Friday, September 11, 2015

A Wicked Game: Guest Post by Casey McKay #BDSM

I have Casey McKay here with Cherished, her latest release! 

Hi Natasha! Thanks for having me over so I can share an excerpt from my new release Cherished. Serena is just getting out of a long term relationship with a pretty intense Dom. She realizes she misses some things about the relationship but not the criticisms and feel like she can never be enough. Ethan turns out to be the kind of Dom she was needing all along. 

In this scene Ethan is trying to help Serena quit smoking. He doesn't want her to think he's punishing her for bad behavior, but he's made up a game that he thinks could curb her habit. It's kind of a wicked game...

“Don’t lie to me, baby girl. Tell me,” Ethan prompted.
He’d asked her how many times she wanted a cigarette today. How could she answer that? Had she even paid attention? “I don’t know.” Her words came out whiny as Ethan rubbed his hand over her ass. “Ow,” she complained when he traced a particularly pronounced welt.
Reaching beside him, he produced a bottle of lotion and rubbed cream into her punished bottom.
His attention and care had her pussy flooding. His touch was reigniting the burn from her punishment, but now it shot heat straight to her core.
“Think,” he urged. “Six times? Ten times?”
Still not sure why he wanted to know, she decided to go with a lower number. She didn’t want it to look like she had a problem. “Um, four, maybe?”
His hand skated lower, massaging lotion into the lines on her thighs. He nudged her legs apart and skimmed over her pussy lips, slick and swollen in arousal. “Okay, four times.”
She looked over her shoulder at him. Something about his tone was making her shiver. What was he up to?
“From now on, whenever you feel like you need a smoke, I want you to bring yourself to climax.”
She narrowed her eyes. “Uh, what?”
“Anytime you start to feel the itch, the need to get your fill of nicotine, stick your fingers in your panties and make yourself come.”
She giggled, he couldn’t be serious. What if she was at work? Or in her car?
Anytime,” he emphasized his words as if he were following her inner thoughts. “It’s a good stress reliever and it will take the edge off. And of course, if I happen to be with you, just say the word.” He threw her a wink.
She liked his creative thinking, and now she kind of wished she picked a bigger number. How many times could Ethan make her orgasm in a day? It sounded like a good game to her.
“I know you’re off today, but I actually have to get some work done. So let’s get started and stop wasting time.” His words were so matter of fact she almost giggled, but then the vibrator whirred to life.
She hadn’t seen him pick up a vibrator, were they hidden around this office? She tensed as he ran it over her folds. Opening her legs, she grabbed on to the cushion beneath her. She was already on edge just from his hands on her body.
He ran the toy down the length of her slit before teasing her clit with his fingers. He plunged the vibe into her opening and added more pressure over that tiny bundle of nerves.
Gasping for breath, all of her muscles tightened as she tumbled over the edge. She was a little disappointed she had made it so easy for him, but the disappointment quickly dissipated as another wave of pleasure engulfed her.
“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching you come.”
She looked back to see Ethan smiling down at her. He gently eased her to her back and then settled himself between her legs.
“That was one, three more to go.”
Her eyes widened at his declaration. “What? I—”
“You don’t have to come all at once,” he assured. “But you aren’t leaving this couch or putting your clothes back on until I’ve seen you climax four times.”
Her pussy clenched at his stern tone and demanding words. She should be outraged. But really, what was she getting upset about? He wanted her to orgasm? Hardly a punishment.
“Spread those legs for daddy.”

Serena's landed herself the perfect man. He's wealthy, powerful, and an unrelenting Dom. Everything a smart girl with a penchant for kink could want. But a year into their relationship and she's doubting what they really have together. When she confronts him, she's devastated to discover she had the wrong idea from the beginning. 

Ethan is back in town to help out his friend manage his BDSM club. The short respite from his life across the country is just the break he needed. But when his troubles end up following him, things become even more complicated than before.

When Serena and Ethan meet, it isn't perfect timing. Serena finds it hard to trust again, but then Ethan shows her what it's like to be cherished. Can they let go of their baggage long enough to find real happiness? Or will their complicated past relationships catch up with them?


Casey McKay said...

Thanks for having me over :)

Roz said...

Congratulations on the new release Casey! Love the blurb and enjoyed the excerpt, Very sexy and hot! Not sure if Ethan's method will make quitting smoking easier or harder lol

Thank you both for sharing :)