Monday, February 24, 2014

Erotica Writers Behind the Scenes - Part 1

My friend Sheri Savill and I have been having random conversations for a while now and we had this idea that people might be amused by some of the conversation. Now as I write this, I realize how arrogant that sounds but it's not how it's meant at all! Really, it's just to entertain and share another side of my personality. The goofy one which is 13 years old. 

Immaturity - it is the fountain of youth...

*Disclaimer - there are 1000 better things you can do with your time than reading this malarkey. If you choose to stick around, I hope you get a laugh out of it...

* * * *

Natasha: Dude, how many times have you started a project and figured out you had no plot? How far was it when you figured it out? Note to self - must decide on plot before attempting to write.
Sheri: I start things all the time without a "plot" and in fact that's the whole thing about fiction that kills me. Plot? WTF?

* * * *

Natasha: Why does my family expect meals daily? WTF is that about? Cereal people. Cereal!
Sheri: Count Chocula casserole. Why the f*** not? You could sprinkle Toll-House chips on top to be fancy, if they require that. I hate the "big meal" concept anyway. I don't cook at all. When I lived alone I had a jar of pickles and a 6-pack of Diet Coke in my fridge and I never used my "oven" -- it actually had books inside it and the burners on top were covered with these burner-cover things you can buy to hide ugly stove burners. The whole thing was a big hint to guys I dated. "Hey, I don't think this chick is into cooking."

* * * *

(Conversation after Sheri started her series of inspiring photos titled the banana series...remember the man with the cane?)

Natasha: Sorry, what is the proper terminology? Banana?
Sheri: Terminology for what, DM*? For posting in Google Docs? Or for a "banana"? I think for "banana" the proper terminology is "Huge outline of a hard-on." For Google Docs, the terminology is "Google Doc."

*DM - Dork Medallion. Sheri found a pic that just tickled her fancy (that she has now lost) and somehow, mostly because we are immature, we started to call each other that.

* * * *

(Natasha just got Sheri into a FB group)
Sheri:  OK, I’m in. Not sure what the f*** to do there now.
Natasha: Don’t f****** curse whatever you do.
Sheri: Is it real active and busy, like, with mandatory stuff?
Natasha: No, DM, just go on there when you see something fun.
Sheri: Just FYI, I’m having internet problems.
Natasha: I’m having cooking problems. HOLD PLEASE.

* * * *

Natasha: Sheri, WTF is wrong with us?  I used WTF 4 times up there. I might make coffee too.
Sheri: WTF.
Natasha: You doing that hop?
Sheri: Huh?
Natasha: The hop.
Sheri: Hops don’t seem to do jack shit for me, so I’m leaning toward not.
Natasha: Do you have a mailbox where I can send you something, f***er? Why can’t my iPhone learn that word ... f***er? [Natasha sent pic of bunnies - they're super cute] F***er, read my comment on your blog. Are you still prodded? F-ing autocorrect!

* * * *
Believe it or not, there's more! Yes, I said more! And Sheri has pictures to go with her post... here, click here!!


Sheri Savill said...

I love that you asterisked-out all the cu$$ing, DM. Wait 'til they see my part. You should warn them. I just did, actually. Hey I still can't find the dork medallion ad. And yes it's bothering me to the point where I am seeking counseling. OK everyone STFU with the silent "It's about time" thoughts, I can hear them from here. Can I say STFU here? HOLD PLEASE. Your call is very important to us. Please enjoy the music.

Sheri Savill said...

Dude, if you want to take it down, you won't hurt my feelings. People don't know what to make of it, I guess? Heh. I still think it's funny as hell. :)

Casey McKay said...

OMG, I love this! LOL
I feel like I am sitting in the room with you.

Felicity Nichols said...

I love this Natasha and Sheri, my sides ache from laughing so hard!

Roz said...

LoL Natasha and Sheri, I loved this. So funny and wonderful to see the fun side of you both. DM ... love that! LoL