Wednesday, July 16, 2014

OTK Spanking or OTD Spanking? An Unpublished #Spanking Scene

Did I just make up OTD or do others use that term? It's Over the Desk just in case...

Taming Naia was originally released as Naia and the Professor. I wrote it over a year ago and during the revision phase, I went back and forth with whether or not I should change the first spanking scene, which is an over the desk spanking, to an over the knee spanking scene. Back when I was originally writing it, I had decided I definitely preferred over the desk spankings - maybe for the disciplinary piece? I'm not really sure. I had told a friend about my preference for OTD and she'd said something like 'hm…let me know when OTK and hand becomes your preference.' Of course I thought 'yeah ok…' but nope, I was an OTD girl.

Well, here I am now having changed my tune. There's something very tender and intimate in an OTK/hand spanking that can't be matched  otherwise. Who knows what I'll be thinking six months from now, but here's a piece that's not in the book. It's what would have been had I chosen the OTK replacement scene. Think of it like one of those books where the reader chooses - so as if there were an OTD vs an OTK door (remember those choose your adventure novels?). The book kept the original OTD scene but here's a little extra OTK for you…

* * * 

“Come here, Naia.”
She walked slowly to him. Her heart raced and tears slid down her face. He reached out and brushed one of them away.
“You’re safe,” he said.

She nodded, but the tears didn’t stop. The opposite in fact. “I know.”
Liam leaned his torso back and gestured toward his lap. "Lay across my lap."
Naia's heart beat hard and fast, the sound of it drumming in her ears. Emotions collided within her, the will to resist, the surety of what was to come, her own submission, her utter arousal at that submission.

Slowly, she leaned forward, placing her hands on one of this thighs, trying to lower herself  gracefully over his lap. But there was no dignified way to do this, there was no dignity in it at all. That was part of the deal, part of what had her pussy throbbing with arousal as her mind battled the humiliation of her position.

Liam's hand was on her then, pushing her gently forward so her belly lay against his thighs. "Hands and feet remain on the floor throughout your spanking," he said.

She placed the flat of both palms and her feet on the floor. Liam's large hand rested on her back, caressing, moving lower slowly over her buttocks, the pads of his fingers just touching the backs of her naked thighs as he slowly pulled her skirt up over her bottom.

Naia reached back then to clasp his hands, halting them. She looked over her shoulder to meet his gaze. "Not bare, Sir. Please not bare."

"But Naia, wasn't that part of what you claimed I did? Didn't I bare your bottom for your spanking?"

She groaned.

"Hands on the floor. If I have to bind you, you'll take double the strokes."

She moved her hands reluctantly back to the floor but he must not have trusted her to keep her feet where they were because in the next instant, he had draped one of his legs over hers, trapping her with one hand on her waist as he lifted the skirt up with other.

"Very pretty," he said, his big hand caressing her bottom. "But we're not quite bare yet, are we, Naia?" he said, his voice taunting as he placed his fingers just into the waistband of her panties and slowly, ever so slowly, dragged them down over her bottom, down past the tops of her thighs and brought them to her knees.

"There," he said, turning circles over the rounded cheeks, pulling them apart just slightly, just enough that she knew that nothing was hidden from his sight. "One last thing and we can get started," he said, his fingers scratching up over the crease between buttocks and thigh, causing her to clench, which earned her a quick, sharp slap of his hand. "Don't clench. In fact, that's the one thing. Push your bottom out to me, Naia. Push it out and take your spanking."


Megan Michaels said...

Uhm...think I'll pass on over the door. :/. Over the desk is fun to read, but in real life, I want over the knee or over the bed OTB. Mmmm. Reclaiming OTB!!! Lol. Nice snippet lady!

Roz said...

Ooh, such a yummy snippet Natasha. Great visual and hot!


Aubrey Cara said...

This one's hard. IRL I'm an over the desk, over the bed type of girl, but for some reason I love reading OTK spankings. Great scene :)

Casey McKay said...

I love to read over the knee! But I actually think this scene as OTD works better. It is more impersonal and Liam is sort of being a jerk and wouldn't give Naia the comfort of holding her close.
Either way it's hot!

Natasha Knight said...

I like OTB. I think we should just start using OT whatever and let people try to figure out what we're saying!!

Natasha Knight said...

Thanks Roz!!

Natasha Knight said...

I love it all, obviously... :) Dirty minds...wait, I meant great minds think alike...

Natasha Knight said...

You know, you're right! I'm glad I kept it as I did because of the circumstances and hey, it's never work to write a spanking scene, is it?

Melody Parks said...

I must agree with the intimacy of an OTK spanking and this one is hot.
I need to add your book to my TBR list.. When Liam said "Hands on the floor. If I have to bind you, you'll take double the strokes." I was like, 'oh, yeah. Need to learn more about Liam' ヅ

Cara Bristol said...

Hot. Her submissiveness is so evident in this scene. Nice "outtake."

Holla Dean said...

Great snippet! I prefer the OTD for a first disciplinary spanking. OTK could be a little too intimate, especially if they haven't been intimate yet. My last book, Spank Her So Good, has a OTKI scene for the first spanking. That stands for Over the Kitchen Island. I guess it could also be OTC for Over the Countertop. LOL

Katherine Deane said...

Mmm, Natasha! Hot scene!
I love reading about OTK's, especial non-consensual, hootin and hollerin, kicking and screaming... mmmm!

But IRL, I'll take anything I can get.
It's all good :)

Maren Smith said...

Oh my God, that's a HOT line to go out on! I love the deleted scene!

Tara Finnegan said...

OMG, another of those situations where I'm just dying to shove Naia out of the way and take my turn. That was scorching. I love Liam.