Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Release: Captive, Mine

Captive, Mine just went live on Amazon and will be available at other retailers shortly. For now, the prologue to set the mood...

I always knew I was different. Knew I lived a different sort of life. I just didn’t expect to end up here — like this.

For weeks I’d felt it. I’d known someone had been watching me. But I’d ignored it.

Looking back, I can think of a hundred ways I could have avoided this, avoided him. He’d said one thing and, like a fool, I had believed him. Useless words. Stolen words.

Tucking my knees into my chest, I pulled the worn blanket up over my body. He’d stripped me bare before bringing me here, before binding my wrists together so tightly they felt raw. I shivered in the cold, damp room knowing he was going to teach me a lesson. I’d been to this room before. I knew what had to happen here.

Tears again, stupid tears. He had no right to keep me captive. His captive.

“Let me out!” I screamed for the hundredth time, my voice hoarse, my throat too dry.

This time, though, there was an answer: the sound of his footsteps approaching, the almost imperceptible sound of the key sliding into the lock, turning it.

I pressed my back harder into the wall, fisting the blanket with sweaty hands.

I was going to be punished and it was going to be bad. I knew it.

He’d promised it and he always kept his promises. 


The day my father agreed to testify against Terrence Randall, one of the most ruthless drug traffickers in North America, was the day I became the target of the drug lord’s enraged vengeance. I was the one thing that stood in the way of Daddy’s testimony, and the one thing that could save Randall. The man would stop at nothing to get his hands on me. 

I was prepared for what was coming — as prepared as one could be when vanishing into the U.S. Marshal’s Witness Protection Program. 

I just wasn’t prepared for him. 

For ex-Navy SEAL turned mercenary Lake Freeman, escorting Lily Cross into the Witness Protection Program was just another job — until a better offer came along. Lake couldn’t have cared less about the life he’d been hired to protect. After all, she was a part of the very organization that had cost him so much already. 

At least he never expected to care. 

But when forced into a decision he never thought he’d have to make, the mission became one of survival for himself and his beautiful charge. Lake knew that in order to protect her, he’d need to bring the feisty and unpredictable Lily to heel — he couldn't keep her safe if he couldn't keep her under control. 

But that protective urge quickly turned into something else, something dark ... and his need to conquer, to claim, overrode all else. 

He would keep her safe. He would keep her protected. But he would make her his, as well. 

Now, all he had to do was figure out how to keep them both alive long enough to do it... 

Publisher's Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only! 

This is a MF BDSM romantic suspense. Themes include: graphic sexuality, pervasive D/s, exhibitionism, spanking, bondage, anal play and other BDSM activities. If such content might offend you, please do not purchase this book. 

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Megan Michaels said...

I can't even begin to tell you HOW much I'm enjoying this book. Congratulations Natasha and Trent!!

Trent Evans said...

Thank you, Megan:)

Cara Bristol said...

Just bought it! Congratulations on the release.

Kim Kimbrough said...

That baby is mine to read. Can't wait. Congrats on the release! <3

Roz said...

Congratulations Trent and Natasha! What an awesome collaboration! Love the sound of this. Definitely on my TBR!


Natasha Knight said...

Thank you, Megan!

Natasha Knight said...

Thank you, Cara :) I hope you enjoy it.

Natasha Knight said...

Thanks Kim, I hope you enjoy it!!

Natasha Knight said...

Thanks Roz and hugs back to you! <3

Jule Kijek said...

Just downloaded your new book. I am in the middle of my currant book but this is next. I love that it is over 200 pages. Lots of time for story development! Oh yeah and lots of spankings and hot sex. Woo Hoo!

Natasha Knight said...

Thank you Jule! I think there's enough of both spankings and hot sex... I think... ;)

I hope you enjoy it!

Maggie Carpenter said...

Super duper, Natasha. I wish you and Trent all good things with it.

mangyscavenger said...

Just bought it. Can't wait to read it.

Natasha Knight said...

Thank you Maggie! Appreciate that very much :)

Natasha Knight said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!!