Sunday, May 3, 2015

Disciplining the Director's Daughter: Guest Post by Maggie Carpenter

I have Maggie Carpenter here today with a sexy snippet from her latest release, Disciplining the Director's Daughter

With the glamor and intrigue of show business as the backdrop, Disciplining the Director’s Daughter is a blazing story of a romantic seduction by a skilled Dominant, and the riveting submission of a young woman who pushes past her pride to surrender to the man who has stolen her heart. 

Kylie Hartman is the indulged daughter of an Oscar-winning director, and having just graduated from an elite show biz college she is eager to start her career. On the last day of school she’s delighted to find Zach Taylor waiting for her. Zach is the head of Motion Picture Development for a successful production company, Titan Pictures, but Zach is more than a potential employer; he is a man for whom Jessica carries a flame.

Hopeful he’s there to talk about a job, to her shock and utter embarrassment he casually offers to spank her. Mortified at his suggestion she is completely flustered, and worried about her driving in such a state he jumps into her car, refusing to let her leave until she calms down. 

So starts the sizzling romance between Zach Taylor, a skilled Dominant who finds himself inexplicably drawn to a young woman desperately in need of discipline, and Kylie Hartman, a spoiled Hollywood brat who is intensely attracted to the strong-willed, Clark Kent look-a-like.

Joining them in this salacious story is Anna Lee Pickford, a nervous young starlet who has found solace and support from regular trips over Zach’s very competent knee, and Angelo Frattiano, a hunky Italian actor in search of true love.

Glimpses of the darker side of Hollywood, and a drug-addicted vengeful former employee of Titan Pictures, add drama and suspense to this tantalizingly torrid tale.


      Breaking away he moved behind her, and grabbing her hips he pulled her on to her knees. Pushing her legs apart he thrust two fingers into her soaked cunt, and as he toyed and teased he began lightly spanking her. She moaned and mewled, and as the power of their short, heartfelt conversation overwhelmed him, he abruptly stopped to slide the condom over his cock. Thrusting forward, he pumped with robust, slow strokes, then dropping a hand underneath her, he began to massage her clit.
“Oh, Sir,” she wailed, “please, please.”
“Please what?” he growled. 
“Please, fuck me harder.”
Abruptly he stopped.
“Be still, be completely still and silent,” he said firmly. “If you move, my hand will swat your ass. Hard.”
“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.
Slowly withdrawing, he left the head of his cock teasingly buried.
“I will fuck you as I see fit,” he said sternly. “You will only offer your thoughts when I ask for them.”
Without warning he plunged forward, eliciting a wail, and immediately his hand landed with a stinging blow.
“Ooh, I’m sorry, Sir.”
“Your body is now mine to do with as I choose. Do you understand that?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“You may ask for permission to come, but other than that you will not speak.”
“Yes, Sir.”
His thrusting began anew, and again he dropped his fingers to tantalize her clit, but he constantly changed his pace, using his cock to bring her to the brink, then slowing it down, keeping her on the edge. Listening carefully to her groans and moans, and watching her body, he knew she was teetering, and satisfied she had learned the lesson, his hand left her pussy to grasp her hip.
“I’m going to fuck you hard now, and you may come at will.”
“Ooh, thank you, Sir.”


Roz said...

This sounds intriguing Maggie, love the sound of this. Very hot and yummy excerpt!

Thank you both for sharing :)