Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Taste of Discipline by Casey McKay

A Taste of Discipline is Casey McKay's new release - a short story absolutely packed with heat. It's a quick read and starts off right away with tensions high as a married couple tries to navigate working together in their new restaurant. Sam, the chef, is having a meltdown and Ryan, her husband and manager, pulls her back into his office for a little reminder as to what will happen if she doesn't get her act together and fast. 

As soon as the words 'bend over the desk and pull your pants down' are spoken...well, I'm in. Actually I was in before that but those words are like music to my ears...

The story is cute and surprisingly emotional given the length of the book. The sex is hot, the spankings hotter and there's lots of anal both for pleasure and for punishment. You'll never look at any restaurant kitchen without blushing after reading A Taste of Discipline...

*One note, do read the publisher's warning at the bottom of the blurb so you are prepared...

* * * *

She chose to fully ignore his warning and tried to push past him again.

He took hold of her arm and pressed her down into the table she was trying to walk past. She didn't put up a fight, she didn't even say anything. This is what she had been aiming for, but it still surprised her every time he decided to take action.

Ryan swatted her bottom a few times over her pants before he walked across the kitchen. He plucked a wooden spoon out of the crock that was on the counter and came back over to her. He laid the spoon on the table by her head, so it was right in her line of vision.

"Pull your pants down. I want your ass bare when I get back." Then he left the room.

She stayed in position for a few seconds, momentarily stunned at what had just transpired. She was certainly picking a fight with him. But he had ended it before it even started. His complete dominance over the situation sending a frisson of heat to her core. Then she eyed the wooden spoon laying in front of her and reality set in. This was not going to be a sexy, fun spanking. When was the last time she had been punished anyway? Before the move, in fact, a while before the move. She was suddenly having second thoughts about her attitude. Why did she always play with fire?

Sam is a classically trained chef. She runs her kitchen like a well-oiled machine, and steam rolls anyone who gets in the way of that. She likes to be in control and has a hard time adjusting when she can't be.

Ryan is her husband and partner. As the manager of the restaurant they own, he tries to ensure that his wife is not over working herself and not blowing up at their employees.

They're trying to find a balance in life, love, and cooking. It just might take a little discipline.

This book includes themes of domestic discipline, spankings, graphic sex, anal play, anal punishments and more. If any of this subject matter offends you, please do not purchase this book.


katherinedeane said...

Ooh, this looks great, Casey, congratulations!
Thanks for sharing, Natasha!

Roz said...

Congratulations on the release Casey! Love the blurb. She is in for it! What is it with Dom's leaving the sub in position waiting? Hot!

Thanks for hosting Natasha:)