Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Russell Corner by DJ Black

Some months back, I discovered a site called A Voice in the Corner. It was probably via Bonnie's blog that I got to it which is how I discovered the majority of spanking blogs. It's a site run by DJ Black whom I did not know at the time. For me, it always takes a bit of hanging about and watching before I collect the courage to connect, and so I did just that, I lurked about for a while, read and read DJ's stories, enjoyed the photos and finally, just about a month ago, sent DJ an e-mail to say hello. Does everyone get nervous when they send those first e-mails or is it just me? 

Well, we got to talking and swapped books and all I can say is oh my... First, just want to say again that if you have not visited this site, go (follow the handy link above). DJ writes beautifully and any spanko will appreciate the visual accompaniments. But at this moment, I wanted to mention one of DJ's books, The Russell Corner. This book contains several short stories that DJ manages to take us through leaving us at just the right moment (or the wrong moment, depending...) to carry us to the next. The focus of this book is discipline at home, at work, at school and I've read a lot of spanking fiction but this book was unique and stood out in that the punishments were long and drawn out and the humiliation that goes with them doubly so. I'll leave you with a little snippet of the book here...

The office was sound proof and opaque from the outer office. Pippa unable to concentrate on work was only able to listen via her dictaphone headphones which were discreetly plugged into the intercom.

She absolutely loved it when Rachel or Mel were being punished. She had been wet since she had first caught sight of Rachel with her nose to the wall that morning. It was a shame she could not watch the main event.

Pippa squeezed her thighs together in time to the spanks on Rachel’s bottom. One swat every two seconds as Rachel, who knew better than to beg, kept sobbing that she was sorry.

Mel had almost forgotten Rachel’s ordeal. It had happened far too often since she had joined Catherine’s team at the tender age of 18. Also she had far too much to do and was far too wise to ever attempt anything as dangerous as Pippa’s game. Not that she did not enjoy seeing Rachel brought down a peg or two every now and then.

However, all too often it was Mel herself who was bare-bottomed and facing the wall.

She had begun, like Rachel as the office assistant. After a childhood in care, Catherine was the first person who had really ever seen her potential. There had been no show of false or transitory affection, she had had enough of that from various care home staff. Instead Catherine had provided tough love to cure her reckless and self-destructive behaviour and pulled her back from the brink. Raven Developments was her home.


The spanking had continued for over 15 minutes now. As Catherine explained, she did not like the way Rachel had tried to make excuses. If it had been after hours she would have continued for another 15 and then sent Rachel to the corner to await a second installment. As it was if she didn’t stop now Rachel would unable to work effectively for the rest of the day. She finished Rachel of with one last rapid 30 second volley that left her now swollen bottom with purplish and blood red bruises on the crowns and rubbery welts either side of her cleft.

Catherine waited a few moments for the worst of the sobbing to subside then explained to Rachel about the rest of her planned punishment.

Rachel quailed at the prospect of a return visit after work, but she had expected it.
“You may leave your jacket off, but I want you stand and face the wall outside as you are until I give permission to go back to your desk where you may stand.”

After Rachel’s bare bottom was back in its place facing the wall, Catherine mused over a list of managers she could reasonably invite up at short notice. One of the more discreet men and young Maddy of course. It was time to set an example. 


Megan Michaels said...

OMG thank you for my morning wake up! That was hot.

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Thanks, I took your advice and went to visit his sight. It is now on my blog roll. Thank you

Melody Parks said...

Thank you for sharing the link to A voice in the corner. Wow... there's some really good stuff there Natasha. I'll be adding it to my blog roll as well :-)

Roz said...

Wow Natasha, hot excerpt! Thank you for sharing the link. Will go visitv:)


DJ said...

Thank you Natasha for your kind words and I am glad that your readers here liked it to.

All the best

DJ Black