Friday, July 11, 2014

Preparing Naia for her First #Spanking

Today I'd like to share a snippet from my new spanking erotic romance, Taming Naia, continuing from the first spanking Liam gives Naia. It's been ten years since she told the lie that cost him his job. She's had a week to think on his proposal (See yesterday's post if you missed it) and he's now here, in her hotel suite and they're about to begin and he's asked her what she's feeling...

* * * *

“What are you feeling?” he asked, coming closer, his hands on her arms squeezing gently. That gentle, reassuring touch was her undoing. 

Her eyes grew wide and she knew she’d be able to hide nothing from him. “Scared and nervous,” Naia said. 

“Both normal. But what exactly are you scared of?” Liam asked. 

 “That it will hurt,” she began. She glanced away, then back. “And that it will be embarrassing.” That was maybe even more prominent than her fear of the pain. 

“But you’re not afraid of me, are you, Naia?” he asked, another tender squeeze, no teasing either in his expression or his tone. 

He’d called her Naia like he used to. Something just felt good about that. 

“No, I’m not afraid of you, professor.” She too was dead serious. 

 “Do you trust me?” 

“I do, sir.” 

His expression changed, softened. He looked at her a little like he used to back at school. “I will give you the punishment you need, Naia, but I won’t do you any harm, do you understand?” 

Tears sprung to her eyes and she nodded. Something about this man forced the real Naia to come to the surface every time. It was as though, even back at school, they danced along this fine line and every time, every single time, there she would be, exposed to him, no matter what. 

He studied her for a long moment and she stood just able to hold his gaze. He then released her and walked to the window over the desk and pulled the curtains closed. He cleared the few promotional items the hotel had left off the desk and turned back to her. Taking off his jacket, he rolled up his sleeves to reveal thick forearms dusted with dark hair. Naia remembered that he had looked like that when he had taught, his jacket always on the back of his chair, his sleeves rolled up, big hands holding chalk, gesturing as he spoke. But he looked different as he stood here today. He looked so much the dominant, the one with absolute control.

“Come here, Naia.” 

She walked slowly to him. Her heart raced and tears slid down her face. He reached out and brushed one of them away. “You’re safe,” he said. 

She nodded, but the tears didn’t stop. The opposite in fact. “I know.” 

“Are you wearing panties?” 

Oh, god. “Yes, sir.” 

“Bend over the desk, please.”

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Roz said...

Loved this Natasha! I loved how reassuring he was and how he brushed away one of her tears.


Jaye Peaches said...

Lovely and sensual.

Katherine Deane said...

Mmm, I love him!!