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A Naughty Historical Romance - Emmaline's Groom by Casey McKay

One of my favorite images is conjured up when I read the words "he rolled up his shirt sleeves." Is it just me or do all spankos have that? Well, Leo's rolling up his in the excerpt below from Casey McKay's new historical (spanking) romance, Emmaline's Groom. I've read it  and loved it. Casey is one of my favorite writers blending a solid story with humor, hot sex and hotter spankings. Here she is...

Thanks so much for having me over to visit, Natasha! I am so excited to share an excerpt with you today. In this section, Emma is waking up the morning after having a little too much to drink. The spectacle she made of herself has changed her and Leo's life forever. But I think he might have it handled.

* * * *

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?”
She was embarrassed by her behavior, her father must have been mortified. What had Wesley given her to drink? She vaguely remembered Lord Whitlock hurrying from the dining room, she was fairly certain she had expressed just what she thought of him. She was having a hard time figuring out where Leo fit into all of this. Why he was here now and alone with her in her bedchamber? If only the room would stop spinning.
“It is hot in here,” she croaked. Her throat was dry and her voice cracked. He thrust the cup back into her hand and she greedily drank it down.
He rose from the bed and drew her drapes closed, causing her to sigh in relief.
“That is all you have to say?” He glowered at her from across the room.
She felt very small, lying in her bed clothes as he stood fully dressed. Though, she noticed, he did look quite rumpled and disheveled. She could see now that he looked tired and his hair stuck out on one side as if he had been running his hand through it in frustration. Much like he did now.
She gave him a small shrug. “I do not really know what happened, how can I comment on it?” It was a small lie, but not entirely untrue. She had an inkling of what had happened, but was fuzzy on the details.
Leo's eyes flashed with anger, “How dare you lie?” He crossed back to her bedside and stood glaring down at her. “Your behavior was reckless, you embarrassed your family, and you drove a guest in your home into retreat. The guilty look on your face alone tells me you are more than aware of these transgressions.”
Emma's defenses rose and she pushed herself up so she was sitting up against the headboard. She closed her eyes to steel herself as the room spun again from her sudden movements.
“It was not my fault.” Her voice sounded small and meek even to her own ears. She looked up at Leo scowling down at her. Gone was her carefree friend. He looked angry, annoyed, and hurt. Had she done that?
“We can discuss that later. I will not tolerate lying.” He rolled up his shirt sleeves and a lump formed in Emma's throat. “You should be mindful to remember that in the future.”
She was about to question him about his last statement, but his hands were on her and he was pushing her back down on the bed. He pulled the rest of the covers away and rolled her to her stomach. She looked at him questioningly over her shoulder. When he started to raise up her nightgown she began to squirm away. His hands clamped around her waist and stilled her.
“Look at me,” he commanded.
She reluctantly raised her head to look in his direction.
“Be still and take your punishment. You will not lie to me, or you will pay the consequences.” He slid his hands from her waist, trailing them down her hips and legs. She shivered under his touch.

* * * *

Emmaline Lawford, the youngest daughter of an English Marquess, is intended to marry. Though to whom might be up for debate. Her older brother, Samuel, has his sights set on marrying her off to a Duke. Emmaline finally accepts her fate, until a breach in etiquette finds her back in the arms of the man she truly loves.

Leo Colston is stunned when Emmaline is thrust back into his life. He had resigned himself to the fact that he would never marry the woman he loved. Now they are taking hasty wedding vows and being urged to move to America, where they can leave the talk of scandal behind them. 

Emma and Leo realize settling into marriage is not going to be as smooth sailing as they thought. As they try to work out their differences and get used to living in close quarters Emmaline finds herself in trouble with her new husband on more than one occasion. Leo's favorite way to end an argument is to take his lady over his knee and spank her bare bottom until she submits. Emma thinks he should just give in to her womanly charms. Who will win this battle of wills?

Emmaline's Groom is a stand alone book, but is also the first book in The Ravenswood Manor series.

This book includes spankings, graphic sex, and anal play, and more. If any of this subject matter offends you, please do not purchase this book.

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Roz said...

Wonderful snippet, love how dominant and in control he is. Oh yes, rolling up the shirt leaves does it me every time too :) Congratulations on the release Casey.

Thank you Natasha for hosting.


Casey McKay said...

Thanks, Roz :)

Casey McKay said...

Thank you for having me, Natasha!

Tara Finnegan said...

Casey McKay, go stand in the corner and await your spanking for teasing us so much. Now I absolutely have to know what she did, and what the outcome is. (Yeah ok., I know some of the outcome, but I want the nitty gritty details)
Great snippet, even if it is tortuously teasing. I'm off to get me a copy of this.
Congrats on the release said...

I love naughty historical romances. Thanks Natasha.

Casey McKay said...

Was it teasing enough?? Natasha asked for teasing, it's her fault! But I'll take her spanking too ;)
Thanks, Tara!

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