Monday, March 31, 2014

From Innocence to Experience: Guest Post by Abigail Armani

Check out a hot little excerpt from Abigail Armani's book, From Innocence to Experience

Hi Natasha, many thanks for having me here on your blog to talk about my new release, From Innocence to Experience – A BDSM Romance.

The title says it all, in that the storyline features Bella, a woman who embarks on an exciting new journey of discovery. Her marriage has failed and she finds herself with no job, no husband, and no money. Salvation arrives in the guise of the enigmatic James King. He happens to be rich … very rich … and when he offers her a job as housekeeper at High Moor, she jumps at the chance of a new start in life.

Bur there's a catch – oh yes! And as the story unravels we learn that James King has certain proclivities. He wants to train Bella as his new submissive and stipulates a mandatory session every Wednesday afternoon in which she will be fully obedient to his commands and receive his discipline. Having previously only fantasised about bondage and spanking, Bella is unsure and hesitant to begin with, but quickly craves more. And their relationship develops, she receives more – much more.

She learns that the basement is a fully equipped dungeon. I used to organise fetish parties – they were great fun! Some of the inspiration for the dungeon scenes owes a lot to the fantastic BDSM dungeon venue I hired. Sadly the venue is no more, but the memories live on!

Here is an extract at the point where Bella receives her first spanking:

"Ow! I don't like it!" Her hind throbbed and burned.

"Is that so?" He lifted her skirt and swatted her over her pink panties. "Pretty little things - but they're coming down." He yanked them down to her knees and continued with the task in hand. 

Bella stiffened in a moment of pure embarrassment. She had never been spanked before. Never. And on the bare bottom too - it was mortifying. Her face suffused with colour and she squealed as the spanks rained down. The unique sound of a hand striking bare flesh filled the room, punctuated by her yips and yelps. His large hands felt like iron as they pounded her buttocks, first one side, then the other, and then he would adapt his technique to swat both buttocks simultaneously with an upwards swing. Oh but she liked that. She actually liked it. Her bottom throbbed, his heavy hands were hurting her. But .. but ... she felt confused and elated. She closed her eyes and gave herself up to experiencing the sensations, grunting and whimpering and mewling as his palm cracked down on her reddening cheeks. 

"I think perhaps you're enjoying this rather too much. Stand up." He helped her to her feet. 
Slightly dazed, she stooped to pull up her panties which were lying in a pool round her ankles. "Did I give you permission to do that?" 

She looked at him, and shook her head. “No.”

“No what?”

“No Sir. Sorry Sir.”

"Take them off. Fold them and place them on the chair, along with your skirt.”

Her eyes widened. “My skirt too? But … but … I'll be naked from the waist down.”

“No you won't, because after you have removed your skirt you are going to remove your top clothes and your bra. I want you naked. And I demand your complete obedience.”

Red faced, she complied. Disobeying him never even crossed her mind. Off came the panties, and down came the skirt. Oh the humiliation of having him see her naked and vulnerable.

“You can leave the hold-up stockings on, and the shoes.” He sat back on the sofa, enjoying the view.

She gulped. In a way, that was worse than being totally bare. The deed done, and a neat pile of clothes folded on the chair, she stood with her back to him.

“Turn around to face me.”

Another gulp. Crimson-cheeked - top and bottom - she turned, her hands covering her pubic area.

* * * *

As time passes, James King introduces Bella to many deliciously decadent new experiences, and she embraces them wholeheartedly. As her feelings towards James deepen he becomes the centre of her world. One day he announces it is time for her to indulge in some public play, and she learns at last the true function of the basement at High Moor.

Here's a short extract as Bella is taken on a tour of the basement – which is a fully equipped dungeon:

“You don't mean people actually wear these things do you?” Bella picked up a nine-inch black strap on.

“They do. The submissive men love being on the receiving end. So do many women. Where are you off to?” he asked as Bella headed off to peer at something else that had caught her eye.

“Oh my GOD!” she exclaimed. She was looking at something resembling an exercise bike. But there was a difference. As part of the seat there protruded a big pink dildo. “That doesn't look very comfortable – or hygienic!”

He grinned at her expression. “Condoms are used, and the more intimate things used are always sterilised. “Want to try it?”

She shook her head. “Um, not right now,  if you don't mind.” She fought back a giggle.

* * * *

Thanks so much, Natasha. I hope your readers enjoy this post and find plenty to entertain and delight them if they buy the book.



Casey McKay said...

This sounds good! A sexy spanking snippet and I also liked that you shared a little humor in the BDSM dungeon. I always wonder why people aren't laughing more in BDSM dungeons in books. I would be giggling!
Thanks for sharing Abigail!

Abigail Armani said...

Thanks Casey. There are times when we really shouldn't take things too seriously. A little humour is good :D

Many thanks to Natasha for having me on her blog. x