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The Rancher's Woman by Helen Karol

I'm a busy girl today. I'm hosting Cara Bristol's Reasonable Doubts on Celeste Jones' Spanking Stories Book Club and Helen Karol and I have swapped blogs to share from our latest releases! Just click o the links once you're done reading the excerpt from Helen's The Rancher's Woman below! Here's Karol...

Hi Natasha,

Thanks so much for having me here today with my latest release, The Rancher’s Woman. I chose a tender, sexy scene to share to highlight the romance of Tessa and Chance’s deepening relationship. Here, after punishing Tessa, Chance provides some sexy aftercare that pushes Tessa’s limits just a little further with very hot yet intensely profound results.

* * * *
Curling into his chest when he lifted her, she felt safe and protected as he carried her to the bed. Standing her on her feet, he laid out the thick soft pillows along the mattress. Turning to her, he whispered softly, “Your turn, babe. I’m gonna take my sweet time.” Tessa moaned as he trailed his tongue down her throat slowly over her breasts and belly. Taking hold of her hips, he dipped to place his lips softly on the throbbing spot between her thighs. He gave a low, dirty chuckle. “I can now, seeing as how you did such a fine job of relieving me of temptation.”

Lifting her, he placed her tenderly on her back with the pillows under her. Despite their softness, she yelped and whimpered when her belted buttocks made contact. She arched and then relaxed into the pain, biting her lip, trying to grow used to the sensation.
Chance rubbed her hips and kissed her. “I could please you with you on your stomach, babe,” he told her with a desire-laden growl. “But I want you to be thinking about your punishment during your pleasure.” He nibbled her ear and then filled it with his wet tongue. Tessa shivered and rotated on the pillows, whimpering in pleasured pain. “It’ll heighten the sensations as well as affect your behavior. A learnin’ and a lovin’. Double whammy, hon. Trust me.”
Joining her on the bed, he arranged himself until he was resting on his elbows between her legs. Spreading her thighs wide, he parted her labia fully with his fingers, leaving her inner folds open not just to his lips, tongue, and teeth, but to his hungry gaze. Tessa blushed as he took a number of moments to simply contemplate the sight of her inner secrets. The light was on and she was open to his entire view more than she ever was to anyone. She fought the urge to close her thighs. She was aware that, as well as admiring her, he was making a point about her need to be open to him. Tessa relaxed, letting her thighs fall even further apart.
“That’s my good girl, Therese Marie, open right up for me,” Chance murmured, kissing the inside of each thigh as if it were infinitely precious. Cupping one buttock gently in each hand, he raised her to his mouth.
Tessa whimpered. Even the gentle cradling of his palms increased the burn in her whipped cheeks, but she didn’t protest his decree that she should accept the dual feel of her punishment along with her pleasure. She shivered and gasped as Chance bent his head and used his full extended tongue to take a long lick of her all the way from puckered rosebud to clit. The sensation was indescribable, both physically and psychologically.
No one had ever touched her anus apart from her doctor. Even Tessa had never considered partaking of that pleasure from her own body. She wanted to both draw away and offer it up to him. Chance applied his tongue in several similar, long licks and Tessa moaned and squirmed back and forth in an unbidden undulation of her body that echoed her ambivalence. Chance solved her dilemma. He parted her cheeks, held her still, and tongued her bottom hole with a tantalizing, soft, slow rhythm.
“Oh! Oh! Chance, that’s so embarrassing!”
“You want me to stop, babe?” he asked in between his mind-blowing tonguing.
“Fuck, no.” Then she squealed and yelped at his retributive squeeze of her buttocks.
“Enough cussing, woman. Reckon my belt can come back out again tonight if need be. Best you remember that.”
“Yes, sir,” Tessa offered meekly, his disciplinary tone and warning turning her to goo.
“That’s much better. Now quit distracting me.” With that he set about employing his expert hands and mouth to exquisitely build Tessa to a slow burn of orgasmic bliss.
His tongue continued to tantalize at her puckered hole for several minutes before he moved on to her entrance and clit. His fingers sweetly stroked her folds inside and out, pressing her G-spot and clit in unison. His gentle kneading of her welted bottom both soothed and revived the burn in her wheals, adding to a blinding mix of sensation that had Tessa arching in climax repeatedly. Finally he moved up beside her on the bed to cradle her while his loving touch took her to a summit she only very seldom reached on her own and never before with a man. That place of heightened orgasm where everything culminates and ejaculates in total release, leaving her replete and spent in his arms.
She was half asleep, cuddling into him as she lay on her stomach when he ran his hand down her body from the top of her head to the tip of her toes and back up, stopping to caress her bottom. She winced when he squeezed her firmly.
“Thought so. Tender, huh? Those are sore welts.”
She nodded into the sheets, her face heated. Funny how she wasn’t the least bit embarrassed over all they’d just done, but she was blushing like a virgin when he mentioned the effects of his discipline.
He leaned over and kissed the dimpled depression above her cleft. “Got some of that herbal cream of yours? The one with lavender and arnica? No, you stay comfy.” He chided her when she made as if to rise. “I’ll get it, just tell me where.”
“In the cupboard,” she said breathily, sinking back into the sheets gratefully.
He spread the cream liberally over her bottom, massaging and soothing, providing some considerable relief and Tessa wished she’d thought of that the first time he spanked her. Then he drew her into his embrace.
She winced again, feeling the rawness of her welted bottom as he spooned her tight against him. Cradled so securely against him after such powerful lovemaking, Tessa suddenly felt an intense connection. A connection she was desperate to make sure remained unbroken, unthreatened. The feeling made her turn and burrow into his chest for reassurance. Sensing her need, he held her close, stroking her back, soothing her.
Speaking quietly into his chest, she asked him tentatively in a soft whisper, “Chance?”
He murmured against her, encouraging her to continue.
“What if I can’t come to terms with your expectations over discipline? What if it’s too much for me to accept? Does that mean we’re over?”
He gave a half laugh and drew her closer. “You just don’t get it, do you, babe.” He parted them slightly and turned her chin up to meet his passionate gaze. “You’ll come to terms with it, I’m sure…”
He kissed her, soothing her doubts. “The way you took your punishment tonight shows you’re already a good part there, but even if you can’t get all the way, it won’t mean we’re over. We’ll work through it.” He took her chin again, his green gaze penetrating her with his unswerving truth. “You need to understand how it is for us, Therese Marie. We’re not ever gonna be over, because, sweetheart, the way I see it, you and me… we’re a done deal.”
Tessa and Chance are just meant for each other – Chance knows it from the start and now Tessa is learning that lesson too.  I hope you enjoyed reading this extract and thanks for dropping by.


Everyone in town knows that sparks of attraction have been flying between Tessa Anderson and Chance Williams almost from the moment her nursery business brought her to beautiful Hope Junction, Wyoming, but it takes an actual fire to really get things moving. When a blaze breaks out in Tessa’s kitchen, it is Chance—a volunteer firefighter—who rushes to the scene.

He asks her out the very next day, but she is shocked by his threat to spank her if it turns out the fire was caused by her carelessness. Nonetheless, Tessa can’t help pushing Chance to see if he would truly spank her, and before she knows it the firm-handed rancher takes her over his knee for a lesson she won’t soon forget. Yet despite his bossy ways, Tessa soon begins to realize that Chance might well be the man she’s been waiting for her whole life, and though it is hard for her to admit, the promise of a sore bottom when she misbehaves arouses her deeply.

But someone apparently has a problem with Tessa’s presence in Hope Junction, and the kitchen fire is followed up by one mysterious incident after another. Tessa keeps these occurrences secret from Chance, believing she can take care of herself. When the truth eventually comes to light, Tessa soon learns that Chance takes her safety very seriously and a bare-bottom spanking is only the beginning of the thorough, humiliating punishment she faces for her subterfuge. Will Chance’s decision to take her in hand so forcefully tear them apart, or will Tessa see his discipline as proof of the love they will share for the rest of their lives?

Publisher’s Note: The Rancher’s Woman is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive anal play and punishment, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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