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Intense and Sensual: New #Spanking Romance by Jaye Peaches

Please welcome Jaye Peaches to my blog today with an intensely sensual piece from Viola's Heart Strings, her latest Victorian spanking romance. 

Hi Natasha, thank you having me on your blog today. 
I’m sharing from my latest release, a hot Victorian romance with spankings and sex…. and teasing. Viola’s husband, Sir Anton, has finally brought her to one of his secret rooms. It’s empty and with both of them standing in the middle of the room, he’s asked her what she thinks is its purpose.

His tone was the one she loved to respond to without question. He tied his necktie about her eyes, blindfolding them.
She thought hard. The room was empty and spacious, devoid of the trappings of life and personality. She stood still in the centre. The windows, like all of the windows in the cloistered rooms, had been shuttered up. Even so she could hear the wind blowing hard outside and in the distant, perhaps the rustle of tree branches. The room didn’t smell of anything in particular, although she felt it would benefit from an airing.
She heard him breathing close by—level breaths so unlike her own. She kept her eyes shut and his finger touched her face, lingering on her cheek for a few seconds before it trailed down her face. Lower the finger went, until it reached the thread, which tied the lapel collars of her robe together. He pulled the cord and the soft fur slipped down her naked body, both tickling and caressing her skin. For a moment, her skin goose bumped with the exposure to the cool air. She knew her nipples were springing up; her little emblems of her arousal.
He continued to trail his finger lower, between her breasts, into her navel and then it reached its destination.
“Uh!” muttered Viola, as he stroked her fragile clitoris with a fluttering gesture.
“You haven’t answered my question, Viola.” He spoke directly into her ear.
“I feel empty. A nothingness about me… except you. I truly don’t have anything to think about.” She bit her lip—had she offended him?
“This room is that. A nothingness waiting to be filled with emotions. I can tease you with my fingers or my lips.” He kissed her nipples. “I can suck you until you writhe about.”
He sucked hard on a nipple making her legs go like jelly. “I could bring a whip in here and use it until you are on your knees begging for mercy. Or maybe a gramophone and you would dance naked with me, blindfolded with only my hands to guide you. Or a feather to trail across you until the tickling becomes agony. Or perhaps a stool to bend you over, allowing me to take you with gusto. So many things I could do in this empty room.” His voice lured and baited her unceasingly.
Throughout his speech, he teased her tender clitoris with slow circles of his thumb. With the last words, he penetrated her pussy with a long finger. “So wet, Viola, so eager for me to fuck. Is that what you want me to do?” He squeezed a buttock cheek with his other hand.
Viola rapidly disassembled into emotionally frayed parts. Her arousal was approaching a climax of mammoth proportions as his two hands expertly frigged and insulted her senses in tandem. “Please, please make me come for you.” She tossed her head back and leaned against his sturdy form so she could keep upright.
“What is this room about? What is its purpose?” he asked again, his hands working harder.
His fingers had become brutal extensions of his sadistic ability to emasculate her, to force her to lose her inhibitions completely for his pleasure. She let him without resistance. Piece by piece she fragmented, struggling to contain herself. His own body had stiffened, his caged cock flexed against her and she had to hold back the desire to fall to her knees, seek it out with her nuzzling face and swallow it whole.
“I... I...” She spoke inarticulately, unable to form words: her mind a mess of undefinable emotions.
He lifted two fingers deep inside her drenched pussy and stretched her insides, chafing her sex spot—she teetered on her tiptoes.
“Oh please, sir,” she moaned, pressing her hands against his chest, curling her fingers about his clothing. Through the fabric, she felt the thundering beats of his heart. Fast, but not as racy as her own frantic pulsating beats.
“Once we are in this room, I am your lord. I am your absolute master and nothing you say or do will be other than what I wish or desire. You will be commanded and controlled to whatever purpose I yearn.”
“My lord, yes I am yours to command,” repeated Viola, arching her back and pushing her pelvis onto his hand.
Three fingers entered her willing pussy and she continued to dilate about his thrusting hand. He pressed his thumb on her clitoris and circled it. “What is the room’s purpose, Viola, tell me!” demanded Anton.
She was close to succumbing to an orgasm. “Whatever you wish, lord. It is a room of fantasies and desires,” she gasped faintly.
“Yes, my sweet Viola. We bring in here what we are and what we want to be. You can tell me, outside these walls, your fantasies and dreams and I will recreate them for our delectation. Once in here, you have no control over what happens. You must show your obedience, your trust and respect. There will be my imaginings too and you will accommodate them to the best of your ability. I will not punish you if you fail as long as you try hard to fulfil my wishes.”

After a whirlwind courtship in Monaco, innocent Viola falls in love and marries enigmatic Sir Anton Valise. Following their honeymoon in France, she begins a new life at his estate in Dorset, England. Anton's need for passionate, dominant love-making is haunted by memories of his first wife, Margot, and he fears his new wife will falter in her love for him if she does not remain obedient. To keep her loyal, the baronet introduces rules to aid Viola's submission but suppresses his desire to spank her when she errs.
With nobody to befriend or trust, the lonely Viola overhears the hushed conversations of the servants discussing the beautiful Margot, whom died in mysterious circumstances, and she discovers secret rooms in the house, which unearth a side of Anton she had not imagined.
Viola fears Anton will never cease loving Margot and she is determined to keep him happy. Whenever Anton dominates her in the bedroom, she fantasizes about his wish to spank her, and it rouses her craving to submit to increasingly erotic sex until eventually, she commits an error of judgment and Anton is forced to impose his discipline upon her.
With tension between the couple rising, Anton and Viola's relationship reaches a crisis point leading to Viola discovering a past filled with lies and pretences, above and below stairs.

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