Friday, September 18, 2015

First Sight: An Excerpt from ALPHA #satspanks

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop. Today I'm sharing my first excerpt from Alpha, my upcoming dark paranormal (shifter) romance. This scene is from Aria's POV. It's the first time she has seen Zane Von in six years. And he looks very different. 

* * * *

I wasn’t the only one who had changed.

His face remained tense as he looked me over from head to toe, his black eyes burning into mine just like they used to do. Except one thing was different. There wasn’t any humor left in them, not anymore. Not a trace of the man — the boy — I’d known.

“You okay?” his voice came low, and if I’d expected tenderness, I’d have been disappointed.

I tried to swallow, but my throat was too dry, and it took me a minute to speak. “Fine.” I hadn’t thought about what I’d feel once I found him, once I saw him again for the first time. It surprised me that the primary emotion following the initial shock of seeing how he’d changed was anger.

“Then please explain to me what the fuck you’re doing here, Aria.”

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I knew one day she’d come looking for answers. I just didn’t expect that day to be today. Hell, I wasn’t any more ready now than I had been six years ago. But here she was asking questions about something she knew nothing about. About people she knew nothing about. 


I used that term loosely. We were monsters, all of us. Killers. And she sought out the most heinous of all: me. 

Aria Hale came with questions, questions to which only I had the answers, and she had every right to know the truth. But that didn’t mean I’d give it to her. In fact, I’d do whatever it took to keep her from ever finding out what really happened that night.

I could live with blood on my hands, but I couldn’t live knowing she hated me. 

And if she ever found out what I'd done, she would hate me.


I guess he thought I’d leave the past alone. Let it die its miserable death. He didn’t know me very well though. 

Six years had passed since the night my life changed forever. The night I lost everything. Six long years since the only man who had any answers had disappeared. Zane Von was the key to avenging what happened that night. To understanding why they died and I didn’t.

Neither of us knew it then, but that night, our lives were bound together irrevocably, whether he liked it or not. If he thought I’d walk away, turn my back on my past, then he didn’t know me. 

Alpha is a standalone dark paranormal shapeshifter romance. No cliffhanger. Content may be offensive to sensitive readers and is intended for 18+ due to explicit (D/s) sexual situations and violence. 


Kathryn R. Blake said...

I love shifter stories, and I've a feeling this one is going to be really intense. Can't wait to read it.

Ashe Barker said...

This sounds really intense, full of dark angsty tension. Looking forward to it. Great snippet

Livia Grant said...

Looking forward to this one, Natasha. It's like the trifecta... dark... shifter and ... by Natasha Knight. I have my one-click finger ready.

PK Corey said...

I believe you have another winner in this one.

Megan Michaels said...

Looking forward to this!!!

Aubrey Cara said...

I got goose bumps reading the blurb!! :) I love when you go all dark and intense, lady!

Alexis Alvarez said...

can't wait to read it!

Renee Rose said...

sounds intense!!

Roz said...

Looking forward to this Natasha, sounds intriguing and intense.


Shelly Douglas said...

Can't wait! What a great tease :)

Lillyanna Rose said...

Congrats on your new release. Not my thing but it might be time to give it a try:)

Jule Kijek said...

Just can't wait on THiS one. You know how much I love para normal! Only a little while left in September

Jule Kijek said...

BTW, Fantastic Cover.