Monday, December 30, 2013

Spanking Katherine Deane

I couldn't help myself with that title. I'm not actually spanking Katherine and if I was, she'd probably like it anyway. I'm sharing a spanking snippet with her instead...

If you've not visited Katherine's site before, it's a great place to do some reading. Her interviews are always right on, she asks great questions and shares her own personal and very intimate details of her DD marriage.

Just click here to be redirected to her site.


Roz said...

Just been over :) Such a yummy snippet. Both of these books are definitely on my reading list for the new year! I'm really enjoying the snippets from this book Natasha :)


katherinedeane said...

Giggle! I just saw this!
Nice title, Natasha!
I was very excited for a moment there!
Thanks for the kind words!
We'll have to do another real interview again, soon!