Tuesday, October 7, 2014

An Excerpt from Securing It All by Livia Grant

I'm thrilled to have Livia Grant back today to share a piece from her newest release, Securing it AllThis is the book following Wanting it All (The Passion Series) which was released some months earlier. Here's Livia...

I can’t thank Natasha enough for giving up space on her blog for me to talk about the second book in my Passion Series, Securing it All.   I am thrilled that she is a fan of book one, Wanting it All.  Others have asked me if book two is as intense and edgy as book one and I have to say no, although it still digs deep into the the evolving relationships of our two main couples.   Book two has many spanking and discipline scenes, but they are more intimate than in book one. 

I have received emails from people letting me know that they like Lukus and Tiffany so much more than Markus and Brianna, and honestly, that is no surprise.  We join Markus and Brianna at literally one of the lowest moments of their marriage and we have to watch them battle back from that.  Lukus and Tiffany have none of that heavy baggage so we just get to have fun watching them as they get to know each other.   And boy do they get to know each other in Securing it All.  I hope you give it a read.

In this scene, Lukus has talked Tiffany into staying at his loft.  She is having second thoughts, afraid that they come from too different backgrounds. Lukus knows she is afraid and is trying to persuade her to stay.
“Open your eyes, Tiffany.” When she doesn’t comply, Lukus reaches up to cup her cheek with his hand, stroking her gently with his thumb. When he detects her leaning slightly into his hand, seeking out his intimacy, he repeats his request. “Open your eyes, baby… please.” His voice is soft, careful not to spook her.
When Tiffany finally opens her eyes, he can see the glossy sheen of her tears. He continues to speak gently. “First, thank you for being honest with me about wanting to leave. This will never work if you hide your feelings from me. Now, if you feel uncomfortable at my place, that’s okay. I can fix that. I can take you home to your place or to a neutral downtown hotel with lots of wonderful amenities to spoil you. Just tell me where you’ll feel comfortable and I’ll make it happen. But walking away is not an option, Tiffany. I won’t allow that to happen. I’m not letting you out of my sight until we can get a handle on whatever the hell it is that’s happening between us.”
When she remains silent, he continues. “And for the record, you couldn’t be more wrong. The fact you think this is just a normal day for me just proves you don’t know me as well as you seem to think you do. Maybe – just maybe – you should give me the benefit of the doubt until I prove I don’t deserve it. You think you can do that?”
He can see the hope flicker in her eyes. He detects her slight nod as her only reply. “So, where’s all that sass now, Miss O’Sullivan?” he asks, grinning. “You’ve got me hooked on your beautiful, sassy mouth. Don’t tell me you’re all out of jibes for me.” He knows he’s succeeded at breaking through her defenses when Tiff’s shy smile returns.
“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll never run out of sass. Maybe I’m just being careful to use it more wisely. After all, I’m not entirely sure I understand all the rules of the game we’re playing.”
Lukus is suddenly serious again. “Oh baby, that’s your whole problem. This isn’t a game, at least not for me. Nothing has felt this real to me in a very long time.”
Tiff sucks in a sharp breath, surprised by his admission. “Why me, Lukus? Seriously…”
Lukus moves his fingers to her lips, effectively shushing her. “Stop. Enough analyzing. We have plenty of time for that later. Tonight, let it be enough to know it’s because you look amazing in my favorite shirt.”
Tiff’s playful smile tells him she’s pleased. “This is really your favorite shirt?”
Lukus’ smile turns predatory. “It is now,” he says, and watches surprise flicker in her eyes.
As their gaze remains locked, Lukus expertly seeks out the few buttons holding his favorite shirt closed. He feels lower, unbuttoning each button slowly until none remain. He loves to watch the emotions parade through her expressive eyes as he slowly opens the dress shirt wide, exposing her luscious body to him. Without breaking their passion-fueled visual connection, he moves his hands lower slowly, grasping her bare ass and not so gently pulls her body forward to the edge of the stool, bringing her now naked core hard against his straining erection, the fabric of his jeans the only thing separating them.

Markus has returned to The Punishment Pit to collect his wife so they can fight for their marriage.  Brianna isn’t the only one who’s been keeping secrets and Markus has to come clean if they are going to repair the damage their secrets have already caused.  How will the new disclosures change their marriage and will they be able to recover or is divorce their only option?

Lukus and Tiffany are both fighting the attraction they have for each other.  Starting at opposite ends of the BDSM experience continuum, neither is sure they are going to be able to bend enough to meet in the middle and both are smart enough to know a compromise will be the only path forward if they want a future together. 

Securing it All explores the delicate balance of dominance and submission as well as the importance of trust and communication within D/s relationships with a story that features believable characters along with explicit, no-holds-barred acts of sexual dominance and submission, as well as domestic discipline.

In one extraordinary weekend, four best friends are thrown into circumstances that force them to open old wounds and dig deep to discover what they really need to make them happy in life.  If you're looking for a book featuring an explicit, intimate, and heartfelt look into the physical and psychological attraction of BDSM, this is a book you must put on your reading list.

Securing it All is the second book in Livia Grant’s Passion Series.  Check out Wanting it All, book one, for the start of their story.

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Roz said...

Thank you Natasha and and Livia for sharing. Congratulations Livia on the new release! Loved the excerpt! Think I'm crushing on Lukus lol


Livia Grant said...

Thanks so much for hosting me today, Natasha. And thanks for stopping by, Roz. Lukus is definitely crush worthy! ~Livia