yelled, still wiggling in his arms like a slippery eel. “So screw you and the horse you rode in on!”
Heedless of the judges and the fascinated kitchen staff taking it all in, Byron sighed and tossed her twisting, wriggling form over his shoulder. As soon as he did, he delivered a hard swat to the seat of her chef’s whites. Turning, he pointed a finger at the shocked woman still lying on the floor. “And you! I saw what you did. I have no room for cheaters on my staff. Pack your shit and get out.”
Brittany gaped at him. “But… I… she…”
“I was watching. If you don’t want everyone on the mainland to know what a lying little cheat you are, I suggest you pack up, now,” he told her firmly before carting Kelsey off to her corner.
“Let me go! You put me down this instant!” she yelled.
Ignoring her, Byron sat on the little stool and stood her between his legs as he peeled her pants and panties from her writhing body. “Now you, young lady, are going to listen to me.”
“I don’t have to listen to you. Not anymore, you big bully!” she spat.
Shaking his head, he tipped her over his thigh, clamped his other leg down over the back of her thighs, and began to spank her hard and fast. He wasted no time painting her ass bright red, and continued spanking her until she collapsed over his lap with a huge sob. “Are you ready to settle down and listen to me now?”
“Yes, sir,” she sniffled.
He stood her up and grasped her chin so she had to look at him, “You are the winner of the contest, Kelsey. You’re now my sous chef and my sub. I want no one else in my kitchen or my bed. Understand?”
She blinked, shock chasing away her tears. “I… ummm… what?”
He chuckled. “We’re going to be discussing the fact that you lied on your application, brat. You’re very lucky you actually are submissive or we’d really have a problem.”
“I’m a… huh?” She gaped at him like a fish out of water.
“Lord, you’re adorable when at a loss for words,” he uttered before he kissed her deeply. She stiffened for a moment, then gave a long sigh and leaned into him, submitting to his kiss almost involuntarily. He’d explain it all to her soon enough; for now, though, they had to deal with her refusal to stand down after a direct order. Not something he’d allow in his kitchen or his home.
He stood and plunked her hot little bottom down on the stool. With her legs spread, he lined her up just right and quickly strapped her thighs in place.
“Hey… wait, what are you doing? You can’t… oooh,” she cried out in sudden pleasure and wide-eyed surprise when he clicked the remote so that the dildo drove inside her. As she squirmed and gasped, he cuffed her hands behind her back.
“Until I say otherwise, you are going to sit here in time out and ride the naughty stool. Incidentally, if you come, I’ll have to also punish that defiant little snatch of yours which means I’ll be giving that clit a lot of stinging attention as well.” Byron watched for a moment as she succumbed to the driving force between her legs, then grinned wide before he turned away to deal with the chaos that had taken over his kitchen. As he walked away, he moved the dial on the wireless remote, kicking it up a notch, smiling with gratification when he heard her let out an agonized moan.


Though Dimitri De Luca is everything she could want in a man and in a master, the scars of Mariah Charmant’s past keep her from surrendering fully to his dominance and embracing the lifestyle she has always craved. Yet as her trust in Dimitri grows, so does the pleasure she experiences beneath his skillful hand, and Mariah soon finds herself submitting to him in ways she had promised herself she would never submit to a man again.
Her own romance is far from the only one on Mariah’s mind, however. As head of guest relations at the high-end BDSM-themed resort Dimitri owns and operates, she works hard to ensure that the kinky needs of the guests are satisfied, even if that means playing matchmaker from time to time. But when she goes behind Dimitri’s back to set the resort’s world-renowned chef up with a feisty little submissive who is just perfect for him, she ends up earning a thorough chastisement from the man who is both her boss and her master.
Mariah does her best to help each guest live out their perfect fantasy while keeping her own meddling behind from being draped over Dimitri’s lap too often, but her efforts are interrupted when trouble rears its ugly head in Pleasure Bay. With the threat of a violent tropical storm and a dangerous individual from Mariah’s past both looming, can Dimitri battle man and nature to rescue the woman he loves before it’s too late? And if he brings her home safe will Mariah at last be ready to belong to him completely?
Publisher’s Note: Mastering Mariah is the sequel to Dimitri’s Desire. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of medical play, and extensive BDSM content. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Thanks so much for letting Maddie and I visit today!!!

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