Friday, May 1, 2015

A Public Birching #satspanks

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop! Today I'd like to share a piece from Theirs To Take, my newest release which is a romantic suspense MFM menage. The scene below takes place in the moments before Eva's first punishment at the hands of the brothers. Syn has just given her the choice of who administers her public birching...

*Text has been modified for this post and is slightly over the 8 sentence allotment —my apologies for that!

* * * *

“Since this is your first time, I’ll let you choose who takes the birch to that pretty little ass of yours — me or my brother.”

“Your brother,” it took me two tries to say the words without my voice breaking, and I glanced once more in Gabriel’s direction, hoping I’d chosen well.

“Too bad, but I imagine I’ll get my turn soon. Kneel up on the tree stump, facing the others,” Syn said.

I went to the stump, unsure how he would position me, how much it would hurt, how humiliating this punishment would be, and I knelt on top of it, my gaze on the ground a few feet from me as I still tried in vain to cover myself.

Syn came to stand to my side and leaned down so his mouth was at my ear. “Now, I can hold you down for this, but I’d like for you to submit to your punishment as an example to the rest over there,” he spoke so that only I could hear his words. “If I have to make you take it, then you’ll watch as each girl takes a turn right here where you kneel now and they’ll all know whose fault it was. Understand?”

“I’ve never… no one has… please don’t do this. I’m sorry,” my pleading embarrassed me, but for the moment, fear overrode pride.

He smiled, “Shh. I had the boys peel the branches for you.”

Peel the branches? What did that mean?

Syn placed a hand at my neck and I watched Gabriel step forward and take the birch from the soldier before coming to stand at my side. 

“I think you chose wrong,” Gabriel said.

* * * *
Eva Webb didn't know what she'd find the night she secretly followed her fiancé. She had feared he was meeting another woman.

But it was so much worse than that. 

The man she loved betrayed and kidnapped her, packing her onto a truck destined for the black market to be sold to the highest bidder. 

But when the vehicle is ambushed, she is delivered into the hands of her fiancé's enemies: mercenary brothers who would stop at nothing to take him down.

For Gabriel and Syn Rivera, hijacking the truck and stealing its cargo was another job, another way of taking back what was stolen from them.

Discovering Eva on board was an unexpected bonus.

They now held in their grasp the one thing that could bring down an entire organization, making her a pawn in a deadly game -- a game in which she'd need their protection to survive. But that protection would come at a price.

Now captive to the brothers, Eva would learn that they have always shared their women, and she would be no exception. They would keep her safe. They would protect her. And they would make her theirs as well.

But in a world where criminals often wear two faces, where putting your trust in the wrong people can get you killed, will Eva find she has mistaken lust for love, or will this unlikely union survive?

Publisher's Note: Intended for mature readers. Over 18 only. This romantic suspense includes MFM Menage (no sexual contact between the men), graphic sexuality, spanking and other BDSM activities. If such content might offend you, please don't buy this book.

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Kathryn R. Blake said...

OMG, Natasha. I love your books, but your characters manage to press all my buttons. Doesn't Eva have enough problems already to be subjected to public humiliation? Guess not, according to Syn and Gabriel. Yikes!

Cara Bristol said...

So ominous! You really whip your characters -- literally.

Christina Mandara said...

OOh! I hope she chose well... you wouldn't want to choose the brother with the heaviest hand when there's a birching in question GRIN!

Roz said...

OMG Natasha! Making her choose and threatening to punish the others if she doesn't submit to her punishment. Love Gabriel's words. That would strike fear! Great snippet. Pushed all my buttons :)


Livia Grant said...

Holy moly, lady, you can write one hot scene. This is just a snippet and yet it exposes so much emotion. I can't wait to get reading this!

Kallista Dane said...

Peel the branches? Why does that sound ominous when I don't even know what the heck it means!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Hot snippet, well done!

PK Corey said...

Scary enough, then to have to choose - then to choose wrong… rough day for Eva.

Kelly Dawson said...

Loved the snippet! I'm fascinated with the idea of a birching, although I've never even seen a birch in real life. :)