Monday, December 23, 2013

Rachel's Medical Examination

In Claimed by the Beast, one of the scientists hunting the shifter pack has survived the explosion that killed most of the others at the end of Taken by the Beast. This particular scientist started with the best of intentions while experimenting on the wolf pack. But when things take a terrible turn and the serum he created to cure his fatal disease turns him into one of them, he has to take drastic measures to correct his mistake. When he picks up Rachel's scent with her unique version of the shifter gene, he is unable to resist her and ends up kidnapping her.

The scene below is the start of the medical exam Rachel endures at his hands. It's the first medical exam I've written and I'll be honest, it was sort of embarrassing to write! I had not a clue what to do and my first draft came back from my editor with the gentle comment 'this scene could use a little work.' 

Well, I did some's a taste of it. 

* * * *

“You’ll get one chance, Rachel. If you fight me, even for a second, I won’t hesitate to give you the anesthetic. Clear?” Lance asked.

Rachel looked into his eyes but didn’t see even a hint of any kindness left there. She nodded.

“Good,” he said. Fishing the key out of his pocket, he unlocked her handcuffs. He cuffed one to the table leg and taped the other arm down to the side of the table.

“Spread your legs and bend your knees. Place your feet here,” he said.

She looked down the table at herself, hesitating.

“Come on now, girl,” he said, slapping her hip once, twice. “Get them up and spread.”

She had no choice, she knew it. If she refused, he would make her, and likely hurt her worse in the meantime. She lifted her legs, her face reddening, and placed her feet on the edges of the table.

“Shift your hips farther down. That’s right, to the edge of the table.”

Lance then took her right foot and wound the tape around her ankle and the table leg several times, then did the same with her left foot. Even if she closed her knees, he’d have full access to her, to all of her. 

When he was satisfied that she was securely bound, he put the tape aside and pulled his stool up between her legs.

“Lovely view,” he commented as her face turned a deeper shade of red.

He slipped on a pair of latex gloves and reached for a tub of Vaseline. She lifted her head off the table to watch in horror as he smeared a dollop of the stuff onto his finger.

“We’ll take your temperature first,” he said.

She began to shake her head furiously, but he simply carried on, calm as can be.

“I would have taken it orally but can’t really with that gag, can I?”

He met her eyes when he brought his finger to her anus and began to rub the stuff onto her. She tried not to make any sound and turned away, squeezing her eyes shut, cringing as she felt his slippery finger circling and circling.

“Relax your muscles, it will go easier,” he suggested.

In response, she tightened everything and pressed her knees together.

“Oh, that’s no way to behave,” he said, standing, slapping her inner thigh once, then twice with the back of his hand. “Open your legs wide Rachel. Now.” Throughout this, he kept that other finger pressed firmly against her bottom hole.

She made some noise and tried again to free herself but it didn’t matter. She was at his mercy. He smiled. 

“I’ll stay right here until you relax for me.” He pressed again, a little harder, smiling even wider when the very tip of his finger penetrated the tight ring. 

She whimpered, forcing herself to do as he said until finally he was satisfied and removed his finger. She then watched as he took a thermometer and greased it generously before sliding it inside her.

“There,” he said, standing. He removed his gloves and threw them into the trashcan. When he turned back to her, all she could look at was the bulge at the front of his pants and a new fear gripped her. 

“We’ll just let that sit for a while."

* * * *

Below is the blurb and buy links for Claimed by the beast. In celebration of its release, Taken by the Beast is on sale now through New Year's for $2.99 so check it out!

More than a year has passed since Marcus, free at last from his harsh captivity, disappeared to lead a life of solitude. Rachel waits for him, clinging to hope, but her fear grows that the man with whom she shares an unbreakable bond is lost to her forever. Despair leads her to take risks with her life, and Elijah does his best to keep her safe, but he knows that only his brother’s return can truly heal her wounded heart. 

Believing that he will only bring her pain and sadness, Marcus has vowed to leave Rachel on her own, telling himself that she will move on and find love and happiness in the arms of some other man. But when the dark shadows of the past engulf his family again and Rachel’s life is put in terrible danger, he is given no choice but to return and take back what is his. 

Though overjoyed that Marcus has returned at last, Rachel cannot bring herself to believe that he will truly stay this time, and her doubts push her to defy him even as he fights to protect her. She soon learns, however, that he will tolerate no disobedience when her safety is at stake, and her defiance will be dealt with firmly. As she stands before him, bare and blushing with her well-spanked bottom on display, knowing there is much more to come, Rachel longs for her mate to claim her as his and his alone. But can he shield her from those who would do them harm, or will he be torn away from her yet again? 

Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Beast is the sequel to Taken by the Beast. It is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, elements of medical play and BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Jaye Peaches said...

Looks to me as if the work paid off :-)

Angie Sargenti said...

It is riveting and makes you wonder what will happen next.

Katie said...

Hi Natasha! Whoa! I've never read a scene like that before. I'd say that you worked it very well. Had me squirming I think! LOL! I too wonder what happens next! Many hugs and Merry Christmas!

<3 Katie