Friday, April 17, 2015

Theirs To Take #satspanks

I've been away from the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop for too many weeks, but I'm thrilled to be here today with the first snippet from my upcoming release, Theirs To Take, due out Wednesday, April 22nd

**Theirs To Take is now available for sale at most retailers **

In this scene, Eva has secretly followed Arthur, her fiancé, and for the first time, sees him for the criminal he truly is.
* * *
"You should have stayed at the hotel like I told you, Eva." Arthur clutched a handful of my hair and painfully turned my head, making me cry out. "But you never were any good at doing what you were told, were you?"

"Stop, please!"

The tip of the needle stabbed into my neck, the pain instantaneous as he depressed the plunger and emptied the contents into me.

"Arthur —"

The men released me as he pulled the needle out. I stumbled forward, everything blurring. I reached out to steady myself, my hands sliding off Arthur's chest, too weak to hold on. 

Arthur's grip in my hair tightened and I took a step as he moved me, but that was my final step, because my legs failed me then. 

* * *
Eva Webb didn't know what she'd find the night she secretly followed her fiancé. She had feared he was meeting another woman. 

But it was so much worse than that.

"My fiancé betrayed me, stealing me in the night, packing me on that truck like an animal to be sold to the highest bidder."

But when the vehicle is ambushed, she is delivered into the hands of her fiancé's worst enemies: vigilante brothers who would stop at nothing to bring him down.

For Gabriel and Syn Rivera, hijacking the truck and stealing its cargo was another job, another way of taking back what was stolen from them.

Discovering Eva on board was an unexpected bonus.

They now held in their grasp the one thing that could take down an entire organization, making her a pawn in a deadly game — a game in which she would need their protection to survive. But that protection would come at a price: the brothers, who have always shared their women, would require her submission.

Eva would soon learn though that in a world where criminals often wear two faces, lust can easily be confused for love — and putting your trust in the wrong people can be a deadly mistake.

Publisher’s Warning: Intended for mature readers. Over 18 only.

This romantic suspense includes MFM Ménage (no sexual contact between the men), graphic sexuality and elements of BDSM. If such content might offend you, please don’t buy this book. 
* * * 
Theirs to Take will be released this coming Wednesday, April 22nd
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Livia Grant said...

Holy moly, this sounds intense. I love how you push the envelope. Looking forward to this one.

Cara Bristol said...

Wow. This sounds like an intense one! Can't wait to see how you handle it.

Sue Lyndon said...

This books sounds so hot! Wow, can't wait! Love the cover too:)

Roz said...

Wow Natasha, can't wait to read more! love the premise. This sounds intense, and hot!


PK Corey said...

So interesting - this is totally original and I can't wait to see how it works out.

Holla Dean said...

What a great story line! I'll be watching for the release.

Kathryn R. Blake said...

Yikes! I don't envy Eva at all. For her fiance to betray her in such an ugly fashion makes me realize just how close she came to making a terrible mistake, not that the brothers will treat her any better, but perhaps they'll want to keep her instead of sell her off to the highest bidder.

Jule Kijek said...

Can't wait! Wednesday is my day off! Woo Hoo. I know what I'll be reading! 💥

Renee Rose said...

mmm, very hot premise! sounds hot and suspenseful!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Great snippet, and I love that cover!