Thursday, June 5, 2014

Endorsing and Supporting Emotionally: #Spanking A-Z Challenge with Megan Michaels

I invited Megan Michaels over to my blog today with her brand new release, What Naughty Little Girls Get. I expected a promo post as today marks the debut of her first book, but look what she wrote! Here she is:

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Dictionary definition for Endorsing: giving your support, approval and backing. I want to thank Natasha for “endorsing” my first novel and recommending a publisher to me. She has been E=Emotionally supportive as well. There were many days that I needed to be “propped up” and she has been invaluable to me.
It is amazing to me that you can form such a close, strong, and trusting relationship with someone that you have never met. We have shared tears of joy, frustration, sadness and laughter together. 
Thank you Natasha for having me on today! As you know it is my very first Release Day for my very first book!! It is so exciting! What Naughty Little Girls Get will be released today and I will put the links in the comment section when I am notified. For now, here's a brief scene from the book:
To set it up, Meggie and Molly went out  for a two-for-one Margarita night. Upon her return home, Meggie lied to Daddy Michael and told him she was dress shopping. So Meggie is punished for lying with the Lying Paddle and gets the belt for drinking and driving.
While she was standing, he slowly pulled her panties down just past her bottom sliding his finger down the cleft of her bottom and through the folds of her sex.
He whispered in her ear with a raspy, sexy voice, “Look at the naughty girl standing with her nightie up to her waist and her panties just under her disobedient fanny. Look at all the juices that naughty girl has in her little pussy. What a bad little girl she is.”
She shivered. God, how she loved when he talked like this. Her body always betrayed her. She was petrified of the Lying Paddle and getting a spanking was always at the bottom of her list of things to do. Yet, she was so aroused, her panties were soaking wet. He gently pushed her over the arm of the couch, then took her damp panties the rest of the way down her legs and placed them in front of her saying, “While you are getting spanked for lying, you can look at your panties and know that if you had been a good girl you could have kept your panties on.” 
She moaned, the musky scent of her arousal filling the air. She smelled herself on her panties. It was all just so humiliating. He then spread her legs apart and she knew he could see her pussy.
“Tell me, Meggie Mine, why you are getting the Lying Paddle.”
“Because I lied Daddy. I told you I was shopping when I was at Josie’s. I didn’t tell you I was with Molly and I didn’t call you. I drank and drove home. And when Brad called, I told you I didn’t know why he was calling.”
“Very good, Kitten. You will be getting forty with the paddle. You will not try to cover your bottom with your feet or hands. You are not allowed to swear or scream. Do you understand?”
“Yes Daddy. Daddy?”
“Yes, Meggie Mine”
“I am sorry."
“I am sorry too, sweetie. I don’t want to do this. But this lying must stop. I intend to make you remember this paddling for a while.”

When Molly and Meggie are together, they always get into trouble—which means they always get spanked—and after they decide to meet for two-for-one margarita night at the local bar without notifying their husbands, Brad and Michael, they know they are in big trouble. Once the girls get home they are soundly spanked and sent to bed, but the next day Molly and Meggie are shocked to learn their husbands plan to punish them again—together this time—and this punishment will be much more embarrassing than just a spanking.
Although the women thrive on the love, care, and discipline their husbands give them, they still can’t seem to behave, which means Brad and Michael will have to keep on reminding them what naughty little girls get.
Publisher’s Note: What Naughty Little Girls Get is an erotic novella that contains spankings, age play, graphic sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Megan Michaels said...

Thank you for having me over Natasha!!

Tara Finnegan said...

Oh my goodness, I really shouldn't have come over here so early in the morning. Hot Hot Hot. I will definitely be clicking on that link. Congratulations on your release, Megan. And thank you for sharing an excerpt here, Natasha.

PK Corey said...

I agree Tara, I'm going to have to start reading in the afternoon. Great job Megan, thanks for having here over Natasha.

Ashe Barker said...

Really Hot excerpt. These two sound like hot and kinky little ladies, a lot of fun. I really should get back to work now - you're such a bad influence

Casey McKay said...

I sympathize with Meggie, two for one margaritas would be my downfall too! Sounds hot Megan! Congrats and the new release, your first release, I wish you many, many more :)

Megan Michaels said...

I hope you like it, Tara!!

Megan Michaels said...

Lol! Thanks OK!

Megan Michaels said...

Thanks Ashe! This from the woman who has the hottest excerpts around! I love being a bad influence!

Megan Michaels said...

Awww thank you Casey. Yeah, two for one Margaritas are hard to resist!! Lol

Katherine Deane said...

Awesome, Megan!
Congratulations on your new book!!
This certainly does sound hot!

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Forty with the paddle. Yikes, the pain has to be Excruciating but I bet those Endorphins will be Elevated to a new level.

Felicity Nichols said...

Looks steamy! Must read!

Amy L Overley said...
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Stevie MacFarlane said...

Congrats Megan, I'm thrilled for you. Wishing you great success, age-play is hot right now.

Roz said...

Congratulations on your first release Megan! Wonderful hot except. Thank you Natasha for hosting :)