Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Guilt and Corporal Punishment

I missed last Wednesday's crawl but it's been a crazy few weeks. Kids are now back to school so I'm almost back to my usual schedule. 

Today for my Dungeon Crawl post (hosted by Romancing the Kink) I wanted to share a piece from one of my older books, Taught to Kneel. I was reading through it while choosing an excerpt and you know how you look at something you've written some time back and think, 'Oh wow, did I say that?' Well, a few of those moments but also some beautiful ones. Hopefully, I'm sharing one of the latter with you. I like this piece actually. It's heavy on emotion and Julian is tender even as he's telling Gabrielle that perhaps what she needs is punishment...

* * * *

Everyone deals with things differently. Some of us need the role of the disciplinarian at certain moments or junctures in our lives. Punishment, in this case physical punishment, can become the catalyst to allowing us to forgive ourselves. You pay what you owe and the scales are once again balanced. You feel guilty over cheating on your husband, and you blame yourself for his leaving you. I imagine your friends and family harbor some opinions of their own,he said.

She could only stare at him, he was so right and it all made sense. She could feel herself wanting to let go, wanting to say yes, to give herself over to him to punish her, to give her the pain she so badly needed, wanted, and feared. She didn’t know if it would be enough, but this was the first time she'd been confronted with someone actually telling her that yes, she should be punished, but she should also be forgiven.

Yes,she whispered.

* * Blurb * * 

Throughout her life Gabrielle has wanted a strong man to take her in hand, and two years ago her growing need for something her husband could not provide led her to make a terrible mistake which ended her marriage.

After his wife cheated on him years ago, Julian learned all about the pain caused by infidelity. When he sees that same crushing guilt in the eyes of a beautiful woman at the B&B where he is spending a quiet vacation, he is compelled to help her.

Gabrielle is drawn to Julian from the moment she first sees him. His easy, direct manner forces her to face her guilt and when he suggests that she take the punishment she's needed for so long, she can't help but say yes. It soon becomes clear to them both, however, that it will take more than just a bare-bottom spanking to allow Gabrielle to finally let go of her guilt—she will have to be very thoroughly chastised.

But to fully satiate her need, she longs to experience more than just punishment from Julian—she needs to be completely dominated by him, to be made to kneel and ask him to take her in any way he pleases, and to blush bright red with embarrassment even as she begs for more. But is it all just a fling, or will what began as a chance meeting change both their lives forever?

Publisher’s Note: Taught to Kneel is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, figging, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. Also note that a shorter version of this book was published previously under the title Liaison. 


Roz said...

Loved this snippet Natasha, needing, wanting, yet not wanting it.


Shelly Douglas said...

The emotions in this scene came through crystal clear. Really, this was beautiful!

Ashe Barker said...

I recall reading this book a while back and I loved it. Especially the figging scene

Natasha Knight said...

Thank you Roz!

Natasha Knight said...

Thank you Shelly

Natasha Knight said...

I just blushed reading that! It was my first figging scene... :)

Anastasia Vitsky said...

Lovely, Natasha. The guilt-forgiveness equation is a hard one for people to understand outside of the kink, and you explain it so well.