Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Melody's Punishment #spanking Part 1 #wipitup #free

Well, it's Wednesday again! I swear times goes more and more quickly... Today I am doing something I rarely do - sharing a piece from something I've not yet finished. And not only that, I'm not really sure what I'll do with it. It's just a short story - a little discipline as that seems to be my theme these days. I am posting it actually because my main character is called Melody and as much as I didn't mean to, I kept thinking of our Melody! Melody Parks!! I don't think she deserves the spanking (and the other stuff) that comes with my story - I mean, she's a good girl I think. Right? Right?? But here it is and for some reason, I kept spelling her name as Lemody on top of it all but well, what the heck! Here's Melody and her husband Mason. Mel's in trouble... (This is totally unedited! I just went through to clean up all the Lemody's :) 
* * * *
Melody heard the usual classical music playing softly in the living room. It was the piece he always chose when she was to be spanked. She padded barefoot along the hardwood floors as she made her way into the living room. She saw that the curtains were already drawn and the cane he used for the most serious offenses was already laid out on the coffee table along with a tube of anal lubricant and something she'd not seen before. It looked to be a large, stainless steel syringe with a long neck. Next to these was the notice of her fine.
"Nice shower?" Mason asked, folding the newspaper he had been reading up and setting it aside.
Melody met her husband's cool gray gaze. He rose to his feet, standing a full 6'4" tall, he was a foot taller than her when she wore heels and as he required her to be barefoot during punishments, the top of her head came to about the middle of his chest.
"Yes, sir," she said, already using 'sir' as she had been instructed to whenever she received a punishment spanking.
He remained silent, watching her. Her stomach was all nerves while he rolled up his shirt sleeves, baring thick forearms dusted with dark blond hair. As much as she hated punishment spankings, seeing him like this always affected her in the strangest way, made her wet even as she anticipated what was to come.
"Center of the room, Melody," he said.
She went to stand where he'd said, hanging her head, dreading the verbal reprimand that would begin her ordeal.
Mason picked up the violation and walked toward her, taking his time. "Did you forget to tell me about a speeding ticket?"
"Yes, sir," she answered quickly, just glancing up at him.
With his hand under her chin, he lifted her fact so she was forced to look at him. "Is that true?" he asked after a moment.
She searched his face, his eyes. She could never lie to him. "No, sir," she said, her voice small as she lowered her lashes.
"I didn't think so," he said, letting her go and turning back to replace the letter on the coffee table and sit back down. "What was your intention?" he asked.
"I was…"
"Look at me when you answer please," he said. "And keep your hands at your sides."
"Yes, sir." She had been nervously wringing her hands but forced herself now keep them at her sides and met his gaze. If there was one thing she hated, it was disappointing her husband. She loved him and he was so good to her, patient and loving. She should have just shown him the ticket when she'd first gotten it rather than trying to hide it. Yes, he would have spanked her and possibly grounded her, but tonight's punishment was going to be much worse than that. 
"Melody?" he said, reminding her that he was waiting for an answer.
"I was going to pay it myself. I didn’t want you to find out about it. But then I forgot to pay it."
He nodded. "I appreciate your honesty now, Melody, but I'm afraid I have to punish you now for your deception."
She nodded and wiped away a tear.
"You know how this goes," he said.
"Yes, sir," she said. Standing in the middle of the room, she slowly pulled her top off, folded it and set it on a nearby chair. Mason crossed one leg over the other and sat watching as she unhooked her bra and removed that as well. She then slipped her skirt off and added it to the pile before moving to the corner she hated most in the house. Her punishment corner. Once there, she pulled her panties down to just beneath her hips and reached her hands to the wall at the level of her shoulders, her face close enough to the wall so that her nose touched it. He liked her hands there because sometimes, especially for harsher punishments, instead of taking her over his knee, he would take his belt to her ass right there just to warm her up.

"Walk backwards a few steps and arch your back," he said from his place on the couch. "Stick your bottom out, Melody. Good, like that. Twenty minutes," Mason said.
* * * *
Well Mel, I have to leave you there for a little while...so nose to the corner please. I have to admit, it's making me giggle! I hope you enjoyed my little snippet. Don't forget to visit all the Wip It Upper's today and thanks to Melody Parks for the concept! 


Roz said...

*giggle* I too thought of our own Melody at first :).

Oh dear, poor Mel is in serious trouble! Enjoyed this Natasha. Loved all their rituals and especially the music.


Megan Michaels said...

My God, that's hot as hell!! I love how he crossed his legs to watch--yummy.

Tara Finnegan said...

Love the set up...the music. OMG, music warning her of her impending punishment. It seems so torturous that something wonderful should herald something so very awful.
Why oh why did you stop there?

Shelly Douglas said...

I loved everything about this! The rituals were absolutely delicious!! More please! :)

Meredith O'Reilly said...

Ahhh! Why did you stop there!! I can't wait for next Wednesday! Great post! :-)

Melody Parks said...

Gezus! Why DID you stop there Natasha? I'm elated that you used my name in your story...but you left me with my nose to the wall!
Do you know how long twenty minutes feels like when there's a cane on the coffee table and a bottle of lube? (God this is a hot set up!)
I swear just knowing you were thinking of me while writing this made it hotter. I love my husband's name too. Mason.... Mason and Melody. Oh yes, I'm in love. His smooth, calm characteristics are most delicious.
You set the tone for this beautifully and now the suspense and anticipation are going to kill me until next week. Guess who I am going to be thinking of as I write my next spanking scene... muah ha ha ha.
Oh, btw.... Lemody is the good girl... Melody is the naughty girl, who is going to have images of cane's floating through her mind the rest of the day.
Hopefully I don't accidentally call my hubby Mason on account of your hot imagination.
OH... oh... but wait, it could intrigue him and he might read your excerpt... and then he... oh dear, look what you may have started. ☺
Thank you so much for sharing this Natasha. Please come back next week and share more of this.

Joelle Casteel said...

Lemody? I get Meoldy most often when I'm trying to quickly type Melody's name for some reason :D great excerpt, whatever you end up doing with it. I love the detail you brought to it. Poor Melody :D

Maddie Taylor said...

NOOOOOO! Natasha, you can't do that to us! You are a very bad girl. I must know about the large, stainless steel syringe with a long neck. It sounds very clinical and messy. They're in the living room for goodness sack. Can't wait for more, you tease.

Jule Kijek said...

Great snippet. Loved the whole ritual. Very intense.

Livia Grant said...

Great snippet! You'll have us all waiting for Melody's story to be released now.

Helen Karol said...

Belted standing against the wall as a warm up. Yikes! I think there should be a penalty when you leave it at such a hot moment . You tease!

Laura said...

I love when you writers give us a snippet of a story at the same time I hate that you writers just give us a snippet of a story. What an evil web you guys weave. lol I think the stainless steel syringe is going to be messy. Thanks for sharing.