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Protecting It All: Book 4 in Livia Grant's Passion Series

I'd like to share an excerpt today from Livia Grant's fourth book in her Passion Series titled Protecting it All. I've been following this series from the start and after all we've been through, I'd been waiting for this one and it was so much more than I even imagined. To see Jake Davenport in his insane world and have him finally be punished was more than satisfying. The story of Dylan and Hannah — Hannah, you are so brave — was beautifully told in the midst of Jake's craziness and we got to see everyone we've gotten to know through the series. 
Livia's a pretty amazing storyteller. I knew it from book one and I recommend this series (or any of her other books). Here's Livia...

The Passion Series Continues 
Don’t miss the fourth book in the Passion Series, Protecting it All. Will Lukus, Markus, Derek, Dylan and Z be able to bring Jake Davenport down before he hurts more innocent women? This next installment in the Passion Series will return readers to the darker, raw qualities displayed in the earlier books as it delves behind the scenes into the online sex industry and underground sexual slavery trade. 

Jake Davenport is still on the loose, and Lukus Mitchell and Markus Lambert have had enough. They won't rest until the sadistic Dom who is threatening their women is behind bars…or dead.  They don’t care which. Lukus assembles a team of his top security personnel and heads to California leaving Markus and Tiffany’s cop brother, Aiden, in Chicago to keep Tiffany and Brianna safe, locked down in the loft at The Punishment Pit.

Derek's brother Dylan is already there, staking out the predator, feeling helpless as he watches Jake lure innocent women into his nest of consensual, but brutal, sexual websites. When Jake turns his eye to Hannah Martine, Dylan decides he's done with just watching.

Hannah moved across the country trying to escape the demons of her past, but the fresh start she's hoping for is cut short when Jake presses her to accept a tempting job that will solve her financial woes. Once he gets her alone, the sadist uses humiliation, drugs and brutal force to try to bend Hannah to his will.

Everything comes to a head when Lukus and the gang realize only someone on the inside can get close enough to collect evidence of the illegal activities needed to put Davenport away. Dylan is furious they are even considering sending the innocent woman he has strong feelings for anywhere near the monster trying to break her.

Will Hannah have the strength to walk back into the demon's lair? And even if she does, will the threat against Brianna and Tiffany be dissolved? Jake is obsessed with the women from his past, and as authorities close in, he will become desperate for his revenge against Lukus and Markus.

This is Book 4 of Livia Grant's sexy Passion Series – a roller-coaster of suspense, emotion, heartfelt love and darkest desires.

Publisher's note: This book contains graphic descriptions of BDSM, explicit sex scenes, dub-con elements and more. If such material offends you, please do not read.

Dominance coursed through his body as he watched Tiffany struggling to obey. Her tentative movements resulted in her beautiful ass being lewdly displayed; her hands stretched forward as she kneeled, willingly presenting herself for her punishment. 
Lukus secured her to the heavy furniture with thick leather restraints meant to immobilize even the strongest of submissives. When he buckled the wide leather strap across her back, pressing her waist tight against the bench and locking her ass into that vulnerable position, Tiffany let loose her first sob. 
The sound of her crying left him conflicted. Tears from a punished submissive used to leave him feeling powerful, but with Tiff he more often found himself waffling between feelings of protectiveness and a foreign tendency to be lenient, something he had never even considered before meeting Tiffany. There would be no leniency today. His adorable fiancée had earned every single tear. 
Lukus massaged her exposed bottom until she calmed, warming her skin for the lashing that was coming. "Tiffany, tell me why you're tied down to the spanking bench, about to be punished long and hard." 
Her voice was laced with guilt as she responded. "Because I disobeyed you and went out without telling you where I was going and letting you know I was safe." 
"Yes, and you didn't have your cell phone with you like you're supposed to at all times... and you didn't take a bodyguard with you. What the hell made you think you could leave and put yourself in danger like that?" 
He couldn't see her face, but he heard the submission in her voice as she responded to his lecture. "I just didn't think you'd like me to go to lunch with Aiden after last weekend. After all, you two threw punches at the lake." 
"Tiff, I may not like the bastard, but he's your brother. I'm not going to block you from seeing him, even if I would like to lay him flat for putting you in danger today. But this isn't his fault, is it? I'm sure you lied to him, too, and neglected to tell him you weren't supposed to leave the loft, didn't you?" 
She hesitated, "Yes, sir... but I love him and didn't want him to stay mad at me for choosing you over him." 
"Well, let's see if you're still glad you chose me after the lesson I'm about to teach you about listening to your Dom." 
Lukus left her alone to think about what he'd said as he stalked to the supply cabinet that lined the wall of the on-stage dungeon. He picked a wide leather paddle and a severe Loopy Johnny to deliver his message. 
He settled into the punishment scene like the pro that he was, letting the first crack of the leather paddle fall against her creamy skin. It left a satisfyingly red splotch in its wake and drew a forlorn groan from his submissive fiancée. Lukus knew better than to short-change today's lesson. He'd be damned if Tiffany would leave this stage with any ambiguity on how he felt about her behavior today. 
The thick leather fell across her ass again and again until she was crying out, jerking in an attempt to escape her restraints. When he lowered his aim to the bottom of her butt where it met her thighs, Tiffany went wild, begging him to stop through her sobs. 
Lukus hadn't had trouble powering through a punishment before falling in love. But in just the few true discipline sessions he'd delivered to Tiff's luscious body, he had learned that punishing someone he'd given his heart to hurt him almost as much as it did her—almost
When he thought she was close to learning her lesson, he threw the leather paddle to the floor, moving to caress Tiffany's lower back to calm her, although he refused to provide relief to her burning globes... yet. 
Despite her obvious pain, he reveled in seeing her pussy glistening wet with sexual excitement. He lightly dragged his fingers through her lower lips, eliciting a long groan of desire as he lubricated his fingers liberally. She squeaked when he lifted higher, pressing two lubed fingers into her puckered rosebud. "Oh God, what are you doing?" 
"I'm taking liberties with my naughty sub's bottom and you need to just relax and enjoy it, because this is just an intermission. You have one more implement of punishment coming before we're done here." 
"Oh lord, I can't take any more, sir." 
"Baby, I'll decide when you've learned your lesson and we won't stop until then. Let's get this finished so we can move on to more fun activities." 
Lukus withdrew his fingers reluctantly, leaning down to grab the most painful punishment device he'd used on Tiffany to date. He didn't plan on delivering a lot of strokes, but he would be using the Loopy Johnny only when he had a particularly important lesson for Tiffany to learn. 
She couldn't see the small handled device with three long loops of braided leather that were about to light into her already punished ass. Lukus steeled himself for the scream that was about to fill the air and aimed the first lick across the center of her bottom. Her cry was delayed, as if she'd lost her breath from the sudden laceration the wicked device delivered. When her howl came, it almost leveled him. 
He recovered enough to continue his lecture. "That's one, Tiffany. You'll receive six today and, after each, you'll promise not to leave the loft without my knowledge until Jake Davenport is in jail. Is that understood, young lady?" 
Her answer came through her hiccupped cries. "Oh God, please, sir, no more. I promise I won't leave the loft ever again if you'll just stop." 
"I'll accept that for your first promise, but I'll finish the last five." 


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Thank you so very much for highlighting Protecting it All today and I'm thrilled beyond words that you enjoyed it.