Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Sheriff takes the feisty FBI Agent in Hand #Dungeoncrawl

Welcome back to Romancing the Kink's Dungeon Crawl.  This week I'm sharing a piece from my new romantic suspense Dangerous Defiance. In this scene, Jackson and Jess have met just hours before when Jackson, the local sheriff, had to rescue her when she crossed the police tape that cordoned off the area of the dam collapse and managed to get herself hurt. Jackson has just brought her back to her hotel and now that he has found out she's FBI, he's got some questions.

* * * *

You neither follow the rules nor do you listen very well,Jackson began, lifting her once again, this time tossing her over one shoulder.

There was a moment where he imagined she was processing her position before she began to beat on his back, but her little fists barely made an impression as they landed. Let me go! Put me down, you have no right. Let me the fuck down.

And thats another thing, you have a foul temper and a mouth to match it,he continued, walking her to the front office.

Sheriff,Aida, the old clerk began. Looks like youve got your hands full,the old woman said, taking in the scene, her expression mischievous.

Evening, Aida. May I have the key for Ms. Mannings room, please?

“You do not get to have my key! Put me down... do not give him that key!Jess yelled.

Feisty little thing, isnt she?the old woman said, handing him the room key. Carl dropped off her car keys a bit ago,she said, handing them to him as well. He stuck them into his pocket. And thats her suitcase.He picked it up and thanked the older woman before walking out of the office.

This is not happening!Jess kept going.

He had to hand it to her, she had some energy.

Quiet down now, youre calling attention to yourself.

Im calling attention to myself? I am? You put me down this instant!she called out. You

overbearing son of a...”

He slid the key card into the lock and pushed the door open. You ready to calm down and

behave yourself?he asked. 

Screw you!she yelled.

I guess not then,he said, setting her down carefully so she sat on the bed. Her face was bright red, her hair partially out of its bind, long, curly strands twisting all around her face and shoulders. She tried to stand, but it must have hurt because she sat back down and glared at him. He put her car keys on the desk.

How dare you?

I have half a mind to spank the nonsense out of you,he said.

Her mouth just fell open and she had no comeback.


Roz said...

Loving these two Natasha :) Bet she had no comeback!


Tara Finnegan said...

What a feisty lady! I hope the half a mind soon becomes a full mind :D
Great excerpt

LA Cloutier said...

Goodness, Natasha, you have my toes curling this morning with this one. I am such a sucker for a feisty lass like Jess. And she an FBI agent too.
Excellent excerpt! Thank you for sharing. ;-)

Shelly Douglas said...

Any title with "Defiance" will attract attention. "Let me the fuck down" ... drove the point home! Loved the scene :)

Ashe Barker said...

"I guess not then" -so casual and sexy with it. Hot stuff between these two. I'm loving the excerpts from this story

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

I absolutely loved this book. It was a very good read. Thanks so much Natasha, I enjoyed every word.

Trent Evans said...

I just loved how he nonchalantly talks to Aida while Jess is hanging over his shoulder. Perfect (and hot).

Jolynn Raymond said...

This was wonderful, and the ending line there was perfect. His calm and nonchalant manner really had her fire burning. Thanks for sharing.

beautyspunishments.com said...

I found your except to be humorous. The ladies have to be feisty sometimes or it gets boring.