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Lanie's Lessons with Maddie Taylor

Maddie Taylor is here with me today with a sexy snippet from her latest release, Lanie's Lessons, and she took the time to do a mini interview with me down below! First the blurb...

Attorney Lanie Fischer is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, but the stress of her caseload has been mounting relentlessly. She puts on a brave face at work, but behind closed doors Lanie has become an emotional wreck, and her husband, law professor Ethan Fischer, is tired of watching her self-destruct. She’s not sleeping, she’s lost weight, and their sex life is starting to suffer. Something has to give, and as far as he is concerned, it is time for a radical new approach. From now on, Ethan decides, his wife will be spending quite a bit of quality time over his knee with her bottom bare, learning some lessons she has needed for a long time.

Some of Lanie’s spankings turn out to be purely erotic, ending with the hottest sex she and Ethan have ever had, but others are meant to teach her what happens when naughty wives disobey their husbands and fail to take care of themselves. Unconventional though it may be, to her surprise Lanie soon begins to crave both her husband’s sexier spankings and his discipline as well. But can she live happily as a loving wife and obedient submissive at home even as she battles in court at work every day, or will the conflicting demands tear her apart.

Publisher’s Note: Lanie’s Lessons is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, elements of medical play and BDSM, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Now the naughty Excerpt:

In this scene, Ethan has a surprise for Lanie.  In the guise of stern Professor Fischer, he selects her outfit and orders her to present herself in his classroom for a much needed lesson in deportment.   Enjoy…

Lift your skirt and show me your panties.”

She did, glad she had worn her newest lacy white ones.

“Very pretty. Were those in the box that I left you?”

Crap. Removing them hadn’t crossed her mind. “No, sir.”

“Pull them down.”

Her thumbs went to the waistband. Knowing she had his full attention, she teasingly peeled the lace down her thighs, letting them go at the knee so that they slid down her calves. As she shifted to step out of them, his next order stopped her.

“I said down, not off. I want them just above your knees.”

Warmth flooded her face as she pulled the damp material back up. She had to spread her legs far apart to keep them in place.

“Since you’re having a hard time following directions, I’ll expect you to keep them there as part of your punishment.” Quiet and controlled, his velvety smooth voice made her already simmering blood ignite. Ethan knew how strongly she reacted to his voice, his frank words and the orders he gave her. He used it to his advantage, which made her legs weak and rubbery.

“Hold that skirt up high, young lady. I want to see you.”

It had fallen back in place as she fussed with her panties. Gathering it in both hands, she held it at her waist. Goosebumps popped out on her skin as his eyes homed in on her bare skin, settling on the smoothly denuded lips of her pussy presented as if a gift for him between her widespread thighs.

His eyes shifted upward, grazing her belly and breasts before meeting her gaze. “Very good, Miss Langston. It appears you can follow the rules if you put your mind to it, can’t you?”

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And now the Interview

Natasha: You write probably some of the longest books in our genre. Is this something you set out to do or does it just happen? I know you've mentioned you try to write shorter, but what exactly is your process (pantser or plotter)? 

Maddie: Is that a bad thing?  For the reader; no.  For me, the initial editor, and my betas; probably. As a reader, I like length in a novel.  Novellas leave me wanting more.  I try to write what I would want in a book and I want size.  I guess it really does matter.  J   Oh, and I am definitely a pantser, although I try to be a plotter.  I’m just not very good at it.  Gotta go where the spirit moves me.

Natasha: I don't think it's a bad thing at all! A story has to be told as it wants to be told :) When do you actually write? You work as a nurse full time I believe and between that and family, hours are limited.

Maddie: Very good, Natasha.  You know me well.  I do work full time, but from home going out 2-3 days/week to see patients, but I have a lot of down time in my job, thank goodness.  Otherwise, you’ll see my working into the wee hours of the morning, my husband sleeping blissfully beside me as I do.  He doesn’t seem to mind the glow of my laptop, which would drive me nuts if I was trying to sleep.

Natasha: I'm useless at night so more power to you! And you have a very understanding husband. You've written primarily contemporary and historical (or should I say western) romance and you do them well. Any plans for something different, a little sci-fi or paranormal perhaps?

Maddie: I did write a paranormal story.  I guess you missed it, LOL.  It was an early book called The Gift about an Empath.  It had my usual fare, a hot cop (Texas Ranger), of course, he was a badass dominant hero, and my Empath was a sassy, quirky, sexy woman that always seemed to be pushing his alpha male buttons.  Loved writing that one and have a sequel planned, someday.  I have two sci-fi plots scratched down on paper, so that is to come eventually.  I’d like to wrap up one of my series before starting something else.  I have a file folder with at least 18 new story lines, if I could only find the time.  <Sigh>

Natasha: How did you get started writing this genre? Are there other genres you write?

Maddie: I’ve always been an avid reader of any and all kinds of romance.  As long as there was an alpha male hero and a spirited yet loving heroine, I gobbled it up.  Therefore, I write the same.  I write what I like and know. 

Natasha. Me too on writing what you know and like. If I don't find something hot, I can't research and write it. It doesn't sound or feel right. How have things changed in the market since you started to write spanking romance?

Maddie: Not much really.  My first published book, Captain My Captain was released in March 2013, so I’m just coming up on two years in the biz.  My first two books landed in the Amazon dungeon because of the covers, so I guess you could say it was a trial by fire.  What has changed most, is me.  I’ve improved as a writer, I think, but definitely learned the importance of beta readers and a good editor, which are key to the success of a book and the author. 

Natasha: I'm taking this one from your blog: how do you balance writing time with social media?

Maddie: It’s difficult. Most authors have told me that promoting on social media is their least favorite part of the craft.  To me, when I’m promoting I wish I was writing and when I’m writing, I’m worried I’m not promoting.  It is necessary to the success of a book, however.  If your readers and potential readers can’t find you, your book is dead in the water. 

The positive part of social media?  Easy access for our readers.  I love getting feedback: comments, IM’s and emails; it makes all of it worthwhile when someone takes the time to send a personal note about home much and why they liked this book or that character.  Those messages always make me fell all warm and fuzzy inside.  J

Natasha: And one more from your blog: 5 random things we don’t know about Maddie Taylor that we'd love to know!

Someone else asked me this.  Do I do the same five or come up with new ones?  Hm…
1. My favorite author is Kristen Ashley (Psst, vanilla, don’t tell).  She did have that one book, Knight.  I remember paddling and some bondage in that one, very light compared to me, but maybe deep down I sense something kinky there.  Who knows?
2. I love animals.  I have three pets: my 15 y/o grandma dog, a young, sweet, very smart lab/pit mix, and my cat; Princess Cleo (She answers to kitty.  Don’t know why I bothered with a name.)
3. I love football, especially Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  I still have a soft spot for the Detroit Lions from my youth, bless their hearts.
4. If I had unlimited resources, I’d buy a beach house and be a beach bum.  I’d spend hours in a cabana by the sea, with the breeze in my hair, the warm sand on my feet and while away my days either reading on my Kindle or plotting away on my laptop.
5. I am a Mexican food junkie.  Give me fried chimichangas with steak, topped with homemade chunky guacamole and I’m as happy as a fat tick on a dog.  Oops, sorry. I’ve been working on a western, guess that sunk in.

Natasha: That last one made me giggle! I'd eat that chimichanga with you and be just as happy!! Thanks for coming by and answering my questions!! 

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Cara Bristol said...

Wow, Maddie, you're quite the powerhouse. You've accomplished a lot in just 2 years. Congrats on your release!

Maddie Taylor said...

Thanks for having me Natasha. I always enjoy when the tables are turned and interviews ask me some of my own questions. A little tast of my own medicine I'd say.

Maddie Taylor said...

Thanks Cara. My carpal tunnel is feeling every bit of those 2 years right about now. Good thing it's in my left hand.

Roz said...

Read this yesterday but didn't get a chance to comment. Enjoyed reading the interview. I love the premise of this book Maddie, super hot excerpt! Congratulations on the release :)


Constance Masters said...

Congratulations on your new release Maddie. Loved your excerpt. Great interview girls :)