Monday, June 30, 2014

Z is for Zombies #a2zspanks

If you're keeping track, you'll know I've missed a few letters in the A to Z Blog Hop Challenge by Spanking Romance and Celeste Jones. But today is June 30th (where did the month go by the way) and as it's the last day of the hop, I do want to do one final post. 

Z is for Zombies. What author do you know who can take an idea like zombies and turn it into a spanking romance full of humor, of love reunited, of an ancient curse and do it well? That would be my friend Casey McKay. First, I should clarify that the zombies do not actually spank or get spanked. It's the heroine, whom I see as a very clear expression of the author, who is getting all the spanking fun. Oh, and there's a figging scene... 

If you haven't read it yet, I most definitely recommend Cursed Waters. The titles gives nothing away so here's a little peek at what's inside. I think this snippet of the figging scene wraps up nicely what this book is full of - characters with personality and humor, a touch of reality combined with the unreality of saving the world from zombies - all while rekindling an old romance! I hope I said that well. Here's the snippet. 

* * * *

“Trust me,” Trevor told her and brought his head down to kiss her hard on the mouth. “Now bend over, don't make me tell you again.”

Roxy gave one last look to the carved piece of ginger root and folded herself back over the end of the bed with a renewed anticipation. He instructed her to put her hand back between her legs and to continue pleasuring herself. Roxy would have been embarrassed but she was still too stunned at the turn of events.

As she worked her fingers along her folds, building her need into a frenzy, Trevor parted her cheeks again. The ginger was cold and hard, nudging to gain entry. He cooed soothing words at her, telling her to relax. He finally pushed it in, pushing past the tightness and she shifted her hips back into him as her orgasm rocked her. She cried out in ecstasy, riding the waves as Trevor manipulated the ginger in her ass.

As she came down from her high Roxy panted into the bed.

“Now that we got that in, it's time to address your disrespect,” Trevor said as he pulled her to stand up.

Roxy glanced around him at the clock. “We should start getting ready, we don't have a lot of time,” she replied, she couldn't be late in saving the world from zombies after all.

Trevor gave her a hard look, “We have plenty of time, and we aren't finished,” he answered, a hint of annoyance in his voice. He gestured towards the floor where his jeans were crumpled up. “Get my belt and bring it here.”

Roxy could only look back at him, she was paralyzed to the spot. Trevor gave her a nudge, “Now, Roxy.”

She crossed the room on shaky legs, her orgasm had took a lot out of her. She was all too aware of the ginger root lodged inside of her, she felt it shift as she walked. Roxy could feel Trevor's eyes on her as she bent to retrieve his belt. Her face was hot with embarrassment by the time she crossed back towards the bed to hand him his belt.

Trevor tossed it down on the bed and held her face in both hands. “These cheeks are almost as red as the other ones,” he remarked, and she felt her face get hot again. He gave her a quick kiss and piled two pillows on top of each other. Then he guided her across them. She felt completely vulnerable, her ass sticking up higher than the rest of her, served up to him for whatever he may wish to do. The thought scared her and turned her on all at once.

Trevor pressed down on the ginger, causing a slight heat to emit throughout her. “How does it feel?” he questioned, “Does it feel like it's getting hot yet?”

“A little,” she answered honestly, hoping it didn't turn into an unbearable burning. Roxy could barely feel the heat right now.

“I think it takes a while to heat up,” he replied. “Maybe I should make you keep it in when we go out.”

She jerked her head up to look at him and he laughed at her reaction. “I was kidding,” he reassured, then moved to pick up the belt, “but I wasn't kidding about this.”


Cara Bristol said...

Of COURSE, Z is for Zombie! I can see where you would not want to spank a zombie. I won't say it, but will just let you all think about it...

Sexy scene. Nicely written.

Casey McKay said...

Thanks for the sweet words Natasha :)

And thanks Cara! Roxy and Trevor are my favorite couple.

Roz said...

Congratulations on completing the challenge Natasha, and thank you. I enjoyed your posts :)

Wonderful excerpt Casey, loved this! Very sexy ... and hot!