Monday, September 14, 2015

Strapped: An Excerpt from Magic by DJ Black #Free KU

DJ Black of A Voice in the Corner, has released a brand new (and huge) book, Magic. DJ is a brilliant writer and I think just about everyone out there knows him from his blog. If not, check it out, but first this excerpt. And for those of you in the Kindle Unlimited program, Magic is FREE for you to read. 


With over 210,000 words this spanking novel is an epic adventure set in a fantasy world with its own lore and customs, populated by multiple characters including wizards and witches, dragons and demons. It also encompasses war and the quest for power, and love and betrayal. 

It begins when an unexpected visitor arrives at the household of Sir Mark De Lacy. Little does Katrin, Sir Mark's daughter, know that her life is soon to be transformed forever. The beautiful, tempestuous 19-year-old has enjoyed running wild in the woods and consorting with herbalists and witches - an activity much frowned upon, given her noble status. So imagine her surprise - and excitement - when an adept recognises her gift and persuades her father to allow her to study magic at Pandoria. 

So begins Katrin's new life of wonder and exploration. Ensconced in the ladies college known as the Dovecote, she is apprenticed to Dr Arlon Fear, the young mage who is to be her tutor and master for the next few years... though over time he becomes so much more. Katrin takes up her duties and she and her new friends adjust to the rigorous regime of study and discipline. Spankings are a regular occurrence, and the punishments meted out are often severe: hand, belt, paddle, cane, birch, and more are used to tame deserving female bottoms. Yet through it all, Katrin develops her abilities and the bond strengthens between her and her stern and powerful master, Arlon Fear. 

And in this world of arcane magic and mystery, perhaps it is love that saves the day... 


“What was the Silver Shore like?” Katrin asked as she poured some tea for Tabitha and Fear. 

As she pretended to listen for the answer she could not help but steal peeks at Fear. Until that moment she had not realised how much she had missed him.

“Still there,” Tabitha said dejectedly. “It seems so… I don’t know. Maybe if we had time to get out into the desert…”

Tabitha had been disappointed. Her home seemed squalid and small somehow. Her brothers and sisters had been too polite and the younger ones had even hung back to gawp at her. Her previously terrifying stepfather had been almost respectful. He had certainly been in absolute awe of Fear. Only her mother had been as she had remembered; so much to change in a year.

“We weren’t there long,” Fear explained as he took his tea. “Speaking of which, I am sorry, but we must move on tomorrow. We have to get to Sidon, for what I hope will be one last mission.”

“That’s… no fine, I… I’m ready,” Katrin sighed and for the first time that day realised that she would actually be sorry to leave home again.

“What is it Katrin?” Fear leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

Suddenly Katrin was pensive and she affected to fix her attention on the tea things. Not that Tabitha noticed. She had given up trying to explain why her home had seemed so much changed and was now back to her old self gushing about this and that, oblivious to the silent communication passing between Fear and Katrin.

Hovering in the background, Cain was not however, and coughed lightly. “Perhaps you should mention your dreams Katrin.”

Fear closed his eyes for a moment and nodded. So that was it.

Seeing his face at the words Katrin said quickly, “It’s not that,” and got to her feet as she suppressed a wail. There was a hint of tears in her eyes.

Seeing Katrin’s distress she took Tabitha by the arm. “Miss Tabitha, come with me. I must show you the library. Katrin used to spend so much time there, even when she wasn’t supposed to,” Cain said breezily.

“Oh, did she get into trouble?” Tabitha smirked.

“Oh I should say so,” Cain winked.

“Was she punished?” Tabitha asked eagerly.

Katrin might have blushed, but she wasn’t listening. Instead she moved to the window to stare out with her back to Fear.

“Let me tell you a thing or two about that…” Cain was saying as she hustled Tabitha out of the door.

“If it is not that, then what?” Fear pressed her when the others had gone.

Katrin sighed and sat down in a seat by the window.

“In any case, I think you had better tell me about… this beast that is haunting you.”

Katrin nodded and then woodenly at first, and little-by-little, began to describe her ever more vivid dreams.

When she was done Fear nodded thoughtfully. “I have heard of a witch in Sidon who knows of such things. We have to go there anyway before we return to Pandoria, so…” He frowned and studied the girl. She was ashen faced and drawn. He thought of Shula’s words to him and something inside of him lurched a little. Could it be true? Why was he pleased and not concerned by the idea.

“More witches,” Katrin spat. She had been so happy to see him and now she remembered that he would never be hers. That he was Amber Sage’s.

“Katrin, there is something else. Tell me what’s wrong.” Fear let an edge creep into his voice.
“It’s you, you… and that witch. I heard you. I saw you. You were…” Katrin stood up and made to leave.

“What witch, the one in Sidon? I have never met her. What are you talking about?” Fear was more puzzled than angry now.

“Not her, fool. Amber. Your…”

“Amber? What of… what are you talking about?”

“You love her. I saw you with her,” Katrin accused; turning on him angrily.

“Amber Sage? We have a history. You know that. But that’s all it is; a history. When did you see us? What are you talking about young lady? You had better start making sense before tan your backside.”

“I saw you with her. I saw you, she was… naked, you were… after Beltane when…”

Fear frowned a little and the recalled how he had birched his former lover for her handling of Erin. “Why you little… you were spying and poking your nose in where it doesn’t belong. What is it to you anyway?” Fear folded his arms and glared at her.

Katrin blushed, her jaw hanging open. “I…”

“Shula said you… you had feelings for me,” Fear said quietly.

Katrin averted her eyes and let her head nod ever so slightly.

Fear felt a little light-headed, the butterflies tickled at his stomach. “Amber and I… it was after she gave up being my apprentice. We would have to… well keep our feelings to ourselves until you are a journeyman at least. Then if… well I could arrange for you to be guided by another.”

“’Our feelings,’” Katrin gushed. “Then you and Amber aren’t…?”

“No, Amber and I aren’t,” Fear said darkly. “I really ought to… you know what. I am going to belt you bare bottom for you.”


Fear reached under his black robes and tugged at the large brass buckle of his heavy leather belt as Katrin looked on wide-eyed.

“Master you can’t, I mean please, not here someone will hear us,” Katrin took an involuntary step backwards as Fear drew the leather through the loops of his breeks. But it was not fear but excitement that she felt. ‘Our feelings,’ he had said; our feelings.

“You can place yourself across that table,” he growled, “do it now.”

Katrin looked aghast at the door and considered running. But at that moment wild horses could not have made her run from Arlon Fear.

“Arlon,” she said it as a sigh, the word filling her word.

“Now I said,” Fear barked, doubling the belt and cracking it between his arms.

Katrin’s heart raced and she turned away from him. Then taking small steps she went forward raising her skirts as she did so. “Please Master… Arlon…” but there were no words. On reaching the edge of the table she rucked up the skirts of her dress and leaned over until she could reach the far side.

Fear moved behind her and pulled at the bow holding up her draws which fell easily to the floor in a puddle around her ankles, which extracted a soft sigh from her lips. Her pale firm bottom jutted out towards him and Katrin shuffled nervously drawing her legs together.

“You have been worrying yourself into… into a mess over something that… like a child prying…” his accusations tumbled angrily from his lips pell-mell and he stood away and drew back his arm.

Katrin fixed her eyes on a knot-hole in the wood panel that lined the room and chewed at her lips.

The belt cracked hard across her defenceless bare bottom and she grimaced as the blaze he described there took hold. However the stroke was the first of many and after a dozen biting blast of the leather Katrin, already panting hard, began to grunt at each impact.

In the library Tabitha started at the sound of Katrin’s chastisement and tried to catch Cain’s eye. “Is that…?”

“None of our business, yes I believe it is,” Delia Cain said tartly, for a moment reverting to old demeanour as a governess.

Tabitha giggled and allowed herself to be led out of earshot.

Not so Ellen, whose ears pricked up at the unmistakeable sound of a strapping. Abandoning her work she scurried to the door and put her ear to it. Lady Katrin she thought, supressing a gasp, oh my.

“Master… Sir… Arlon,” Katrin wailed.

Fear smiled at his name on her lips and paused as he studied the dramatic reddening and welts on Katrin’s naked bottom. “Will you snoop about and set yourself brooding again?” He asked firmly, laying another hard stroke of the strap where her bottom met her thighs.

“No Sir.” She wailed, tears rolling down her face.

“Will you trust me?” he raged, striking her bottom again.

“No Sir… I mean yes Sir,” Katrin sobbed miserably.

“I should think not,” Fear sighed, spanking the strap down again as hard as he was able and extracting a loud yelp from Katrin that no one in the house could miss.


Roz said...

Congratulations DJ on the new release. Wow! This sounds very intriguing and I enjoyed the excerpt. Now I want to know about the dreams. Thank you both for sharing :)