Friday, December 5, 2014

Amy's Strict Doctor Sends Her to the Corner #Satspanks

Good morning Saturday Spankers. What the Doctor Ordered was released about a month ago as a box set with stories from Sue Lyndon, Casey McKay, Tara Finnegan, Trent Evans and myself. This coming week, each of those stories will be released individually. Today I'd like to share the cover of my book, Amy's Strict Doctor. I always say how thrilled I am with my covers and this is no different. Korey Mae Johnson is kind of amazing! 

In the scene below, Amy is to be punished for closing up her parent's shop early, along with her sister, to go have a drink. She's already standing in the corner  of her husband's doctor's office, naked but for her panties...

"How does it feel having your bottom on display like this," Cade began, pushing her panties down just a little lower before leaning against the wall she faced. "Having me walk in to find you standing in the corner with you hands at the back of your head, your bare bottom on display, knowing you're about to be spanked?"
"Embarrassed," she managed, her voice sounding small.
"Well, things are about to get a whole lot more embarrassing," he said, walking back into the room. "Come here, Amy. Keep your hands where they are until you're instructed otherwise and whatever you do, do not drop your panties."
She turned and walked toward the examining table, shuffling more than walking to keep her panties in place. Standing by the tray, he watched her, keeping his eyes on hers all along, making her feel even more vulnerable and exposed. 
"Do you know what this is?" he asked, picking up a bulbous thing with a three and a half inch nozzle.
* * * *

When Amy’s husband, Dr. Cade Hollister, convinces her to take the last class she needs to finish her college degree, she has no idea what is in store for her. Amy has never challenged herself in the past, and when she fakes an illness to avoid the hard work required to pass the course, Cade decides it is time to teach her a much-needed lesson. Before she knows it, her strict husband is taking her temperature the old-fashioned way, and that is just the start. Cade soon demonstrates that he is more than ready to give his wife the discipline she needs, even if it leaves her cheeks blushing as red as her well-spanked bottom.

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Kristin Elyon said...
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Roz said...

Hi Natasha, I love the cover! great hot snippet! Love the shuffle :)


Ashe Barker said...

Fabulous cover. And it sounds like she's in for a testing time. Great snippet

Kristin Elyon said...

Lovely snippet and a stunning cover! I can't wait to read it!

Holla Dean said...

Uh oh! I believe I know what that bulbous thing is!