Sunday, November 2, 2014

Brand New Naughty Newsletter and a Sale on Books!

Stormy Night Publications has just published their first newsletter this week! It will be a weekly or twice weekly publication announcing new releases, sales and price cuts as well as lots of FREE hot content! They're promising we won't be bored and I just had a peek at the first one, and so far, so good... To sign up for the newsletter, click here, but first...

My own book, Aching to Submit, is now on sale for $2.99! I'll just share the prologue below...


Sophie drew the curtains of the study windows closed. She returned to her desk and cleared the contents from its surface. Unbuttoning the top buttons of her blouse, she lifted her breasts up out of the cups of her bra. She spread her legs to shoulder width and bent forward, laying her torso across the desk before reaching back to push her panties down to just beneath her hips. She lifted her skirt up over her back to bare her bottom.
She remained like this for a few moments, her arms stretched to either side of the desk, her back arched, imagining how she looked as she prepared to be disciplined.
She glanced once more at the picture of the punished girl on her computer screen, taking in the soft curves of her parted thighs, the stripes of the cane across her buttocks, the glistening pink lips of her bare, exposed sex.
Her nipples pressed against the cool leather top of the desk and her fingers found her swollen, slick nub. She pinched and kneaded, moaning, lifting to stand on the balls of her feet as the muscles of her calves, her thighs, her buttocks tensed. She lay her cheek down on the desk and closed her eyes, giving herself over to her imagination while a stream of sunlight penetrated from between the drawn curtains, warming her face.
Behind her eyes she imagined him, the tall, dark stranger. He had no voice today, although sometimes he chastised her verbally as he punished her physically. She arched her back on his command, lifting herself to him, offering herself to him. She could almost feel the sting of his thick leather belt, hear the sound it would make as it struck soft flesh, know the pain it would deliver.
Moisture soaked her fingers and ran down her thighs as he continued to punish her. She spread her legs wider, wanting more, opening herself to her phantom disciplinarian.
She imagined when he would switch over to the cane, striping her bottom red before telling her to reach back and spread herself open, to prepare to have her bottom hole caned. She would melt her torso deeper into the desk, lifting her hips higher to him. With a slight flick of his wrist, the cane would come down onto that most private, most vulnerable part of her.
Once her punishment was over, he’d have her remain as she was, bent over, her bottom throbbing, exposed, marked.

Her breath came in gasps and her hand worked faster as she neared orgasm until finally she came, her hips bucking, pelvic bones scratching against the rough edges of the desk, the only softness that of her cotton panties as they slid to the floor.


Though deeply in love with her husband Michael, for years Sophie has longed to give him not only her love, but her submission as well. In spite of her yearning to kneel at his feet, fear of rejection keeps her from sharing the truth with him. Though she would never give her body to another man, her need to submit drives her to seek out others like herself and learn more… until Michael discovers her deception and she fears her marriage may be over.

Despite the anger and sadness which tear at his heart when he learns that his wife has kept such an important secret from him, Michael is not going to give up the love of his life without a fight. It will take time, but he is more than ready to be the man she needs, the man to whom she will gladly submit. First, though, she must be firmly disciplined for her betrayal of his trust…

Standing naked before her husband, awaiting a punishment which will bring her to tears and leave her bare bottom red and sore, submission suddenly feels truly real to Sophie for the first time. As Michael asserts his dominance more and more with each passing day, Sophie begins to see him in a way she has never seen him before, and her desire for him seems to know no bounds. But is this just a second honeymoon of sorts, or will Sophie’s submission endure through the trials of everyday life?

Publisher’s Note: Aching to Submit is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Roz said...

This sounds awesone Natasha, thank you. Wii have to sign up! To anyone who hasn't read Aching to Submit, buy it now! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it :)


Natasha Knight said...

Thank you Roz :)