Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Logistics of a Spanking #Dungeoncrawl

Welcome back to Romancing the Kink's Dungeon Crawl! Today I would like to share an excerpt from one of my favorite books. This was my first sci-fi and back then, I was adamant that sci-fi was not my thing. 

Well, it is. I love it and in the case of Captive's Desire, Hayden and Livvie just came alive right from the start, the chemistry between them electric. 

In this scene, Hayden has come home early to catch Livvie attempting to escape. She, meanwhile, sees him coming and tries to get back into the house before he catches her. She's too late though...

* * * *

She would have made it in before him. She might even have had another opportunity to use the window as an exit if she hadn’t panicked and dropped it on her leg, effectively trapping herself half in, half out of the house.

“Ow!” she squeaked, still trying to be silent even though she knew she’d be caught and punished.
In the next moment, the weight of the window was lifted off her trapped thigh and she sat straddling the sill, staring into Hayden’s very amused eyes.

“Need a hand?” he asked.

“I think I can manage,” she said, swinging her other leg inside. Once she was in, she shook off her hands and turned to close the window. “Well,” she said, facing him again. “You should get that lock looked at.”

“Is that so?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest.

“I thought I heard something so I figured I’d check the locks. It’s a good thing I did.”

He smiled, obviously amused. “All locks worked before you moved in, Livvie.”

“Or so you thought.”

“Would you prefer to take your spanking upstairs or downstairs?” he asked.

Her body reacted immediately to his words, her nipples hardening, her pussy clenching in anticipation.

“I’d prefer not to take a spanking at all, actually.”

“I bet. Upstairs or downstairs?”

She inhaled and exhaled, looked at his fixed expression, and headed toward the ladder. 


Casey McKay said...

"You should get that lock looked at." LOL I love it! This was a great book, one of my favorites I would say. I love Livvie.

Normandie Alleman said...

Haha! I don't believe her for a second - she doesn't prefer a spanking - pish.

Joelle Casteel said...

gorgeous... I love how calm he is here ;D "All the locks worked..." lol I hear you on sci-fi.... I play the game too "No I'm not really getting a steampunk book because I like it- I'm getting it to please my Master' :D

LA Cloutier said...

I had to giggle at her predicament of being trapped by the window. His reaction was great.
And I am sure he didn't buy her excuse for a moment.

Ashe Barker said...

"upstairs or downstairs?" It's good to have a choice. I like his cool, and her sass. Great excerpt

katherinedeane said...

Mmm, loved this book! You are right. You are good at sci fi!

Roz said...

LOL, great snippet, I really enjoyed this! Love how calm and amused he was and all her deflection attempts. Somehow though, I don't think her statement about preferring no spanking is entirely truthful lol


Sheri Savill said...

Love the humor, N! And his calm insistence that she choose the location. A done deal. So matter of fact, so Domly. Works for me!

Beauty's Punishment said...

I was wanting to know more of the story; like did he climb the ladder? What did they do after that?

Megan Michaels said...

Might be time for me to pull this book out again....