Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Unbind My Heart: Guest Post by Maddie Taylor

Maddie Taylor and I have swapped blogs today! She's here with a little something naughty from Unbind My heart, Book 4 of the hot hot hot Club Decadence series and I'm at her place with a little something naughty from Taming Naia. First the blurb, then the naughty bit. Enjoy... 


Unlucky in love and gun-shy after the epic failure that was her marriage, Lexie Berry is looking for nothing more than a girl’s night out as she joins her friends for drinks and good music at Club Decadence.  She didn’t plan on sexy Master Jonas capturing her eye and sparking more than her interest.  He’s a Dom though, and she hasn’t had sex in six years, not since her ex-husband violently attacked her in a drunken rage.  But Jonas is tall, ripped and handsome.  He’s also an expert at rope bondage, her guilty fantasy that she’s kept secret for years.  In fact, he teaches classes in Shibari at his new MMA studio and asks her to be his model.  Can Lexie move beyond her traumatic past and be brave enough to explore with Jonas?  Can he be the one to earn her trust and help her break free from the bonds of her constricted and wounded heart?


Jonas noticed the distant look in Lexie’s eyes, her parted lips and the shallow rise and fall of her chest, her breathing a bit erratic.  She looked like . . .  Pausing, he questioned his assessment—surely not this soon.  Still, he’d seen a sub flying before, and if she wasn’t there, she was close.  A rare occurrence with a simple breast tie, with no kissing or caressing, no nipple or clitoral stimulation, no spanking, flogging or impact whatsoever, only simple touches and softly spoken words.  Damn.  She was perfect. 
“Next, we’ll add a simple wrist restraint.”  He turned Lexie’s back to the audience, providing them with a clear view of his technique.  “This position will arch the back and display the breasts even more prominently.  If you add a hair restraint, you immobilize the head and expose the vulnerable throat.  We’ll get to that in future sessions.” 
Moving behind her, Jonas presented his back to the class.  His body was responding to Lexie’s arousal, and his cock was fully erect.  He was fortunate the tie required that he stand behind her because it helped hide the noticeable hard-on he was sporting.  As he prepared the next length of rope, he angled his head to speak softly in her ear.  “Lexie, are you still with me?”
“Yes, Sir.”  Her voice was husky and low.  The throaty sound sent a frisson of excitement through his system, causing his balls to draw up tight against his body.  Exercise some control for God’s sake, Mitchell.  But all the scolding and cursing in the world wasn’t going to alleviate his condition.  He wanted her, and soon his entire class would know it. 

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Roz said...

OMG, this was sizzling! I need a cold shower now lol. Thank you ladies :)


Roz said...

I visitef Maddie's blog but had trouble leaving a comment. Dang Natasha, that is one hot snippet! You are such a tease :)

Casey McKay said...

Mmm, I always think that rope bondage stuff sounds hot. And here, I think I married the only Eagle Scout in the world who can't tie knots...

Hot excerpt, looks like a good one, Maddie!

Tara Finnegan said...

Another hottie for the Club Decadence series, by the look of it. Yummy excerpt.

Maddie Taylor said...

Thanks for trying Roz! You get points for perserverance. I got other comments so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Maddie Taylor said...

You know how to get him good at knots? Practice, practice, practice! Makes it fun for you! But have a pair of scissors handy until he gets the hang of it.

Maddie Taylor said...

Thanks, Tara. Onward to Book 5!