Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Her Rogue Knight:Spanked in the Pillory #Spanking A-Z Blog Hop Challenge #dungeoncrawl

Welcome to Romancing the Kink's Dungeon Crawl and another edition of Celeste Jones' and Spanking Romance Reviews Spanking A-Z Blog Hop Challenge. That was a mouth full! Today, I'm sharing  a rather harsh punishment scene from Her Rogue Knight (K for the challenge) as I haven't really featured this book much in a while. It's a story I love and I hope you'll enjoy this scene...

* * * *

“Oh, Sir William! I’m so happy to see you,” she began. “How did you find me?” she asked, watching his face as he approached her. His unsmiling face.

Without a word, he set his sword down against a nearby post and came to inspect her hands, her wrists, her neck.

“If you’ll lift it off, I can move again. This is the worst thing… what are you doing?” she asked when he went behind her.

“You could have been killed,” he said, his voice tightly controlled. “And have you considered what you have cost your sister?”

She gasped when in the next instant, he raised the back of both her dress and her shift high and tucked them inside the neck of her corset.

“What are you doing?” she asked again, her voice quiet, unable to turn her head to see. She now stood trapped in the pillory, that alone humiliating enough, but with her back bared—her bottom bared—she felt absolutely undone.

“Do you have any idea what your stubborn actions could have cost?” he asked.

She heard the sound of him releasing his sword belt.

“Sir William!” she yelled, her skin prickling with the realization of what he was about to do. “No, please!”

She hadn’t even processed the sound before leather burned its mark on the flesh of her bottom, the lash wrapping painfully around her hip. Gemma screamed with the stroke, trying to free herself but unable to.

“What will it take?” he began, striking again.

“Please!” she begged when the next one seared her bottom.

“For you to learn,” he continued, ignoring her cries altogether as he lashed her again and again. The next two lashed against her sit spots. Although the leather just touched her sex, the sting of it was so painful on so sensitive a spot that she felt as though she would pass out.

But she did not as he laid another six out, these on the backs of her thighs.

Gemma screamed with each stroke, and it was her only outlet since she was unable to move, trapped as she was. Her voice came out strange, uneven as she gave herself over to her punishment.

“What will it take for you to learn to obey?” These next six were the worst of all and Gemma’s body sagged forward. Each stroke came fast on the heels of the last, so she had not a moment’s reprieve.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. Please stop, Sir William! Please stop!”

“Six more.”

“No! Please no!”

He paused for a moment and came up close behind her. His face touched hers as his hand gripped one buttock hard. She flinched and gasped, clenching her bottom tight.

“Do you have any idea how those men would have used you?” he asked, his voice a menacing whisper. “Do you know what they would have done to a girl like you?” He now gripped both buttocks, pulling them apart, his fingers finding her sex.

“Please don’t!” She stilled, tears streaming from her eyes.

“Do you know what they would have done to you here?” he asked, his breath again on her neck, her ear. His fingers touched the opening of her sex, then his thumb and forefinger found her nub. He rubbed.

She gasped, her eyes going wide, her body perfectly still. This sensation was new and very different to what he’d just subjected her to.

“Or here?” he asked, and just as she began to relax into him, he released her clit and his fingers traveled up the cleft between her buttocks to her bottom hole.

At that, her breath stopped. His fingers were slick with her juices, and she felt the pressure against that most private entrance.

“Think of all the ways they could have had you,” he said as he circled her anus with his thick finger, pressing against it. “All while you were trapped here, naked, bound, at their mercy.”

He pushed and circled, and the sensation was stranger and more confusing than she could have imagined. But when his finger penetrated the tight ring, she clenched her cheeks as tight as she could. Sir William made a sound when she did this, and with his other hand, he forced her open.

“Please, sir,” she begged quietly, unsure what exactly she was begging for, grateful for the moment that he could not see her face.

He pushed his finger deeper into her hole, and once it was fully in, he pressed his body against her back. “But they wouldn’t have used their fingers,” he said. She understood as his hardened cock pushed against her low back through his pants. “They would have made you their whore, Gemma,” he said, slowly pulling his finger out before thrusting it back inside hard.

She gasped again. “Please,” she begged again.

He held it there, gripping her hip with one hand as he pressed as deep as his middle finger would go. 

He pulled her backwards slightly with his finger still buried inside her.

She whimpered in shame.

“You will take your next six, and you will count each one. Once I’m finished whipping you, you will thank me. And if you ever, ever disobey me again, you’ll have something bigger than my finger inside your bottom. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered quickly, her voice quivering.

“Good,” he said, pulling his finger out slowly, the sensation of pain mixing with the tiniest hint of an unfamiliar arousal. But that was finished when he resumed his position to continue with her whipping.

Gemma braced herself...


Alice said...

I love this scene!

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Thank you Alice!

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Oh my, seriously hot scene ... loved it! :)


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*Squeals* Oh I love anal play. And in this case it's even hotter because she's never had so much as finger in her most private spot before. I can just imagine the look on her face.
Very HOT scene, Natasha. TY ヅ

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Dear. Lord. That's just smokin'...

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