Sunday, February 15, 2015

Refining Fire by Sophie Kisker

 I'm really excited to have Sophie Kisker visiting today. I met her through Livia Grant I think it was and have just enjoyed talking with her and am thoroughly enjoying her books. Here's Sophie...

I'm so excited that Natasha is hosting me on her blog today!  She's been bugging me for months to drop by and there was always one reason or another I couldn't.  But I'm celebrating because the last book in my series, Refining Fire: Finding Home Book 3, was published this week!  Here's a juicy excerpt:

Jenny – just freed from her time as a slave –  is waking up in the arms of her new husband.  She has just reached under the covers and found something to play with…

Michael smiled sleepily.  "Mmm... you have exactly one hour to finish what you've started.”
“Is that an order, Master?” she teased.
“Why, yes.  Yes it is.”
“Well, I don't take orders any more.  You'll have to find some slave, somewhere else, to do your bidding.” She started getting out of bed and before she knew what happened, she was flipped onto her back.  He was on top of her in a moment, somehow managing to pin her arms at her side at the same time.
“Okay, I don't want a slave, I want you.  And you're going to be so sorry you tried to get out of bed.  In fact, I have half a mind to tie you here all day and just have my way with you."  
“And what exactly would you do for fun if I passed out from all this pleasure?” she questioned with a grin.
“Oh, just giving you that much pleasure would be a real morale booster by itself.”
“Is that part of my new job?  Mrs. ‘Morale-booster’?”
“Oh, yes.  A very important part of the job, in fact.”
“I can do that,” she agreed.  “I'm happy to provide whatever morale-lifting is needed.”  She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.
“What about if I need to relieve some frustration?” he asked.
“Hmm, are you talking about the 'screw-me-till-you-feel-better' type of relief, or the 'ten-swats-to-my-butt-will-make-you-feel-better' type of relief?”
The gleam in his eye told her what she wanted to know.  “Have I shown you the belt collection I have hanging in my office closet?”
“Uh, uh – no way – ”  She started pulling away in mock fright.  He yanked her back firmly and pinned her down again.
“Even if I do this afterwards?” He leaned down and gently suckled on one of her nipples, causing shivers to ripple across her body.
“N-n-no, Sir, not even that,” she managed to get out.
“How about this?” This time he moved down between her legs and parted them, leaning forward to gently flick her clit with his tongue.  
“Maybeeee...” she gasped.  
He proceeded to lick and suck his way up and down the sensitive tissues. She wiggled and squealed as he held her legs spread wide.  He finally returned to her little button. He looked up at her, grinned, and bent back down to his work, tugging and licking and sucking and nibbling, and she was flying higher and higher until she thought she would pass out...
“Michael!  Say the trigger! Please!”  
"Maybe you should wait…" He glanced up with a wicked evil look.   
"Oh, you bastard!  Please!"
He bent back down.  His tongue resumed its task and he kept her in ecstatic agony for a few minutes longer before whispering, “Jenny, come for me.”
Her body exploded into a thousand shards and her world went a little black.  When her senses finally returned he was looking down at her.
“Of course, if you're going to get that kind of reward for taking a spanking, it will have to be at least twenty swipes of the belt.”  He was grossly exaggerating.
“Uh huh,” she said breathlessly, nodding her head up and down rapidly. For that kind of orgasm she would have agreed to many more.  To be honest, she would have let him spank her, hand or belt, for no reward, if he really wanted to – but she wasn't going to admit that to him.

~ ~ ~

Refining Fire is the final book in the Finding Home series.  Jenny and Liz are free at last. Now Jenny must step into the role of leader of her people – a role she never expected to have. Liz must take the first uncertain steps towards independence, helping the people who turned their back on her long ago. Together with Michael and Ryan, the masters of their hearts, they finally confront the evil that has threatened their lives and homes. 

Sophie's books are part of the Kindle Unlimited program so if you're a member, you can read them for free!

Odyssey:  Finding Home Book 1  is the first book of the series, and tells the story of Liz Peltier, who becomes a pawn in an old political game that tears her world apart.  Forced to serve as a slave for the next several years on the estate of her captors, she struggles to accept her new life - a life of domination and submission, of pleasure and pain.  But when she starts to see that her captors may not be the bad guys after all, she grows to realize that her deepest fulfillment comes when she is on her knees.  Should she fight these feelings?  Or choose to embrace them?   
This story has a "Happily For Now" ending, and a really hot Master who doesn't know a good thing when she's standing right before him.

SanctuaryFinding Home Book 2   continues Liz and Ryan's story and adds the story of Jenny, a young woman fleeing from the men who have murdered her family.  The only safe place to hide is at her Uncle's estate – and the only way to stay hidden there is to become one of the slaves. She certainly never expected to fall in love with one of the Masters while she was there. And when the bad guys find her, she and Liz must run for their lives and hope their Masters can find them in time.

All three books contain scenes of BDSM including spanking, punishments both fun and not so fun, orgasm control, anal training, and brief f/f scenes.  It also has bad guys who do bad things, so please be aware there are scenes of rape. 


Roz said...

Hi Sophie, I love the sound of this series. Congratulations on the new release! Wonderful hot excerpt. Loved the teasing and banter between them.

Thank you Natasha for hosting :)


Sophie Kisker said...

Thanks Natasha for hosting me! You have been an amazing friend as I get my new author feet under me. And sooo patient with all my questions...
Roz, thanks! If you read any of the books let me know what you think when you are done. The good, the bad, the... good ;-)

Natasha Knight said...

Thank you Roz :)

Natasha Knight said...

My pleasure, Sophie. I love your writing :)

Livia Grant said...

I love this whole series and feel so lucky to have found it early on and watch it come to life. Congrats on your latest release, Sophie my friend. Looks like we need to set new goals in Dallas this year because you blew all of your goals you set in New Orleans out of the water! (I guess we both did). Way to go.