Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cover Reveal - Dangerous Defiance

I'm very happy to share with you the gorgeous cover Korey Mae Johnson made for my upcoming release, Dangerous Defiance. The blurb is below...and if things go as planned, it should be up this week. 

* * * *

From the moment FBI agent Jessica Manning arrives in the small town of New Hope to investigate the tragic—and suspicious—deaths of two civilians and a fellow agent, she is annoyed by the interference of the local sheriff, Jackson Montgomery. She fumes when Jackson forbids her from continuing her investigation without his assistance, but since her mission is off-the-record and unapproved by the agency, she has no choice but to feign cooperation with the handsome lawman.

To her surprise and horror, Jessica soon learns that Jackson isn’t asking for her obedience, he is demanding it, and when he catches her out looking for leads behind his back, he pulls her over his lap and spanks her bare bottom until she’s sobbing. Her promises to behave are soon forgotten, however, when a mysterious note promising new information appears under her hotel door.

It is only when the Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI shows up in New Hope, cautioning Jessica to back off if she knows what’s good for her, that she fears she might be in over her head and asks Jackson for his help… even if his help results in a bright red, sore bottom. But can the strict sheriff and the feisty agent unravel this tangled web in time, or will they end up paying with their lives for exposing the truth?

Publisher's Note: Dangerous Defiance is an erotic novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, graphic sexual scenes, anal play, exhibitionism, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.


Viola Di Marzo said...

See? That's why I love you dear! As soon as I start panicking because I have no books left to read you come at my rescue!

Congratulations, brava, clapping hands and making a happy dance!


Megan Michaels said...

This sounds amazing!! Can hardly wait for it to come out! Love the cover and he is HOT. Always love a spanking cop!

katherinedeane said...

Yay! I agree with Viola!
This looks fantastic!
Love the cover!

LA Cloutier said...

Great blurb, and cover. The story sounds quite thrilling as well.

Casey McKay said...

Yay! This sounds awesome! I love a spanking lawman, why is that so hot? Sexy cover ;)

Roz said...

Congratulations on the upcoming release Natasha, I love the premise of this book, sounds amazing! Love the cover too and agree with Megan, he is hot!