Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Her Keeper: In His Custody by Helen Karol

I have Helen Karol here today with her latest installment in the Her Keeper serial, In His Custody (Part 2). She's sharing a pretty hot scene so be warned...
In this scene, Rick has taken Sara into one of the interrogations rooms to punish her for what is meant to be consensual discipline.  True to their surroundings, Rick sits her on his knee and begins to interrogate her over her understanding of the implements of chastisement lying on the table.  Despite her consent, Sara still struggles with acceptance when Rick explains how he intends to use the first two: an anal plug and ginger lube.
I look at him incredulously.  “You’re not serious.  It’s huge.  You can’t stick that inside me.”
His face darkens and he turns me face down over his knees, flipping up my skirt to reveal my bare lower half.  “You're incorrigible, Sara.  You need to follow protocol much better than this.  It’s actually fairly small as anal plugs go.”  He rubs my bottom and then parts my cheeks.  I clench.  He’s really going to ream me with it and use some horrible burning lube to do it.
“I hate you.”  I fling at him.  I’m not sure where that invective came from.  I really don’t hate him at all, but now it’s out I refuse to retract it.
“This should take care of that nonsense, get you in the right submissive mood.  Just for that outburst you can keep it in while we’re in chambers.  That should make sure you behave.”
“Oh no.”  I squirm and kick as he lubes my opening and wastes no time forcing the smooth glass inside my bottom.  It’s very round and silky and the lube is thick.  It actually slips in more easily than his finger.  Despite its size it feels less intrusive.  Probably because he simply seats it in there rather than pumping it forcefully the way he did his fingers.  The feeling is not so much painful as stretching and filling. Very filling, but it doesn’t hurt.  Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.  It feels subduing.  It’s hard to be indignant and feisty with a large piece of long oval glass stuffed up your ass.
He keeps me across his knee and I start to relax until the burn sets in.  “Oh, ohh.  Shit.  It really burns.”  I fling my hands back.  "Take it out.”
He takes my wrists in his hand, holding them together up and away from my opening.  Then he proceeds to spank right on top of the plug, pushing it forward, deeper inside me.  He punctuates each spank with a lecturing word.  That.  Smack.  Is  Slap.  Quite.  Smack.  Enough.”
He sets me on my feet and marches me over to the wall until I’m right next to it, facing it.  The burn in my ass is awful, but as he’s made it clear it’s not coming out anytime soon, I focus on trying to relax and not increase the burn.  He lifts my dress and orders me to take it in my hands and keep it high so my butt’s on display.  I blush furiously, but do as I’m told.
“You can stay there for a few moments and compose yourself.  Keep this up and you’re going to earn yourself a lot worse than I have in mind.”
The minutes seem to tick by interminably.  The burn is bad, but bearable as long as I stay relaxed.  I begin to feel really stupid facing the wall with my bare butt on display and my bottom stuffed and burning.  I start to calm and consider that maybe I should strive to get in the right headspace.  There’s no point in pissing him off.  I should know that by now.
“Come here, Sara.”
I walk over, feeling awkward with the strange sensation of the plug and burn of the lube.  I keep my dress up off my backside like he arranged me, but down covering my front, trying to hold on to some of my dignity.  Thankfully he allows this. 
When I reach him, he looks at me sternly and I half expect him to order me to lift my dress completely.  Instead he surprises me with the opposite.  “You may put your dress down for now.  But be warned, little girl, piss me off much more and you’ll be punished naked.”
I nod, adding a hasty and respectful.  “Yes, Sir.”
“That’s better.  Now what’s the next item?”
I bite my lip and look at him swallowing in trepidation at the implement.  “It’s a paddle.  It seems big to me, but maybe it’s not as paddles go.”
He smiles and picks it up, patting it against his large hand.  It’s about the same size, although it’s hard to tell because it’s round.  It’s clear with holes and looks like plastic.
“It’s medium sized.  It’s lexan.  It stings very painfully, but won’t bruise.  I choose my implements with that in my mind.  I like to redden, welt, blister even, but not bruise.  I’m going to spank you with this across my knee.  I’ll give you a short warm up first with my hand.  I’ll be quite severe, but not anywhere near full force.  I won’t count.  I’ll spank you for about a minute.  Your bottom’s going to be very sore and swollen at the end of it.  It’s quite sound proofed in here so you may cry and howl a bit, but not too loud,  I think we’ve had enough of an audience for today, don’t you?”
“Yes, Sir.”  I've no problem agreeing with that observation.  I watch as he puts the paddle down and fingers the next two  items on the table.  “Alright.  What about these?”
I’m tempted to give him a look and say “Duh,” but I value the ability to sit sometime in the next year too much.  “Straps.  One small.  One big.”
He nods and picks up the small one.  Its short, but thick and supple.  I wince and my buttocks clench, increasing the burn, when he brings it down with a swift crack on the table.  “This is short enough to use across my knee.  Twenty with it.  Hard and fast, medium force.”

I lick my lips.  This is going to hurt like hell.  So why are my breasts and pussy throbbing in anticipation?  Why am I not trying to run screaming frantically from the room instead of waiting in fascination for him to begin?
The warrant reignites Rick and Sara's feud and may damage their weekend deal. Can Rick assert his authority enough to convince Sara to trust him or is the battle on again? And will that dress that Sara wore to tease Rick arouse his fantasies so much that she ends up with a lot more than she bargained for? 

Sara is drawn to the teenage girl who needs her protection, while Luke's murder investigations unearth information that worries Rick about Sara's safety.  Keeping her close becomes imperative. 

Join Rick and Sara as their sizzling romance grows even hotter! 
Her Keeper is an ongoing e-serial that unfolds over multiple volumes ranging from 8,000 to 22,000 words each.  An erotic romance with explicit sexual content and elements of BDSM, it has a hot cop (two actually), sexy frisking, spanking, cuffing, anal play, a crazy, hot proposition and two people who are stubbornly in love. 


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Looks great, Nasha. Especially the new cover. Thanks for having me over. Helen x

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this sounds great! so sexy and thrilling!

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This sounds like a great, intriguing series. Super hot excerpt! Congratulations Helen on the new release. Thank you both for sharing. :)