Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Melody's Punishment Spanking #FREE #Spanking Story #wipitup

Welcome back to Wip It Up Wednesday! Today I'm sharing another piece from Melody's Punishment Spanking along with a link to the full story which Stormy Night Publications published on their newsletter this past weekend. It ended just over 5K words and I will put it up on my site in a few weeks, but it will remain available as a free read at SNP's newsletter for a while.

This is the opening of the scene the morning after Mel's spanking and anal punishment, and the final part of the full punishment. She does get to enjoy this one though, even if she is blushing red at the start...

* * * *

It was only a moment before Melody remembered why her ass hurt so badly. It was the morning after punishment and she was lying on her side, her back pressed to Marcus’s front, his big arm holding her tight, his cock stiff against her bottom. Melody arched her back a little, pressing into him, wanting to take his cock between her legs while he slept, wanting to grind it against her still-wanting sex.
After the night’s punishment, he’d gently bathed her, soothing her with his words all along, even as she whimpered and begged for him to let her come. She still felt that need now. But the knowledge of what he would ask of her this morning, even as it was exactly what she wanted as far as the end result, turned her face as red as her bottom had been last night. Marcus enjoyed making her blush. He didn’t even bother hiding that fact from her. And he always followed through on his word, so when she felt him begin to stir behind her, felt his cock slide between her bottom cheeks as he softly ground against her, she knew it wouldn’t be long.
“Good morning,” he said, turning her so he could nuzzle her ear and kiss her cheek.
She faced him, wrapping her arm around him. “Good morning.”
“How do you feel?” he asked, blinking his eyes open slowly.
“Sore and still horny,” she admitted with a smile.
“That’s my girl,” he said, kissing her fully. His one hand slid to just between her legs. “I like you like this, always wet for me, always ready.”
The fact that she pleased him always made her feel proud.
“Turn over onto your belly,” he said, leaning up on one elbow and tucking his pillow just beneath her belly when she did. “You know what time it is, don’t you?"
She adjusted the pillow lower, knowing how he liked her positioned for this part. “Inspection,” she said. Part of her felt humiliated by this, by how intimately he would inspect her, and part of her, specifically that part in her belly and between her legs, reveled in it.
“Good girl,” Marcus said, kissing her cheek before sitting upright and running his fingertips down over her spine and toward her bottom. “You mark beautifully,” he said while tracing the impressions the cane left behind. “What about here?” he asked, bringing his hand to her pussy, moving to kneel between her legs, forcing them wider. He didn’t linger long at her sex though. Instead, he spread her bottom cheeks to inspect her back hole.
Would a time come when she would not find this so completely embarrassing? This wasn’t the first time he inspected her there, and she loved anal play, but this… this was always different. And it got her hotter than anything else. The fact that he knew it perhaps only made it more so.
“Pretty, so pretty, but a little sore I imagine?” he asked.
“Yes, sir.”
“Well, we’ll give it a rest for today,” he said, slapping the side of her hip to signal he was finished with her inspection. “Turn over onto your back and spread your legs wide,” he said, rising up off the bed.
She groaned but turned slowly, pulling the pillow out from underneath her, watching him pull a chair up to the foot of the bed, preparing for the show he now expected.
“Marcus, I’ve been punished. Do we need to do this?”
He settled onto the seat, still naked, his cock thick, hard, and ready.
She looked from it to him, trying for a sexy look. “I can just take care of us together,” she offered.
He smiled. “I’d prefer to watch.” With that he settled back and signaled for her to begin with a tiny nod of his head.
* * * *
I love an intimate inspection, but there are lots of blogs to read so I'll leave you there with a link to read the full story when you are able.

 Here is the link to the full story. Thanks for reading along these last weeks and I hope you enjoy it!! 


Roz said...

Oh wow, an inspection! Loved this story Natasha, sizzling hot! What a tease leaving us there. Unfortunately, I the link wouldn't work for me. I think it is probably my tablet though.


Natasha Knight said...

Hi Roz, Thanks for your comment!! There is something wrong at SNP's site. I e-mailed them so hopefully it's fixed soon but I'll e-mail you the link once it's working. I will update my post. Thanks!!

Christina Mandara said...

That man is going to put her through the wringer!! Atta boy. ~grin~ So a spanking and then a humiliating inspection, whatever next? Can't wait ~WEG~

Melody Parks said...

I read the whole story, start to finish a couple of days ago when I got the email announcing this weeks newsletter for SNP. A deliciously spicy read, Natasha.
As a major fan of anal scenes go, you really hit this one out of the park. Marcus is my kind of guy, totally!
I still giggle at Lemody.
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow ☺ Thank you for this wonderful short story.

Jaye Peaches said...

The heat factor on this story just gets hotter and hotter.... great story.
Happy Thanksgiving.