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The Trail Master's Bride: Guest Post by Maddie Taylor

Thanks for having me on today Natasha.  I brought along an excerpt from my latest historical western.  Its full of history, adventure, romance, some spicy, sexy scenes and if you know me, a few requisite, rip-roaring spankings, as well.

Set on the Oregon Trail in 1852, Mina finds herself a widow, left to fend for herself.  A city girl, she is certainly out of her element.  Our hero, tall, handsome, urged Trail Master Weston Carr steps in and takes her under his protection.  Sparks fly as does his broad palm on her sassy, defiant behind. 

What fun!

This scene is their wedding night and Weston is in for a little surprise from his bride.  Enjoy!  I know Weston and Mina did.  J 

An excerpt from The Trail Master’s Bride

Knowing she was a widow, not a naïve first-time bride, he took it as an amorous response and deepened the kiss. His fingers made quick work of the buttons of her blouse and in no time his hand delved inside her camisole, locating the warmth of the full breast beneath.
She pulled her mouth away, gasping his name.
Undeterred, he lowered his head to the treasure he’d bared, capturing her nipple between his hungry lips.
“Weston!” she repeated. The urgency in her voice brought his head up.
“What is it? Was I too rough?” His thumb swept over the wetness of her nipple, watching. He didn’t think he’d been too demanding, but in his eagerness might have gotten overzealous.
“I have to tell you something.”
He groaned. Now she wanted to talk. “After, Mina.” He dipped his head again to resume his greedy play, but her hands came to his hair and tugged insistently. The burning of his scalp caught his attention and he stopped. Coming up on an elbow, he looked down at her, trying to tamp down his urgency.
“What is it?” His voice sounding gruffer than he intended.
“I’ve never… Elliott and I, we didn’t—” She looked away, her eyes clamped tightly shut. “We never consummated our marriage,” she finally blurted out.
Floored, Weston stared down at her. “Criminy! You mean you never…?”
She shook her head in confirmation.
He gave her a searching look, his eyes taking in the beauty that lay beneath him, scanning her soft features, full parted lips, and the plump breast that remained in the curve of his palm. He couldn’t help the grin that parted his lips. She was untouched. The idea pleased him immensely. Although it pained him to do so, his hand moved from the weight of her delectable breast to her jaw as he turned her face up to his.
“Darlin’, look at me.”
He waited, seeing her wrinkle her nose before she obeyed and her wary eyes gazed up at him.
“Hobart was an idiot. You’re spirited, tender-hearted, and so damn beautiful that I find pleasure in just watching you. And, darlin’, your innocence is a gift that a man should cherish. If he was too much of a blind fool to see that, then he was simply a sorry excuse for a man. I’m neither blind nor a fool, and as I said yesterday, I’m the real thing.” He lowered his head until his lips only brushed hers. “I’ll be gentle, sweetheart. Trust me to make it good for you.”

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The official blurb:

Being cast out of her childhood home by her horrid stepmother and forced into a marriage by her uncaring father were bad enough, but it is only when twenty-year-old city girl Mina Hobart begins the journey west on the Oregon Trail with her detestable new husband that she begins to truly understand life’s cruelty. She hates every minute of each hot, dusty day, and her husband’s constant insults certainly don’t make matters any better.

Mina’s life takes another abrupt turn when tragedy strikes and she is left a widow. The west is no place for a young, newly single woman, and the job of keeping Mina safe—and keeping her in line—falls to Weston Carr, the rugged trail master. Weston quickly proves more than ready to tame the feisty redhead’s careless ways and sassy tongue, even if that means taking her over his knee for a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking.

Unfortunately, even as Mina does her best to learn to cook over a camp fire, make coffee properly, and do the laundry in a creek, jealousy and gossip among the other wives quickly build into significant strife in the wagon train. To quell the gathering storm, Weston is forced to take matters into his own hands and make Mina his bride, whether she likes it or not.

Despite Weston’s rough ways and firm-handed discipline, Mina soon finds pleasure in his arms far beyond anything she has experienced before. But when a series of mishaps befalls the wagon train—incidents in which Mina is the prime suspect—the new couple’s growing bond is badly strained. Can Mina prove she is not at fault before things come to a head, and if she does, will Weston be able to protect her from whichever of their travelling companions is up to no good?

Publisher’s Note: The Trail Master’s Bride is an erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spankings, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Roz said...

This sounds like a wonderful read Maddie. Love the blurb and enjoyed the excerpt. I love how tender and reassuring Weston is in this scene.

Thank you both for sharing :)