Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Commander's Daughter by Morganna Williams

I have Morganna Williams here today sharing an excerpt from The Commander's Daughter, her latest release! It's kind of a naughty one...maybe don't read this at work? :) 

The scene opens after a punishment for wandering off in the woods alone. Liam spanked his naughty little mate then made her wear a butt plug under her jeans during breakfast, though left her totally topless.

Melody is having a hard time concentrating on her food as her hot and full bottom now have her thinking of other activities...

* * * *
Liam bit back a smile as he watched Melody fighting not to squirm as she sat on the stool at the island watching him make their breakfast.
She was trying so hard to please him and she did. Melody pleased him more than words could express with her sweet submission. She had taken a very hard punishment with very little complaint and was doing her best to sit still on what he knew was a very sore and plugged ass.
If she managed to sit without too much fidgeting through breakfast, he would take her back to bed and remove the plug before making her body sing with pleasure. If not, the plug would stay where it was for the near future.
He enjoyed watching her bare breasts as she sat at the counter in only her tight jeans. As he watched, her little nipples began to tighten into hard little berries and he realized her effort not to squirm wasn’t just because of a sore rear.
His little mate was aroused.

* * *

Melody drank her orange juice and tried to enjoy her bacon and eggs, but all she wanted to do was shift in the chair. No longer was she wanting to avoid the jolt each movement sent through the plug; now she was fighting not to grind against the pressure as the discomfort had shifted into pleasure sometime in the last hour.
While the punishment had been painful and embarrassing, it had also been arousing to submit so completely to Liam’s authority.
Now she wanted him to take her; no, she needed him to take her.
“You’re being such a good girl. Are you finished with your breakfast?” Liam asked.
“Yes, sir.”
“Come with me and I’ll take that plug out of your naughty bottom and fill it with something else,” he said, holding his hand out to her.
Melody went to him eagerly, taking his hand and following him up the stairs. Once in their bedroom he made short work of pulling her free of the jeans; encouraging her to bend over once again, he gently removed the plug.
He patted her upturned bottom and told her to stay in position. She heard him moving around and the rustle of clothing, then turned when he called her.
Liam was standing naked next to a big round ball with what looked like a long dildo attached. It resembled an exercise ball, but was much larger, too large for her to mount if that was his intention.

“It’s a Spurilian sex ball; they are in the pleasure quadrant of the Ramelian star system. I purchased it before we left for the cabin,” he explained, moving the ball to rest at the edge of the bed as she watched dubiously. She gasped when he lifted her in his arms and lowered her over the dildo, moaning as he impaled her on its length. Melody braced herself with her hands on the foot of the bed as she found herself straddling the ball with her feet dangling above the floor.


Roz said...

Oh my, deliciously hot snippet, think I need to read more!:) Thank you both for sharing :)


Aubrey Cara said...

Well, that's going on my TBR right this second. :)

morgannawilliams said...

Thank you so much for hosting me today Natasha! ;-) Morganna