Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Caned in Public: Punishment #Spanking from Taming Naia

Thank you to Melody Parks for starting our new Wednesday Blog Hop, WIP it up! I've been cheeky and asked her if she'd be ok with opening it up to published works as well and she's been kind enough to give it a go so here I am. 

This is piece from Taming Naia which was released about two weeks ago. In this scene, Naia and Liam are watching a sub be punished by her Dom at the club. The girl is about to be caned and she's been prepared - having been bent over a bench and bound, her bottom bared for all to see. She's also had a microphone attached so this will be a very public punishment. This is Naia's first time witnessing something like this and the effect is very different than she ever imagined. Liam and Naia are watching from his office unobserved...

* * * *

“He’s asking her permission now,” Liam said. “It’s about to begin. Are you ready?”

The girl nodded as did Naia.
The man stepped back and to the side so the crowd had a good view of the girl’s waiting

bottom. With his hand, he slapped both cheeks several times, the sound crisp in the otherwise quiet room. Once satisfied with the soft pink hue, he measured the placement of the cane, tapped it several times against her, then raised his arm. Naia wondered what the cane would feel like against her own backside and braced herself as it came down on the girl’s tender flesh. The girl expelled a breath and her body would have been catapulted forward but for the bench. She counted the first stroke into the microphone. Naia swallowed.
Another stroke landed on the girl’s trembling cheeks. Naia closed her eyes for an instant, imagining it was she up on the stage, being watched as if she herself were being publically punished.
The crowd remained hushed, watching, listening. Each stroke was followed by the girl’s forced exhale, a grunt, and as the punishment proceeded, a more pained noise. As she counted, the microphone amplified every breath, every moan, every sound from her lips, and Naia found herself mentally saying the numbers along with the girl, not wanting it to stop.
The willing captive counted as her bottom was striped with red welts. The difference between the force of the strokes was palpable as she neared the end and the man brought the cane down harder. It was incredible, the sound of the cane moving through the air followed by the sound she made, the silence of the crowd followed by the faintest of exhales. Naia closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the sound of the girl’s shallow, quick breath in time with her own.
Sooner than Naia wanted her to, she called out the final number. The public punishment was at an end and, as if the crowd had also been holding its breath for the duration, there was one moment of complete stillness before the joint exhale. 


Roz said...

Loved this Natasha. Very hot and wonderfully descriptive!


Tara Finnegan said...

I love the onlooker perspective, how each little detail is described...and yet Naia is also imagining how it would feel. You grab us visually and emotionally. Wonderful.

Shelly Douglas said...

Whew! I felt like I was the one watching ... not that I wanted to ... I almost looked away. lol.

christinamandara said...

Lovely build up to an impressive and almost climatic caning scene... Naia is enjoying herself a little too much :)

Casey McKay said...

Naia wasn't ready for it to end... I love that! Loved this scene :)

Melody Parks said...

Out of all the spanking implements and tools. I admit. The cane does something to me that nothing else does. The sound it makes whirring through the air with that immediate 'Crack' right behind it. The puffy little red welts it leaves in its wake and the sexy pleas of mercy from the willing participant.
I think Niai really enjoyed watching this--as did I. I wonder if she'll be brave enough to give it a try with Liam :-)
Sexy, Natasha... very sexy!

Kathryn R. Blake said...

I'm with Shelly on this. I read the scene with fascination, thinking all the while that I should not be a participant in watching something I would personally abhor, which I guess made me an unwilling participant as opposed to Naia, who seemed quite willing and ready to observe the proceedings. And yet, I couldn't look away. Wonderfully descriptive, Natasha. I think what I like best is that the caner asked for the woman's permission first, and in a way Liam did, too. Though I can't help but wonder what he would have said or done if Naia admitted she wasn't ready to watch something like this. Would he have escorted her away, or secured her in the reassuring restraint of his arms as he insisted she remain, watch and learn? Gives one pause.

Maddie Taylor said...

Oh my! What could she have done to earn the cane and all those red stripes? It must have been something very naughty. Makes me wonder... Thanks Natasha for sparking my imagination.

Joelle Casteel said...

lovely scene :) the scenes that function on two levels are great :)

Laurel Lasky said...

Great descriptive scene. I read NAIA and the Professor and recently bought Taming Naia. I enjoyed the first and am sure to enjoy the remake.
Big hugs,