Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dirty Little Fantasies...

I promised the other day that I'd tally up the favorite spanking fantasies you commented on during the Winter Spanks Blog Hop last week and share the results. I just have to say you all are some dirty minded folk... But you're in good company here. :)

First, I know I'm no different in that for as many visits as my blog gets, most people don't leave comments and I can understand and respect this. I want to share a number though which still for some reason surprises me. Out of over 2400 views on the Winter Spanks Blog Hop story, only 66 people commented and four of them were me! It's the nature of this kink I think.

And off to the current fantasies. Here we go:

The top was the husband/wife fantasy. Who doesn't love a husband who spanks though. Teacher/student was second - but I'm thinking I influenced you all with my story! This is (as you know) one of my favorite fantasies and probably always will be. Third was cowboys. Anything having to do with cowboys. Anything at all. I hear you. I once walked into a room filled wall to wall with cowboys and all I can say is YUM.

Cops, bodyguards and daddy figures/AP came in next with less votes than I expected. Age Play is pretty popular right now in books so I thought there would be more votes here. Being kidnapped, blindfolded and punished was next. And of course no fantasy would be complete without Mr. Christian Grey! Yes, the Christian Grey with the twitchy palm of 50 Shades.

Being take over the Duke's knee, being disciplined in the Judge's chamber while the bailiff watched, playing doctor, being locked up in a house in Scotland with a gorgeous Dom, a maid and her master,  two men with birch rods, two trees and Thianna D in the middle haven't given this any thought I can tell...

So to wrap it up, you have some hot fantasies. Thank you all for participating in the blog. It was so much fun for me and I hope for you as well!


Roz said...

Hi Natasha, I really enjoyed your winter spanks story :) Interesting stats on that post! Interesting outcome of popular fantasies too, though the top 3 didn't come as much surprise :)


Casey McKay said...

Hmm, I think I voted for teacher/student fantasy. I am changing my vote to spanking fantasy. And yes to all of the above. I do have a thing for dressing up... anything where I get to wear a cute skirt!
Also, you got a crazy amount of blog hits woman!! Go you :) said...

I'm always fascinated by this kind of research and finding out what makes other people tick. I fell into the number two fantasy with the cowboy, although the husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend one would really be a more accurate favorite for me, so I probably have already skewed your results. Yikes, it's a good thing I have a cowboy boyfriend!