Thursday, September 11, 2014

#Spankings, Bottoms, Savages and Censorship at Behind the Chintz Curtain

I was invited to have a peek behind the Chintz Curtain today... And Silas got stick-figured by Jane, the ultra talented lady who runs the show over there.

Actually Jane is interviewing me about Given to the Savage, darker erotica, consent vs. non-consent, anal sex, censorship and other (mostly naughty) things... Come check it out...Oh, there's an announcement too of something I've been keeping secret for a while...

Behind the Chintz Curtain


Sheri Savill said...

I got stick-figures from Jane a long time ago, too. She is really missing the boat with that talent. She writes, takes beautiful photos. But JANE you also need to be putting those stick figures in a beautiful "coffee table book" or something. Trust me Jane, I am bestselling author SHERI SAVILL. I know what sells. Snort.