Sunday, July 19, 2015

Perfect Notes: Brand New From Jaye Peaches

I'm really happy to have Jaye Peaches here today sharing from her newest release. Here she is!

Hi Natasha, thank you for letting me visit and share a little teaser from my new release – Perfect Notes.  Callie is an independent woman, who hasn’t needed a strong man in her life… until now. Stefan is the alpha male and likes to have his wicked way with her, and on his terms!


“Do with me?” I lay back down. “What have I done wrong?”
“You teased me. Forced me to come.”
“Forced you?” I recollected that he’d done that to me as recently as Sunday. Revenge felt somewhat sweet.
He skimmed his palms back up my arms. Taking my wrists again, he repositioned them next to my head, except this time his grip was looser, painless.
I made a pretense of writhing about. It excited him. His cock burst back into life. I wriggled my hips about under his strong thighs.
“Yes, forced me. I think a little punishment fuck is due.”
I went rigid. What the hell did that mean?
“Don’t worry,” he said quickly. “In my book, punishment doesn’t mean pain. It means compliance. No misbehaving. You’ll get what I give you and I take precedence this time, Mausi. If you do want to come, you’re going to be begging me.”
“Begging you,” I iterated. My stomach erupted with those ridiculous adrenaline-driven flutters.
Oh, yes. Make me beg for it, Stefan.
He stretched out and covered me with his long body. From head to toe he lay on me. He dragged my arms above my head and wrapped my knuckles around the metal bed poles in the headboard.
“Hold these. You’re going to need them.” He winked at me.
My heart rate shot up. I held each cold iron pole tightly as instructed. His lips met mine and I eagerly let his tongue slip in and explore. Gentle kisses. Misleading, because below his cock rested on my mound. It hardened with each nip of his teeth on my lower lip and delicate caress of his hands.
I spread my legs, opening up that vulnerable space and inviting him in. I didn’t care about condoms. My resolve disintegrated. He ground his cock against my mound then rocked slowly up and down. With each swing, he dipped lower, brushed the hood of my clit up and knocked my tender nub with accuracy. The exquisite torture, well directed and exact, sent waves of pleasure coursing through every inch of my body.
His hands, mouth and cock all worked in a devastating combination. An electric pulse buzzed and tiny contractions spun out from my overstimulated clitoris.
He grazed his teeth against an earlobe. “Don’t come until I tell you.”
I arched my back, pushing up against his relentless erection. “I can’t hold it.” I panted, pained by his torment.
“You will. This is a punishment fuck, remember?” He spoke with a delicious severity. I wanted to obey him, but my body mutinied, driving me closer to the edge.
I shook my head and kept my eyes shut. I couldn’t possibly look at him after that statement.

Callie is all he desires—the tonic for his dominance. But to fulfill their dreams, she must succumb to his passions.
Amateur clarinetist Callie turns up for an orchestra rehearsal following a six-week absence to find a new conductor in residence—Stefan, a charismatic man with ambitions of being a composer. After he gives her a lift home, he invites her to his house for a practice session. What begins as a music lesson ends with a passionate display of dominance by Stefan.
As their sexual affair blossoms, Callie is increasingly drawn to find out more about her aspiring composer and why he is a potent lover in the bedroom. When she turns up unexpectedly at his house, she is shocked to find him in the company of a naked woman. Horrified to think that he might have betrayed her, she calls an end to their relationship, but persistent Stefan begs for a second chance.
Encouraged by her boss to resolve her feelings toward Stefan, Callie seeks out a friend of his, hoping to understand what drives him to dominate, but the given explanation creates more unresolved issues for Callie. Determined to seek out the truth, she plans to confront Stefan. But by then, he has gone abroad. Callie must make a decision—cash in her savings and follow Stefan, or banish him from her life. If she does the latter, she will never understand the nature of the intense emotions he has awakened within her. Does she dare to love him?

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Roz said...

I'm about half way through reading this and really enjoying it. I highly recommend this. Loved this scene Jaye :)

Thank you Natasha for hosting :)