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Author Katherine Deane's First Interview

Please welcome my good friend and fellow author Katherine Deane for her first ever author interview! Katherine is another one where I can't remember how we met but her friendship, openness and willingness to share herself has been invaluable over the last year. She just released her first book, The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle along with Casey McKay and Renee Rose which is still sitting comfortably on Amazon's Top 100 list. I've read it and it's pretty incredible what these ladies have come up with. Here she is...

Katherine: Thank you so much for having me today, Natasha! You probably don’t realize this, but you are my first ever, author interview! On this side, that is. I have done interviews and promotions from the other side, as an avid, excited reader. But this time, it’s kind of fun and cool to be the one answering the questions. Hopefully, I won’t show my booty too badly. LOL, I trust your editing skills. Make me sound cool, please. J

Natasha: Your first release was a collaboration with Renee Rose and Casey McKay. What was it like working with these ladies? 

Katherine: It was amazing- so much fun, but it also kept me in check. Having them with me, and the deadline, kind of pushed me to up my productivity. It was very good for me, and showed me that I could accomplish something with the right incentive.  These ladies are so good at what they do, but also really down to earth and nice about their talents. 
Casey and I had more than a few “jinx” sessions, while talking out ideas on chat sessions, only to say the same thing as each other within a second of our individual replies.

Natasha: Can you talk a little bit about the draw of mixing fairy tale characters and spankings? How did you come up with that and how does the end result compare to your initial idea?

Katherine: I actually came up with the idea when I wrote my Winter Spanks post (the huge blog hop hosted by SRR and Spanking Romance).  I originally called the lodge “The Winter Spanks” fetish lodge, and envisioned “Jack and Jill” meeting a bunch of other fairy tale characters along the way.
Renee and Casey jumped on board, and created these awesome new characters that fit so perfectly together. Then Renee came up with the idea of intermingling the stories. (Originally, I had envisioned three different stories). Brilliant! The stories fused together, and the characters seemed to take on a mind of their own. It was so much fun to “watch” from the sidelines, while trying to figure out what would happen next.  I can’t believe how well they came together, like it was meant to be. I’m definitely surprised – very pleasantly- at how the original concept changed. Totally for the better!
I can’t wait to start the next one with them.

Natasha: Do you have a favorite character in The Winter Storm?

Katherine: Totally! I love them all, but Bertram B. Wolfe is my favorite.  He is so dominant and sexy, he’s got the whole Alpha wolf / man thing going on! He’s sweet and sensitive (like when he toyed around with Redd’s favorite stuffed animal to make her feel better after her spanking), but also very carnal in his sexual needs and desires.  He knows how to push Jillian to her limits, both sexually and “spankily”.

Natasha: A little birdie mentioned the potential of more books coming to follow within this series. Can you talk a little about that?

Katherine: I am so excited about the secondary characters getting their own stories! Cindy is getting her own story- one where she finally gets to come to terms with her duality (between her submissive and dominant side).  This will be another group effort, where all the characters will intermingle again- some will be new, and some will be continued from the first story.  We are working on plotting right now! If it goes anything like the last one, there is a very good chance we won’t know what these characters are going to do with (and to J ) each other, until the end. It’s going to be awesome!

And Redd is getting her own story.  I will be tackling this paranormal on my own. I’m envisioning a cross between Buffy and Dark Angel.  She kicks paranormal bad guys’ asses, is very bad at witty banter, and is a virgin who thinks sex is “ga-ross!” This will be partially done in back story, to explain how she became Bertram’s “little”, and also present day, where she will meet the “man” she finally gives her body to- and I do mean in all the right ways.
Natasha: How has writing or reading in this genre helped you to come to terms with this desire in real life?

Katherine: This is a tricky one for me. I am so easily influenced by my surroundings, and if I’m not careful in my reading (or writing), I can very easily find myself resenting my husband for not being the perfect HOH, like in the books.
Reading and writing has helped me become more open with my spanking desires (and needs), so for that I am very thankful.
But I have to be careful when I am in a fiction setting, that I remember that it is fiction. There is no such thing as the perfect HOH.
With that being said, my husband and I entered a DD relationship several years ago, and because of some of the great books out there, I did gain the courage to bring up more desires with my husband.  Our communication both in and out of the bedroom has really improved over this past year. I’m grateful that he loved me enough to accept me when I asked him to spank me that first time.

Natasha: Thanks so much for being here and sharing with us Katherine. I wish you continued success and am looking forward to your next book. Readers, have a peek below at the sexy little excerpt Katherine is sharing...

Katherine: Thanks so much for having me today, Natasha! 

* * * *

He made quick work of untying the laces in the back of her dress and yanked it over her head. He pulled her petticoats to the floor and watched her anger dissipate. She shielded herself and shivered after he removed her corset, leaving her naked and vulnerable to his eyes.

She was a beauty to behold. The luscious curves that had been hidden below all those layers created in him an animalistic urge to take her as his own. Her creamy breasts rose and fell with every breath she took. Her nipples stood peaked in the cool air, rosy and pink, demanding to be kissed. He licked his lips and ran his tongue across his sharp canines.

No, now was not the time for his animal urges. Right now he needed to take care of the vulnerable, trembling woman in front of him. He beckoned her forward and helped place her gently over the wooden horse. He raised it so her feet no longer touched the floor, placing her bottom in the perfect position for him to attend to her needs. Her legs parted as she reached forward to hold the handles to situate herself. He couldn’t help but become aroused at the abundance of wetness he saw in the crease of her white cotton panties. They were soaked with her arousal. He carefully shimmied them off her, and held them up to his nose. The smell of her floral scent beckoned him to change.

His growl frightened her, and she turned wide eyes upon him.

He pushed his animal back down inside of him and held up his hands in a gesture of safety. “I’m not going to hurt you, Jillian.”

“I know.” She gave him a timid smile and placed her legs into position.

He strapped down her legs and torso to keep them secure but not too tight. He rubbed his hand across her smooth bottom, still red and blotchy from the warm-up. “Try not to tense your bottom.” He smacked her warm cheeks gently a few times until she relaxed. “Are you ready, Jillian?”

“Yes, sir,” she nodded and murmured breathlessly.


katherinedeane said...

Thanks so much for having me, Natasha! :)

Casey McKay said...

I was afraid sometimes that we shared a brain, Katherine! The whole process of writing this book with you and Renee was so much fun, can't wait to do it again :)

Roz said...

Wonderful interview, enjoyed reading this and your answers Katherine. Congrats on the release and being on the top 100. How exciting that there is more to come!

Thank you Natasha for hosting.


Joseph McNamara said...

I always love these Author interviews and the opportunity to get a look at the mind, techniques and psyche behind the wonderful characters and stories presented... It is also so nice to get to know a little more about the favorite authors out there that I admire...

Thanks Natasha for hosting here today and Thank You Katherine for a lovely insightful answered interview...

Natasha Knight said...

My pleasure. :)

Sue Lyndon said...

Oh my, that is one hot excerpt, Katherine! And a fun interview too! :)

Patricia Green said...

Your honesty is wonderful, Katherine. And Natasha asked you great questions. Wonderful interview, you two. I hope to see many more from you in the future, Katherine. :)

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katherinedeane said...

Thanks so much, Roz!
This has been very exciting!

katherinedeane said...

Thanks so much, Joseph!

katherinedeane said...

Thanks, Sue!
This was a lot of fun!

katherinedeane said...

Thanks so much, Patricia!
I sometimes worry I might be letting out too much, but am trying to find a happy medium between authenticity and my (somewhat hidden) inner monologue.
thanks for your support and help.
You're right, Natasha asked wonderful questions- she is a great interviewer!

Renee Rose said...

Yay! Katherine's first interview! It was fabulous. Good work, ladies!