Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Aching To Submit Discussion Friday, Valentine's Day

When good friend and fellow author Casey McKay told me a few months ago that she wanted to host Aching to Submit on Celeste Jones's book club, I was thrilled. I'd never had a book featured there before and this book in particular is very close to my heart.

Casey has put together some questions and discussion points so please mark your calendars and drop by if you can. This Friday, Valentine's Day (lucky me), is the day.

Here is an excerpt. This is the scene between Michael and Sophie after Michael has found out that Sophie has been visiting the BDSM club, L'Opera, without him. Michael has just gotten home and Sophie has prepared a special meal with the intention of telling him tonight about her secret desires. only he beats her to it...

* * * *

“Right on time.” She looked up at him. He looked different, disheveled. Her stomach was in knots and she wasn’t sure she’d be able to eat a bite of the meal she’d prepared. She was going to tell him tonight. She’d been practicing how she’d say it ever since she’d gotten home this afternoon. But now that he was here, well, it was different.

“Smells good,” Michael said, still holding onto her, his eyes searching her face as if they were looking for something. She had the impression he couldn’t have cared less about the food as his hands kneaded the flesh of her upper arms.

“I just took the salmon out; we should probably eat before it gets cold,” she said. Something was off.


He was acting strange. He released her arms and she went back into the kitchen. He followed her in.
“You’ve already had a glass?” he asked, taking a wineglass out of the cupboard and pouring from the bottle that stood open on the counter.

“Not much, I just poured it.” She’d needed something to help her relax.

He took a bigger sip than she would have expected; he was usually so controlled. When she turned to plate the salmon, she could feel his eyes on her back the entire time.

“Is this the new bottle you bought?” he asked, picking up the bottle and looking at the label.

She nodded without looking at him as a chill ran up her spine. “It’s the Chablis. Everything okay, Michael?” she asked, trying to sound casual, keeping her hands busy.

“Everything’s perfect,” he answered. But his tone said everything was anything but perfect. “We ready to eat?”

She looked at him, then nodded. “If you’ll bring the bottle.” She dropped her gaze first and walked into the dining room. When she got to the table, what she saw lying in the center made everything stop. Everything except for the plate of fish, which shattered on the hardwood floor.

“Sit down, Sophie,” Michael said, coming up behind her.

She shuddered and turned to look at him over her shoulder. Her face, she was certain, was as white as the wall.

His gaze was blue ice on hers.

“Sit down. Now.”

Crushing shards of her favorite serving dish beneath her shoes, she walked to take her seat. Her eyes turned once again to the black leather paddle that took up the center of the dining room table.

He knew.

* * * *
Though deeply in love with her husband Michael, for years Sophie has longed to give him not only her love, but her submission as well. In spite of her yearning to kneel at his feet, fear of rejection keeps her from sharing the truth with him. Though she would never give her body to another man, her need to submit drives her to seek out others like herself and learn more… until Michael discovers her deception and she fears her marriage may be over.

Despite the anger and sadness which tear at his heart when he learns that his wife has kept such an important secret from him, Michael is not going to give up the love of his life without a fight. It will take time, but he is more than ready to be the man she needs, the man to whom she will gladly submit. First, though, she must be firmly disciplined for her betrayal of his trust…

Standing naked before her husband, awaiting a punishment which will bring her to tears and leave her bare bottom red and sore, submission suddenly feels truly real to Sophie for the first time. As Michael asserts his dominance more and more with each passing day, Sophie begins to see him in a way she has never seen him before, and her desire for him seems to know no bounds. But is this just a second honeymoon of sorts, or will Sophie’s submission endure through the trials of everyday life?

Publisher’s Note: Aching to Submit is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Your story sounds like a really good read Natasha. I will pop on over there on Friday to hang out for the book club.

Natasha Knight said...

Awesome, I will see you there Jolynn.

Casey McKay said...

Valentine's Day!!! We are discussing on love story on a lovey day :)

Roz said...

Fantastic Natasha! I hope to be able to join the book club on Friday. What a great day for it :)

Wonderful snippet. I love the tension and emotion in this piece and how he takes charge at the end.