Monday, September 8, 2014

In the Palace of Lazar by Alta Hensley

There's something about a harem setting that will always intrigue me. I still remember some of the scenes from movies I've seen (and there aren't enough of them) and books I've read and visiting the Sultan's harem in Istanbul, I wished I could have seen in back in the day when it was alive with activity. When Alta Hensley shared the cover and blurb for her new book, In The Palace of Lazar, I was hooked. It's available on pre-order on Amazon now and will be released on September 13th. For now, she's teasing us with a little excerpt...
* * * *
Donte gave a quick nod. "I understand that. But when I told you to eat all your meals, I was not asking. I was telling." He walked over to the table and pulled out the chair and sat.
Briar wrung her hands in front of her nude body. "I'm sorry. I'll make sure not to waste again."
Donte gave another quick nod. "Yes, you will." He patted his lap. "Come over here and lay across my knee."
Briar almost gasped. Her heart beat so hard it actually hurt. She didn't hesitate, but every step seemed as if she were walking through quicksand. She had a pretty good idea what he intended to do. A spanking? Was he actually going to spank her?
She stood before him and did as he asked without being told again. She would never question Donte, for he held her future in his hands. The cotton of his pants, the firmness of his thigh, the short distance from her nose to the ground, all reminded her of the precarious position she was in.
"Once again, you surprise me, Briar. You did not resist my order. Because of that, I will not spank you for as long, or as hard, as I was intending to."
Before she could reply, a stinging swat to her behind took her by surprise. She couldn't help but gasp. Another swat, then another, and another.
"We are strict with the harem, or they will rule us instead of us ruling them. When I tell you to do something, whether it is a command or a request, you are to do exactly as I say."
Her whole body jumped when his palm cracked across her bottom. She could feel the breadth of his palm, the stretch of his fingers—his hand was so large it nearly covered both her cheeks entirely and imparted such a sting that try though she did to hold herself obedient and still, there was just no way.
"You traveled a great distance to get here."
His spanking as ruthless as his scolding, he slapped her bottom again and her legs kicked, an involuntary jerk that snapped her feet up off the floor and sent shockwaves radiating through her flanks.
"You almost died."
As the spanking continued, heat bloomed under her skin, inflaming everywhere his hard and capable hand met her flesh. "I do not want you spending your first few days in the infirmary. It is important that you take your health seriously."
He continued to pepper her backside rapidly. Briar did her best to squeeze her eyes shut, clench her teeth, and take the punishment like a good girl. But after the tenth spank, she couldn't help but yelp and wiggle with each continued slap. Her backside reminded her of the hot sands of the desert.
Just as she thought she couldn't take it any longer, and was about to scream for mercy, he stopped the spanking.
"Stand up. The punishment is done."
She quickly stood, feeling a little dizzy at first. She wanted to rub her bottom, but thought better of it. Donte's expression made it clear he meant business.
He stood up and gently placed a fingertip between the folds of her pussy. Removing his moist finger, he smiled in satisfaction. "Your arousal pleases me."
The heat burning Briar's face almost matched the heat on her ass. She couldn't resist looking down at her feet. She could hear him walk over to one of the ornately carved dressers. She glanced up in curiosity. He pulled out a long piece of silk fabric the color of the sunset.
"Go ahead and put this sarong on. At times you will be expected to be nude, and at times you will not. For now, you may get dressed."
Briar reached for the fabric, unsure what to do with it. There were no holes or buttons. Feeling Donte's stare, she quickly decided to wrap it around her like a bath towel and tucked it in at the top.
Donte chuckled. "Here, let me help you." He twisted the material a few times, and expertly draped it around her body. "The girls of the harem will help you with the different ways you can wear this, but for now, I think this will do."
She turned so she was looking in the mirror. Donte had somehow made her look like she was wearing an exceptionally sewn gown. "I can't believe you did this. It's so beautiful."
He placed his hand on her lower back, as he had yesterday, and ushered her toward the door. "It is time we introduce you to the harem."

* * Blurb * * 

Small communes are scattered throughout the desert planet. Pods of civilization struggle to survive on the precious, fertile land. Desert inhabitants live in these communes, surviving off whatever resources the small community possesses, but no commune can measure to the Palace of Lazar. Stories of sex, lust, forbidden acts, and a society wrapped around taboo are told among other communes. The four brothers that rule Lazar are known for their insatiable tastes and their women that cater to it all. The Palace of Lazar is not just a commune. It is a harem.
For Briar Hope, the palace offered more. The wonder of the harem and the four brothers haunted her dreams. Briar wanted to see it, live it, feel it, and submit to it. The world of submission called to her very soul. She wanted to end her life as a desert nomad, to exchange it for the promise of the harem's song.
In a world where only the strong survive, can Briar allow the submission required to be part of the harem? Is it possible to find strength in surrender?


Trent Evans said...

Congratulations, Alta! I love the premise here of harems in a scifi setting. Fascinating. Thank you for sharing that very hot snippet too!

Roz said...

Congratulations on the upcoming release Alta! I love the sound of this. Wonderful hot snippet.


Pooky said...

I can't wait for this one. It looks hot!

Natasha Knight said...
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Natasha Knight said...

Alta is having some trouble commenting here but she is reading your comments! We'll see if we can get it figured out soon!

Alta Hensley said...

Thanks so much, Roz. I am so excited for this one!

Alta Hensley said...

I got it working. :)

Alta Hensley said...

I love the setting too, Trent. So much so, that I have already started book 2. I like the setting better than any of my other books.

Alta Hensley said...

I hope you like it. It's so different than my other work, but I hope people love the story as much as I do.

Livia Grant said...

I just love this cover and the story sounds great. Looking forward to reading this one, Alta!