Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Melody's Punishment Spanking Part 3 #wipitup #FREE spanking story

Welcome back to Wip It Up Wednesday everyone! I'm back with another installment of Melody's Punishment. If you haven't read part one or part two, click on their respective links to be redirected. I'll just get right into it - but first a quick thanks to Melody Parks for the creation of this blog hop. I do think it takes some time to manage it and it is appreciated Melody. And that's why you are the heroine of my story... :) Sorry I have to spank you. 

One quick thing I forgot! Today is Love our Lurkers day so say hello if you're lurking about!! I was a lurker for a long while too and Secret spanko interviewed me today for his post. Head over AFTER reading my story, yes? Here's the link.

I skipped over the caning scene because I wanted to get to the anal punishment. I couldn't wait... :) I will post the story as a whole in the coming weeks so bear with me as I tease...

* * * *

Marcus quickly tossed the cane aside and lifted her wife from her bent position then carried her while she held onto him toward the couch. He sat down with her cradles in his arms like that, her face buried in his chest, her hands clinging to his neck.
"I'm sorry, Marcus. I really am."
"Why didn't you just show me the ticket when you first got it?" he asked, pushing the hair that stuck to her forehead away.
She cast her gaze down to her his chest. "I don't know. It was stupid, I should have just show it to you but when I didn't do it right away, I knew I'd be in more trouble and I kept putting it off again and again."
"Are you afraid of me?" he asked.
She shook her head. "No. I just don't like being spanked. At least not for punishment."
"Well, then tonight I hope you learn that you'll get much more than a spanking if you ever try to keep things from me again. And as far as that car, if you're not going to be safe, then you're going to lose privileges."
She nodded, lashes lowered, feeling fully chastised.
Marcus lifted her to her feet and stood, turning her to face the couch. "Kneel here, legs wide," he said.
Marcus watched as she just glimpsed at the items remaining on the coffee table: the stainless steel syringe with its long, wide tip and the anal lubricant. When she turned to him, he gestured for her to get into position as he picked up the syringe. Melody climbed up onto the couch, keeping her knees spread and leaning forward, arching her back just enough to present her upturned buttocks to him as she lay her arms on the back of the couch and waited.
"Push your bottom out a little more, please," he said and she did, exposing her slick pussy lips, her very private back hole.  
"As part of your punishment, I'm going to fuck your ass tonight, Mel. I'll use lubricant but it will be a hard fucking and you won't be allowed to come. Just as incentive, in case you think you can't hold off," he said, trailing off before reaching over her to place the cane in her hands. "Hold on to that. If you come, you'll take five more."
"Yes, sir," she muttered, the tone of disappointment hard to miss in her voice as she closed her fingers around the implement he knew she hated most.
"Good girl," he said, taking one ass cheek in his hand and pulling it out to fully expose the hole he intended to use tonight. They were new to anal sex but she seemed to enjoy it, in fact, she came harder when he fucked her ass than when he fucked her pussy, but tonight's punishment would be in the denial of her orgasm. That would perhaps be the hardest to take for his usually insatiable wife.
Marcus set one knee on the couch against her leg, keeping it wide and just looking at his wife's gorgeous ass marked with the thick stripes of the belt along with the finer lines of the cane. She'd remember tonight's punishment. He brought his thumb to her asshole, just pushing against the warm opening for a moment. His cock had been hard throughout her punishment, but now, with both her pussy and her asshole bared to him, vulnerable to him, it pressed against his pants for release as if it had a mind of its own and was unable to wait any longer before plunging into her tight heat.
He inhaled a deep breath, taking in the scent of her arousal as he brought the tip of her syringe to her hole.
"It's cold," she gasped.
"You won't feel cold for long," he said, pressing the lubricated tip into her ass slowly, pushing it as deep as it would go. "You'll feel the lubricant going in now," he said. He'd never used so much at once during penetration and wondered at the feel of it both for her and for him. Her gasp surprised him as he pushed the plunger down, but he didn't stop, instead, he emptied the contents into her ass as he slowly retrieved the plunger, filling her deep and setting the plunger down before undoing his pants and finally releasing his cock. He knelt between her legs, forcing them even wider as he did.
"Tell me," he started, rubbing his hard length against her pussy before dipping it into her hot cunt once, twice. "What happens if you come?" he asked.
"I get caned again, sir."

"That's right. You'll be allowed to masturbate for me tomorrow morning, but tonight is punishment."
* * * *
That's it for me! Make sure to visit the other bloggers participating this week and thanks for dropping by!! 


Roz said...

Such a tease Natasha, you should be spanked :) wow, that was one hot snippet!


Helen Karol said...

Oooh! You always stop at the best parts!

Livia Grant said...

Each week makes me look forward to this release more and more. Great excerpt!

Meredith O'Reilly said...

That's a mean Master. He got to cane her bottom, he should let her come afterwards.

Melody Parks said...

Damn girl, I love where this is going. I am once again honored to be named as your heroine. I love that you were motivated to write about me and that you know how much a love a good hard anal fucking.
Holding the cane as a reminder not to come probably wouldn't deter me though. When I'm close I can't just lock it all up and deny myself.
I guess it will be another 5 for me from the wretched cane... but at least I'll sleep peacefully ☺

I'm happy to host Wipitup... I love the connection to all the other authors, getting a feel for their works and writing styles. Sure it takes a bit of time, and sometimes it does get a bit frustrating when the hosting tools don't wanna play nice, but overall I think it's worthwhile exposure for all of us.

oh, oh, oh.... I know you said this is only a short story. But it could turn into a full fledged book, oh yes, it could. I would love if it did. :-)

Ashe Barker said...

Oh, hot, hot, hot. Fanning myself here. I'll be looking out for this one

Laurel Lasky said...

OMG, it's so hot in my room. This would make a wonderful longer book, hint, hint. I have to go one to put the air conditioner on. Laurel

Sophie Kisker said...

Now, I love me an anal punishment scene, I do - but I LOOVE me a caning scene even more - and you skipped over it! I'm going to cry (not really - this scene is hot, too.) Am I really really bad for hoping she comes and gets caned again? I know - I'm evil. And I do want to see the rest of this scene as well.

Jaye Peaches said...

Happy LoL Day!!! and let me wipe the steam off my screen here.... :)
Poor Melody... I hope the next part gives her some more satisfaction! There will be a next part?????

Corinne Alexander said...

Wowie! It was mean to leave us without our climax too! XO

Laura said...

Poor Melody what a conundrum. I fear that there will be a caning in the very near future for her.

Shelly Douglas said...

Nice way to leave us, Natasha! Do we get to watch the morning activity? :)

Secret Spanko said...

Oh my. I intended to just come here and leave you a nice comment thanking you for taking the time to respond to my interview questions (and respond to the many comments it generated) but then I started reading that. Poor gal punished by not being allowed to come. It gives new meaning to the old cowboy phrase "ridden hard and put up wet."

Jane said...

I can always count on you for some blisteringly hot anal, Ms Knight. :-) Thoroughly squirming after reading that! Jane xxx

Hermione said...

Hi Natasha,

Thanks for joining our LoL 9 Days celebration.


ronnie said...

A very nice hot little snippet. Thanks.