Friday, September 25, 2015

A Scene from ALPHA #satspanks

Good Morning Saturday Spankers. Welcome back to the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop hosted by Kathryn Blake. Today I'm sharing a piece from Alpha, my brand new Paranormal (shapeshifter) Romance. This scene is between Aria and Zane and is told from Aria's POV... 

“I told you to stay inside, didn’t I?” Zane asked. 

I didn’t answer, unable to speak as he walked us backward, my back suddenly against the wall, my arms pressed to it.

“You don’t listen very well though, do you?”

I shook my head no, not quite sure what was happening, not sure I wanted it to stop.

“Never did, not then, not now,” he said, referring to that night six years ago when he’d tried to stop me, to stop himself, when in the end, he’d given in. I’d been sixteen to his eighteen.

His face to mine, he inhaled deeply.


“Shh, be quiet.” With his eyes open, he closed his mouth over mine, surprising me with the kiss. It started out slow, both of us tentative, the moment too fragile, and when he stopped, I thought it was over. But he leaned his forehead against the wall, his mouth near my ear, his breathing quiet. “I’m trying really hard not to want this, Aria.”



I knew one day she’d come looking for answers, I just didn’t expect that day to be today. Hell, I wasn’t any more ready now than I had been six years ago. But here she was asking questions about something she knew nothing about. About people she knew nothing about. 


I used that term loosely. We were monsters, all of us. Killers. And she sought out the most heinous of all: me. 

Aria Hale came with questions, questions to which only I had the answers, and she had every right to know the truth. But that didn’t mean I’d give it to her. In fact, I’d do whatever it took to keep her from ever finding out what really happened that night. 

I could live with blood on my hands, but I couldn’t live knowing she hated me. 

And if she ever did find out, she would hate me. 


I guess he thought I’d leave the past alone. Let it die its miserable death. He didn’t know me very well though. 

Six years had passed since the night my life changed forever. The night I lost everything. Six long years since the only man who had any answers at all disappeared. Zane Von was the key to avenging what had happened that night. To understanding why they died and I didn’t. 

Neither of us knew it then, but that night, our lives were bound together irrevocably, whether he liked it or not. If he thought I’d walk away, turn my back on my past, well, then he didn't know me. 

Please note: Alpha is a dark paranormal (shapeshifter) romance intended for mature readers. It is a complete story. No cliffhanger.

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Kathryn R. Blake said...

Can't wait to start reading this one. Great snippet, Natasha.

Roz said...

Can't wait to read this either Natasha! Great scene, love the tension between them.


Ashe Barker said...

Really looking forward to this one. Great snippet

Jule Kijek said...

Bought this book the other day. I have just settled down to read at least some of it before work. I have my coffee and my Kindle. Ready, set, read!

PK Corey said...

I really don't think it's going to stop there.

Renee Rose said...

Mmm. I have this on my kindle. Can't wait to read it!

Evie said...

So worth the read!!!!!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Nice snippet, and I love that cover!